How To Be Stylish: Ultimate Men’s Fashion Guide 2

A comprehensive guide on how to be a stylish man in the 21st century. This guide will cover your wardrobe, hairstyles, grooming, and everything in between.


For a long time, men were stigmatized for caring about fashion. It was seen as unmanly to care about looking sharp and stylish. 

However, thanks in part to the rise of social media, things are beginning to change and it is becoming an essential part of a man’s life to be fashionable. 

Being stylish can have a positive impact on every area of your life. Single women like men who are well dressed, and women in relationships seeing being well dressed as a sign of respect towards the relationship. 

Being well dressed can have a huge impact on your career too. From how you dress for an interview to the shoes you wear to the office – snappy dressing will make you more likely to get your job and quicken promotions.

Dressing well also does wonders for your mental health. Liking how we dress makes us happier, more confidant, and a nicer person to be around

There really is no downside to dressing stylishly in the 21st century. That’s why we’ve put together this guide. We’ll be helping you improve your life, one well-placed accessory at a time. 

Shopping as a Man

2.Shopping As A Man

Many young men find shopping an intimidating activity. The media bombards us with images of women being shopping obsessed and men hating everything to do with it. But this is quite far from the truth. 

The men’s clothing market is in a boom. Take the UK men’s clothing market, for instance, it is now worth £15bn a year, according to market researchers Mintel, and is expected to grow by 11 percent over the next three years. 

Globally the market is predicted to grow by even more, 14 percent, over roughly the same period. Around the world, we already spend well over £300bn on menswear every year.

There are many influences on the change in views on men’s fashion. One of the most significant factors is the recent exposure to Japanese and Korean street fashion. 

In these fashion worlds, it is important for the men to dress as well as, if not better than the women around them. 

So, why is the men’s fashion market growing so quickly? Well, men have simply started investing in their clothing more in the last 5 years. 

70 percent of men say that quality is important in their clothing, against 64 percent of women. They have also begun spending more. 

Almost a fifth of men will have spent over £100 on their last shopping trip – only 12 percent of women will have done so.

Do all men shop? Who is the average male shopper? Whilst we are seeing a rise in all age groups, younger men are where we are seeing the biggest change. 

It is these young men in particular, who are more interested in seeing themselves represented in physical shops. 

Looking for ‘Mr. Average’, 27% of male shoppers aged 16-24 want the clothing retailers they shop at to use models that represent the average person, this compares to 16% of men on average. 

Do men shop differently than women? The answer to this one is both yes and no. Women tend to prefer to shop online, whilst men prefer the tactile experience of shopping in-store. 

In the past women have been more interested in reading reviews than men, but that is changing too. 

Over a third (34%) of male shoppers agree that positive product reviews would encourage them to shop with a specific retailer. This rises to almost half (49%) of men aged 25-34.

We collected the most interesting facts about men’s fashion market in this infographic. Feel free to place it on your website using the embedded code below.

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Any of you that are looking for recommendations and guidance about what to shop for will find a plethora of useful advice in this guide. 

We will be covering every element of men’s fashion: casual wear, workwear, formal wear, and even accessories. We will also touch on hair cuts and grooming. 

Read on for the ultimate guide to men’s fashion. 

Casual Wear (Everyday wear)

3.Casual Wear (Everyday wear)

Casual wear, often referred to as everyday wear, is what you wear whilst you aren’t at work. This is not to be confused with loungewear (jogging bottoms, baggy hoodies, etc), which should only be worn inside the house. 

Casual wear also excludes gym wear. Unless you have a set of ‘gym style’ clothes reserved for casual wear. 

Most of these items of casual wear should not be worn at work or a formal event. Even on dress-down days like a casual Friday. Whilst you can look good in casual clothes, it’s hard to look professional in them. 

Casual wear should be comfortable but not ill-fitting or messy. It is possible to build a wardrobe of casual wear that is practical, comfortable but also looks really damn good.  


Let’s start by talking about picking out the perfect T-shirts: 

To Fit or Not to Fit? Fitted, oversized, and everything in between…

The first choice you will have to make when picking out your T-shirts is whether you want oversized or fitted T-shirts.

How To Be Stylish: Ultimate Men’s Fashion Guide 3

We recommend having variety in your wardrobe, so pick out a mix of both. 

