How Do I Make My Beard Look Stubble?

How Do I Make My Beard Look Stubble?

When it comes to facial hair, there’s a universal look that screams effortlessly cool: the stubble.

Celebrities like Clint Eastwood and Jon Hamm are known for their scruffy faces that encapsulate a laid back but the smoldering vibe, and it’s something that every man is capable of achieving with the right know-how and tools.

How do you get a stubble beard then?

Making stubble on your face is incredibly easy and only takes a few days of effort, depending on how fast your facial hair grows.

You’ll need to grow it out first to just over an inch and then trim it back down to your desired length while making sure the edges and chin are clean.

Stubble is one of the easiest facial hair looks to achieve and it can make one of the biggest differences to a man’s face.

You only need the basic grooming tools and the ability to grow facial hair, even if it’s patchy and uneven. With those in your pocket, we’re going to tell you everything to know about how to get this look for yourself.

How Long Should a Stubble Beard Be?

How Long Should A Stubble Beard Be?

The great thing about stubble is there’s really no rules. You can have a scruffier, unruly stubble going on, or one that’s more defined around the edges and shorter.

Technically though, anything less than 1.5 inches could be classed as stubble, and anything more than that is veering into beard territory.

The length of stubble that’s right for you will depend on a few things. What tools you’re working with, what look you’re trying to achieve, and how often you want to trim it back to maintain it.

The best thing about stubble is that it can grow out for a few days and still look good, so if you’re after something low maintenance but still stylish, it’s the best choice out there.

Will a Stubble Beard Suit Me?

Stubble is one of the most popular facial hair looks because it suits a wider range of men and you can shape it however you like.

Having a 5 o’clock shadow is something that most of us can pull off, but be warned, facial hair isn’t always right for everyone.

Beards, mustaches, and even stubble take a bit of trial and error to perfect. Not everyone is going to suit a beard or stubble, but you can easily experiment and see what works best.

The good thing about stubble is that it doesn’t take long to grow, and if you find that it doesn’t bring out your best features, simply shave it off or keep growing it to try another style.

Electric Shaver vs Electric Trimmer: Which Is Best?

How Long Should A Stubble Beard Be?

Having the right tool is essential in achieving any bearded look, and especially when it comes to stubble.

Your two best options here are to use either an electric shaver or electric trimmer, and sometimes both, but it all comes down to your facial hair and what’s going to work best.

  • Electric shaver: This is ideal for men with coarse facial hair or hair that grows fast. A shaver gets closer to the skin and can be used the night before to achieve that perfect scruffy look by morning. You can also clean up the necklines and sides of the face with the same tool, so it’s an all-in-one solution.
  • Electric trimmer: If your beard doesn’t grow as fast, that’s okay, because you’ll have an electric trimmer ready to go. These can trim down to just a couple of millimeters away from the face so you always have constant stubble and there’s no risk of cutting it too short.

Knowing Your Best Stubble Length

Most men have an idea of how their facial hair grows. Yours might be slow but coarse, or it could grow fast but be patchy in some areas.

Use this knowledge to your advantage when you’re planning the stubble look and it’ll help you achieve it faster and make sure that it looks it best.

The key to stubble is maintenance as you’re trying to achieve that look of a shave that occurred a few days ago, but at all times.

This might be a different length depending on the style you’re going for, but it should be trimmed every few days if you have a beard that grows quickly.

You’ll also have to determine the shape of your face and how to style the stubble. You can still have this scruffy look with some definition around the chin, sides, and neck.

You might prefer a centralized stubble that’s more like a goatee or a fuller look that lets the stubble grow wildly. Consider where and how you want yours to look before attempting your first shave

The most important thing about getting the stubble appearance is that it’s hard to screw up and very easy to fix.

You’ll spend some time experimenting with styles and lengths that work for you and even if you cut too short or mess it up, it’ll grow back in no time.

There’s no risk of cutting off months of hard work as you would a longer beard, so don’t be afraid of experimentation.

Steps to Achieving the Achieve the Perfect Stubble

Trim Your Neck

Stubble is one of the simplest styles of facial hair to get and it doesn’t require impressive growing power to achieve. Follow these steps to get the perfect stubble beard regardless of your hair type.

Let Your Beard Grow

Spend a week letting your beard grow so it’s around 1 inch in length, giving you the right amount of stubble to work with and curate.

Trim Your Neck

Don’t ignore your neck when creating the stubble beard look. You want a defined neckline that starts underneath your chin and then towards the area underneath your cheekbone.

Tidy up the hair beneath your mouth and get it to a manageable level before you create the stubble.

Make the Stubble

Adjust the electric trimmers to between 1/8 inch and 1 inch depending on your desired length.

It’s best to start long and then trim as you go, in case you find you went too far and have to let it grow out again. Trim all of your facial hair and make sure it’s an equal length.

Tidy Up

Use a shaver to tidy up around the face and perform a closer shave in areas like underneath the chin and on the sides.

When it comes to maintenance, you’ll have to consider how often you want to shave or trim and put this to work when you’re grooming.

Say you don’t want to shave every morning to keep it at the right length, consider shaving half a millimeter less than the length you’re going for.

By the morning, it’ll have grown to the perfect length and will still have another couple of days before it needs to be trimmed again.

How to Help Patchy Stubble Beards

If you’ve attempted to grow facial hair before but find your patchy beard getting in the way of your look, you’re not alone.

Lots of men suffer from patchy areas of facial hair growth and might be cautious about trying something new, but there are a few things you can help to fill them in:

  • Apply beard oil and beard balm to keep the skin hydrated and prevent itching, which can help the hair to grow.
  • Use a beard brush to brush the stubble each morning, helping to stimulate the blood flow and distribute the natural, healthy oils surrounding the hair.
  • Understand that shorter lengths like stubble work for men with patchy beards as it’s harder to notice the spots without hair in a shorter style such as this.

Related Questions

Facial hair is different for every man but until you’ve attempted to grow it seriously, you might not realize how much work it takes.

We’ve got some answers to questions about stubble beards that can give you some insight into what they’re all about.

Is Stubble Beard Attractive?

A study of more than 8,500 participants found that men with stubble beards were deemed the most attractive.

The same study also found that those with stubble were considered better for short term relationships, while men with full beards were thought to be ideal for long term ones.

How Long Is Heavy Stubble?

The term stubble can be used loosely in regards to facial hair that’s growing out after a recent shave, but there is a fine line between stubble and a short beard.

Generally speaking, stubble can represent up to seven days of natural growth, so anything over 1.5 inches in length is more likely to be called a beard.