Sports & Fitness 101

Did you fail your last medical, for the umpteenth time? Are you seeking actual, practical, and effective tips to get your health back on track?

At BroInsider, you will find the best exercise and workout routines to enhance your looks, strength, health, as well as endurance with help from expert tips on health and nutrition.

Your fitness is a lot more than how you look, and it also involves how you feel and the state of your health overall. Fitness is about having the right weight and a healthy BMI, the right distribution of body fat, and having healthy levels of cholesterol.

Fitness could also be determined by your ability to lift heavy weights and to run far.

The components of your fitness include:

  • Aerobic exercises
  • Body composition
  • Muscular strength
  • Flexibility power

To ensure that you reach your fitness goals and transform from flabby to ripped, we’ll feature multiple articles with tips to guide you, as well as expert advice and success stories.

And with diet as an integral part of your fitness, we will also guide you on the diets for weight loss or muscle gain, and also the unhealthy food habits keeping you away from your fitness goals.

Basically, we will tackle all the controversies surrounding fitness and offer tips that will work for your body.

Of course, we cannot talk about fitness without talking to you about the right workout clothes, shoes, and gear.

We will also focus on wellness, sports, and nutrition, as well as the effectiveness of different workout regimes in meeting your goals.

You might need more of aerobics or strength training, and if you use supplements, you need guidance on how to use and the effectiveness of the products.

So, whether you wish to shed the extra pounds, eat more healthy foods, or deal with stress, BroInsider’s got you.