Trends can be scary, and it is worth stepping out of your comfort zone to try them. You may find something you love unexpectedly. 

But it is most important to pick items you are comfortable wearing. Finding this balance is challenging but ultimately rewarding. 


The oversized shirt trend, straight from the set of Kpop videos and the streets of Korea, has been taking the women’s fashion world by storm for a few years now. But now it is the turn of men’s fashion to get caught up in this craze. 

It is understandable to be nervous about this trend. Done wrong and it can look shabby, and very often it is done wrong. 

Our main tip for pulling off the oversized shirt look is to know the difference between oversized and the wrong size. There is a huge difference. 

The key to pulling off the oversized look (in any item of clothing) is to make sure it fits in the right places. 

Oversized T-shirts may look too big but the shoulders and neckline will be tailored to fit snuggly. This helps to maintain some shape in the garment. 

A T-shirt that is the wrong size will be saggy and loose around the neck, it will also bunch up unattractively under the armpit and at the waist. 


Fitted T-shirts can be a great option if you’re looking for an easy option that makes you look like you’re trying a lot harder than you actually are. 

The best thing about fitted T-shirts is that if you get your sizing correct then these tops will look good even if you throw them on as you walk out of the door. 

They are also easy to pair with nearly all outfits, and if they’re classy enough they can make great additions to smart-casual outfits. 


Striped T-shirts are a great summer option and can add a bit of color to your wardrobe without compromising your style. 

Striped T-shirts invoke a very casual, carefree European look. But if worn right they can also capture an athletic, Navy-like vibe. 

When looking for a striped T-shirt keep an eye on the following things:

  • Do the stripes clash? 
  • How does the T-shirt fit? (Fitted tees are the best option for stripes) 
  • Which direction do the stripes flow? (We generally recommend horizontal stripes for casual T-shirts)  
  • Does the color suit your skin tone? 
  • The thickness of the stripes (thinner stripes are more stylish right now) 

Simple (one color)

Plain, block colored tees should be a staple in every man’s wardrobe. 

Every man should have this option in Black, White, and a few other flattering colors. If you are trying to look put together and sophisticated then we would recommend steering away from bright colors. 

They are never flattering and they carry a childish air. Muted, darker tones are your best option. 

If you want a classic look then plain white, well-fitted tees are the way to go. Think young Brando and Elvis. Pair with a leather jacket and you’re good to go.  

Bold (graphic)

If you’re looking for a way to display your interests through your wardrobe then you might want to explore the world of graphic tees. 

Remember that the key to pulling off a T-shirt is to make sure it fits well. No one is going to be interested in your awesome Wolf of Wall Street tee if it’s hanging off you like you’re a coat rack.

If you’re trying to maintain an air of sophistication then monotone graphics are a great option and can be particularly striking. Try to keep your graphics classy (no nudes, no crass language, no tacky fonts).   



Jeans are another staple in a man’s casual wardrobe.

Many style guides will tell you to avoid jeans as they’re hard to look sophisticated in.

We disagree with that. 

With the following simple tips, you’ll have no issue picking out the perfect pair of jeans.

Finding the right pair just involves spending some time getting to know what looks good on your body. 

We will now talk you through the two most important cuts of jeans for stylish men and two that you should avoid. 


If in doubt, pair your casual outfit with a pair of fitted jeans. This is a cut of jeans that you can’t go wrong with. These jeans will make you look taller. They are a great option for anyone looking to heavily layer on the top half of their bodies. 

Fitted jeans should be snug to the hips, not sag over the backside, and should never touch the floor. 

Fitted jeans can be rolled at the bottom to improve their length. They should taper slightly once they reach the calf but not be tight around the ankle. 

Fitted jeans are easy to move in. They also go well with every outfit. They can work well in blue, but black jeans are a very classy option as well. 


If you’re looking to highlight areas on the torso like your shoulders, arms, or pecks then invest in a high-quality pair of skinny jeans. 

Skinny jeans can be a hard look to pull off if you do not feel confident in them. The best way to guarantee that you look and feel good in your skinny jeans is to try many different pairs before you buy them. 

You should get a good idea of what works for you, rather than just investing in the first pair you find. 

Skinny jeans should fit well the whole way down the leg, however, they should not be too tight at the crotch. They should fit tightly to your bottom and sit higher than a traditional pair of jeans on your waist.  

They should be tight around the ankle, and should not touch the floor. It is okay to roll skinny jeans up at the bottom. 

Skinny jeans are some of the hardest pairs of trousers to move in. So be prepared for restricted movement, and try not to split them whilst out in public. 


Bootcut jeans can come in both skinny and fitted forms. Bootcut jeans are cut so that they fall over the top of the boot. They are a little reminiscent of flairs but not as extreme. 

The hems of bootcut jeans are designed to reach the ground. Because of this it is hard to look put together in them. For this reason, we do not recommend Bootcut jeans as they fall too close to the territory of baggy jeans (see next section). 

If you had asked us 20 years ago we may have given you a different answer. However, by today’s standards, Bootcut jeans are not acceptable to fashionable men.  

No baggy jeans required or allowed

Our final comment on the world of jeans is that if you want to look stylish, avoid baggy jeans. We would also recommend avoiding jean shorts too. 

These types of jeans are very, very hard to wear well. They look sloppy and give off the air that you don’t care about how you look. That is something we want to avoid at all costs. 

Having a few pairs of well-fitting skinny and fitted jeans, in a range of colors, will be more than enough for a casual wardrobe. 


Many people dismiss the idea of shirts as part of a casual look as they don’t look casual enough.

Again, we’d like to respectfully disagree with that hypothesis. 

Not all shirts are formal or work appropriate. Many of them have a place in the casual wardrobe.


In fact, one of the easiest ways to elevate a casual look is to add an overshirt or swap the tee out for a shirt.

There are many different styles of shirt, all with their own appropriate time to be worn. We’re not as strict as some people are with things like jacket types, but we do think it is important to know when an item of clothing is and isn’t appropriate. 


If you have nothing else in your casual wardrobe then you should have the following: 

  • A white t-shirt 
  • A set of fitted, black jeans 
  • A plain white shirt 

A crisp plain white shirt has been in fashion for the last 120 years and doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere soon. Make sure you have a well-fitting one in your wardrobe. 

These are great pieces that are worth investing in as you can wear them at home, to work, to formal occasions, and even on dates. 

We would recommend having a couple of color options. White and Black are staples, but why don’t pick up something more daring too. 

Just like simple T-shirts, stay away from bright colors (unless you’ve got the skin tone to pull them off), instead, try blues or other muted color options.  


Plaid has been adopted by many different groups over the years; from runway punk to redneck chic, and now the lumberjack fantasy. Everyone can find some space for Plaid in their wardrobe. 

The two keys to looking sophisticated in Plaid are: getting the right fit and finding a flattering color. 

We recommend approaching picking out Plaid in a similar way to picking out an oversized T-shirt. Many Plaid pieces will fall into this oversized category. 

Make sure it fits well at the shoulders, that the back is tapered in a flattering way, and that the neckline is neat. 

The size of the checks on the Plaid can also affect how good it looks on you. Generally, smaller checks look more sophisticated (the exception being on coats or scarves). 

These smaller checks do a great job at highlighting the true shape of your body, rather than warping it unflatteringly as larger checks do. 

Lastly, let’s talk about color. Stick with the same rules we discussed in the last section. The plaid should come in a flattering color combination that suits your coloring. 

The color combination shouldn’t be too garish, and should preferably be in natural tones like mossy greens and rich umbers.  


Suede shirts for men are back

This is the type of shirt we get the most queries about. They’re a lot less common than the other types of shirts on this list. However, there are some looks that they can really bring to life. 

Firstly, let’s talk about color. Unnaturally colored suede has been common in women’s fashion for a few years now, so we expect to see it creeping over to men’s soon. 

We would avoid anything but the traditional brown suede. It’s classic. It’s chic. And it doesn’t look over manufactured.  

Pair this with a tight, white T-shirt, and a pair of black fitted jeans and you have an outfit that will look great at a bar, on a date, or wandering around a second hand bookshop. 


The phrase ‘patterned shirts’ conjures up the image of a sunburnt tourist sitting on a beach for most of us. That’s not exactly the look we’re trying to achieve. 

So, how do we make patterned shirts more sophisticated? By thinking about: 

  • Fit 
  • Color 
  • Pattern 

You might think that we’re a little bit crazy for putting this on the list, but a patterned shirt can bring some excitement into your wardrobe without compromising its hard earned sophistication. 

We keep repeating this, but only because it’s so important. To look good, a patterned shirt must fit you well. Think about arm length, neckline, shoulders, and tapering between the shoulder. 

When we think about the color and the pattern of the shirt there are a few things to consider. A patterned shirt gives you a little more leeway to play with bolder colors. 

But you should probably avoid anything too neon as that doesn’t scream classy (no matter how well the shirt fits). But rich, jewel tones are something that can work really well with patterned shirts. Black is a great option too.

Whilst the sky is technically the limit when it comes to available patterns ( a trip to Marshalls or TJ Maxx will confirm that if you’re curious), there are things you should stay away from if you wish to look fashionable. 

If you look at a pattern and laugh, or think ‘wow, I can’t believe someone actually put that on a shirt’ – that’s a good sign to put down the shirt and walk away.

Florals, botanicals, nature, and nautical patterns are all very on trend right now. And have been for a good few years. 

If the pattern is made up of any image that is not a plant, then looking for small, repeating patterns is a good idea. With plant-based patterns, you can look for bigger motifs.  


How To Be Stylish: Ultimate Men’s Fashion Guide 4

Sweatshirts are another part of the wardrobe that many people assume cannot be fashionable.

However, when the fit of the sweatshirt is right, there are a few select opportunities when the sweatshirt can be included in a fashionable outfit. 



One of the easiest ways to include a sweatshirt in a sophisticated look is to layer it with other more traditionally fashionable items.

For example, under a leather jacket or a trench coat. This hides a lot of the sweatshirt’s shape but doesn’t make it any less comfortable.

As Athleisure

Athleisure is a whole category of clothing that we won’t have time to cover today. However, there are ways to make it work. 

For this look, you will want a tight, flattering sweatshirt that has been slightly cropped. Athleisure looks can work really well if they are monotone, so try finding pieces that really compliment the sweatshirt. 

Grey is a classic sweatshirt color for a reason. It works well with many types of material and many other colors. Grey clothes also appear very soft, so they work well in looks where you’re trying to avoid sharp edges. 

Jackets and Coats

These are fall and winter essentials.

However, we do recommend purchasing some spring and summer jackets as well. 

Layering can be a good look, particularly if you don’t feel very comfortable with your body.

How To Be Stylish: Ultimate Men’s Fashion Guide 5

You can use it to create illusions of shapes or to create something so striking no one cares what your body looks like. 

Coats are one of the few staple items that you really need to invest in to get high quality pieces. These are pieces that can last you for decades. 

Whilst trends in men’s fashion do not move as quickly as they do in women’s, we don’t recommend buying statement coats. 

Coats and jackets will likely be the most expensive part of your wardrobe (suits and shoes excluded), so you want to make sure you pick pieces that you can wear repeatedly. 

You also want them to be practical. Statement coats are very rarely both of these things and are not worth the investment. 

Here is a list of jackets and coats all fashionable men should have in their wardrobe: 

  1. Leather Jacket 
  2. Denim Jacket 
  3. Parker Coat 
  4. Trench Coat 
  5. Woolen Coat 


To conclude, the key to a successful and fashionable casual wardrobe is casual clothes that fit well and make you feel good about yourself. 

Start by investing in high-quality basics that you can use as the foundations of your outfits. Start with plain shirts, jeans and a good coat. 

Business Wear

How To Be Stylish: Ultimate Men’s Fashion Guide 6

We’re now moving onto our favorite part of men’s fashion – business wear. 

As we mentioned above, dressing well for work can actually lead to you being promoted faster. At work you want to strike a balance between dressing for the job you want to have, and dressing appropriately for your current job. 

Let’s talk about everything you need to build the perfect business wear wardrobe. 

Blazer and Jackets...fitted, of course

6.Blazer and Jacket...fitted, of course

A tailored blazer is not just for weddings… 

A nicely fitting blazer or jacket should be the staple of your work wardrobe.

Combined with an ironed white shirt they can have you looking like a CEO in minutes. 

Our trick to fitting blazers and jackets that fit just right (without breaking the bank) is to make them fit. What do we mean by that? 

Well, if you find a suit jacket that is the right color, the arms are the perfect length and the neckline is great, but it’s not tight enough at the back – all at a good price. Buy it and take it to a tailor. 

We guarantee you that every suit that has taken your breath away has been made to measure. It’s an expensive process but mimicking this by having off the rack jackets tailored to your body is a great way to save money and look good. 

There is no rule about colors when it comes to jackets, but in a traditional workplace, we recommend black, blue, or grey. However, earthy browns and greens are also great options. 

Smart trousers

Just like a jacket, well fitting smart trousers can make you look like a million bucks. Use the same technique as above to get them fitting exactly how you want them to. 

Make sure you have a small selection that you can rotate through to prevent your items from looking too worn. Also don’t forget to iron behind the knees to prevent creasing. 

Grey, brown, blue, and black are the most business appropriate colors. However, maroon and dark green are also options that you can get away with, particularly on warm, jacketless days. 


Chinos are a fully cotton trouser that has become very popular work wear in the last decade.

Chinos were originally designed as part of the French Military’s uniform.

This formality still exists within the design of the trousers today. 

How To Be Stylish: Ultimate Men’s Fashion Guide 7

These are almost like a cotton take on skinny jeans, but far more formal. They are a great option in hot areas but they do crease easily. 

Chinos come in a variety of colors, and as long as it doesn’t clash with your shirt or jumper we do not see an issue with wearing any earthy, or pastel colors. 

We think these look best when worn without a jacket, or with a jumper. We like to pair smart trousers and jackets together, rather than Chinos.  

Jumper and tie combo

You will need two things to make this work, otherwise you may end up looking like an English school boy. 

  1. A sensible tie 
  2. A well fitted jumper 

Whilst flamboyant ties can be really tempting, it is best to resist them unless attending a party. Instead, pick a block color (not a neon one) and pair it with an unobtrusive jumper. 

As a jumper falls on the more casual end of work outfits, we recommend making sure it fits you perfectly. This is to avoid looking scruffy or too casual. You will want a good arm length, tight shoulders, and a fitted waist. 

Grey and Cream jumpers are great options. 



Brogues are the ideal business shoe. They manage to be both smart and comfortable.

They will elevate any look you pair them with. And they’re easy to maintain. 

What we love about a good pair of brogues is that you will never need to replace them.

Yes, you might need them resoled every 6 or 7 years, but the shoes themselves will probably outlast you. 

You must always make sure that your brogues are polished, clean, and fit well. At interviews, the first thing most bosses look at is your choice of shoe

People who care about the job will have dressed up head to toe. It would shock you how many people turn up in muddy shoes or trainers. 

Dress Wear/ Formal / Weddings

5.Dress Wear Formal Weddings

If you’re looking to purchase some statement pieces for your wardrobe, this is the section to buy them in. 

Yes, you won’t be wearing them very often, but when you do it will be in front of a lot of people and you will be making special memories in them. 

The essential elements of a dress wear wardrobe are a tailored suit, good shoes, and some classy accessories.  

Tailored suit

If we would get away with it we would have nothing in our wardrobe apart from tailored suits. 

Wearing a tailored suit is when we feel our best, and they are a real testament to how your clothes can improve your self-confidence and mental health. 

We could have spent this whole article talking about tailored suits.

How To Be Stylish: Ultimate Men’s Fashion Guide 8

Sadly neither of us have the time for that, so we’ll keep this brief. 

There are two options when it comes to a tailored suit: having one made to measure, or having an ‘off the rack’ suit tailored. 

Whilst we’d all love to have a wardrobe full of made to measure suits, not many of us can afford it. So, tailoring an off the rack option is a great way to save money. 

When it comes to the color of your suit, well, the world is your oyster. Again, avoid neon and anything luminescent, but apart from that find some colors that make you feel good and wear the hell out of them. 

Good shoes / not just black or brown

In your formal collection, you want to keep a pair or two of high quality shoes. However, at parties and weddings, you have a bit more license to wear something that isn’t totally ‘classic’. 

This is your opportunity to show off your taste and to let loose a little bit.  


10. Accessories

Being at parties and formal events gives you the opportunity to spruce up your outfits with a wide range of accessories.

Here are 3 of our favorite accessories to pair with formal outfits. .


Nothing says class and sophistication like a minimalist watch

If you decide you want to wear a leather (or pleather) watch then you should get one with a brown or black strap. These colors will work well with any outfit. A simple watch face looks most stylish with a leather strap. 

 If you are interested in a metal strap then you should spend some time working out what the undertone of your skin is. 

Cool undertones suit silver or platinum (or titanium) bands. Whereas, gold looks better on warm undertones. With a metal band, you can get away with quite a complicated watch face if you desire.   


Does James Bond ever go to the casino without a pair of these on? No, so why should you settle for less. 

If you are wearing a metal watch then your cufflinks should match the material of the watch. Otherwise there really is no set fashion advice on what cufflinks you should be wearing. 

Getting themed cufflinks is a great way to add a little bit of your personality to your outfit. Another option is to wear cufflinks that compliment your date’s jewelry choices. 


Handkerchiefs worn in the breast pocket of a tailored suit are a great way to add a splash of color to your outfit. When it comes to this accessory there really is no limit to what pattern or colors you can wear, so go wild. 



To quote the long touted phrase: 

‘The shoes maketh the man’ 

As we mentioned above in the section on business wear, the shoes you pick can tell the people you’re with a lot about you. 

Smart shoes say you care enough about the event and the people you’re with to pick out and polish a nice set of shoes. A set of trainers says you were in a hurry and had to rush out of the door. 

Not only do good shoes truly complete your outfit but they’re also good for your health. High-quality, work-appropriate shoes offer a level of joint and ankle support that trainers and plimsolls just can’t provide. 

What does that mean? Well, good looking feet are happy feet. 

Here is a quick guide to the essential shoe types every man should have, and when to wear them:  

  • Brogues – These are the ideal work shoe (black or brown) 
  • Oxford’s – Also a great option for work, and other formal occasions (black or brown) 
  • Plimsolls – These are casual shoes, best worn in the summer or on holiday (pastel colors) 
  • Moccasins and Loafers – Looking for a shoe to wear around the house when you have guests. Slip on a pair of these (brown, dark red, blue) 
  • Dress Shoes – Formal occasions, such as parties and weddings (any color)
  • Trainers and  gym shoes – To be worn at the gym and with casual outfits only (black, white, grey)
  • Black Tie shoes– Wear at black tie events (white and black) 
  • Boots e.g. Chelsea – These are a great choice for running errands in, or whilst on weekends away (Brown or black) 
  • Sneakers – To be worn when working out or playing with children (any color) 

Men’s hairstyles

7.Men’s Hairstyles

A good haircut can make or break your look (and your reputation). We’ve all been there and we’ve all seen it happen to other people. 

The good news is that the total opposite is true as well. One good haircut can change the way everyone looks at you. The even better news is that depending on the shape of your face it’s quite easy to work out what look would suit you best.

A brief history of men's haircuts

Many of the dozens of haircuts currently available to men have evolved out of the armed forces. Particularly after WW2 when heartthrobs like Elvis went away to war and came back sporting something new and edgier. 

Other haircuts were favorites of the royals and nobility of the past – the pompadour for example. Others represent religious and cultural heritage passed down by generations. 

In years gone by men were allowed to wear their hair however they wanted as long as they tidied up for dinner parties. 

Although it has been very popular to wear your hair short for decades now. As social media has become more prevalent, long hair has become more fashionable. And men are expected to put more effort into making their hair look good.  

Hair is a list of some of the most popular hairstyles right now: 

Short hairstyles

  • Buzz cut
  • Crew cut 
  • Fade and Taper 
  • Faux Hawk 
  • French Crop 
  • High Fade 
11.Short Hairstyles

Medium hairstyles

12. Medium Hairstyles
  • Blow out 
  • Bowl cut 
  • Comb over 
  • Undercut 

Long hairstyles

  • Dreadlocks 
  • Man Bun 
  • Man Braid 
  • Top Knot
13.Long Hairstyles

Male Grooming

8.Male Grooming

Going to the trouble of picking out a perfect wardrobe will be of very little use if you have poor grooming habits and skills. 

Many years ago it was accepted that men could wash their face with shampoo and leave the house with day two stubble. Since social media’s rise in popularity, we’re seeing men start to take care of themselves a lot more. 

And this is not a bad thing. Taking pride in your appearance and grooming is a matter of self respect. 

Here is a quick guide to keeping your skin and your beard looking good. 

Skincare essentials

14. Skincare Essentials

You don’t need to go through the full 10-step Korean Skincare process to have glowing skin, but doing the following few things every morning and evening will leave you looking like a glowing god: 

  1. Cleanse – this is the simple act of washing your face. Using one or two (if you’re oily) cleaners will help remove the dirt of the day from your face 

2. Tone – this step adds hydration back into your face after it’s been cleaned. Using the correct toner for your skin type this step will keep your skin looking youthful

3. Serum – this is the step in the routine where you can treat any of your skin problems. There are many resources online that will help you pick out the perfect serum for what you need 

4. Moisturizer – This is the step that seals in all the goodness you’ve just put on your face. Find something light for the day, and heavy for the evening. 

5. SPF – if you want to stave off wrinkles and dark spots on your face then SPF is essential. In the last few years, it has been proved that sunlight is the leading cause of skin aging 

On top of this throw in a mask once or twice a week. You won’t believe the difference this routine can make to how you look. 

One of the key elements of looking and feeling good is to treat your body well, to truly have good skin you need to eat well and drink plenty of water. 

Grooming essentials

Beards may be in fashion, but messy beards aren’t and never will be.

No matter what length of facial fuzz you want to rock the most important thing you can do is keep it tidy. 

Here are our top tips for a well groomed face and body: 

15. Grooming Essentials
  • Invest in the right equipment. Cheap razors may seem like a good idea but they can’t offer a close shave and will leave you with razor burn, if not cuts as well 
  • Invest in some good shaving foam. Shaving foam was designed to soften the hair follicles, making the process easier, less painful and it protects the skin 
  • Decide what you want, before you start shaving. Whether it’s your face, your chest, or your nether regions you’re shaving you need to start with a plan. Changing your plan halfway through will only lead to disaster
  • If in doubt head over to your barber, who has been training to do these types of cuts for years 

Men’s Jewelry

9.Men’s Jewelry

Just like the world’s view on men caring about fashion, opinions are changing on men also wearing jewelry. 

Wearing jewelry has now become one of the defining features of a well dressed man

When picking out your jewelry we recommend investing in classic, minimalist pieces that will suit any outfit and won’t go out of fashion any time soon. 

  • Necklaces – gold or silver chains are a great option for men. These can be worn with all casual outfits, as well as with formal and party wear. 
  • Bracelets – metal and cord bracelets are great options, depending on what situation you are wearing them in. Cord bracelets are great for casual and holiday outfits, whilst an elegant metallic bracelet can work really well with a tailored suit 
  • Watches – watches are an absolute staple in a man’s wardrobe. Both leather and metal watches are acceptable. Sleek, minimalist looks are encouraged. Watches can be worn with any type of outfit. And the right watch can be worn all the time.  
  • Earrings – Your choice of earring will depend on a few factors: hair length, skin tone, eye color, etc. Make sure that your earrings match any other jewelry you are wearing, and is appropriate for the situation they are being worn in. 

Men’s Accessories

10.Men’s Accessories

Accessories have long been a key part of a man’s wardrobe. 

When it comes to accessories there are two schools of thought we’d like to talk about. 

People who believe accessories should multitask, and people who believe accessories should be coupled with one outfit (jewelry is often included in this as well). 

We’re not here to tell you that either way is wrong. But what we will say is that you know you’re self best, and you should think about what will work best for your lifestyle and the impressions you want to give off.  

We have put together a list of accessories that we believe to be essential to a fashionable man in the 21st century: 


  • Beanie 
  • Sun hat (palmer, or straw) 
  • Baseball cap 
  • Formal hat 
  • Farmers cap 



  • Short woolen scarf 
  • Long woolen scarf 
  • Cotton scarf 
  • Bandana or neckerchief if you like the street style look 
How To Be Stylish: Ultimate Men’s Fashion Guide 9


  • Driving gloves 
  • Leather gloves 
  • Thermal gloves (for cold weather, and winter sports) 



There you have it, the ultimate guide to men’s fashion. 

If you follow what you have just read then you’ll be on track to becoming a well dressed man. Remember that a big part of looking good is feeling good. Make sure everything you pick out makes you feel that way and you’ll have no issues. 

Wondering where to start? 

Why not find yourself a set of nicely fitting white shirts and start building your wardrobe around them.