5 Shaving Kits For Men You Can Consider Buying







5 Shaving Kits For Men You Can Consider Buying 1


Baxter Of California 123 Kit


5 Shaving Kits For Men You Can Consider Buying 2


Edwin Jagger Horn and Nickel Shaving Set 


5 Shaving Kits For Men You Can Consider Buying 3

Baxter Of California Double Edge Safety Set


5 Shaving Kits For Men You Can Consider Buying 4

Menscience Androceuticals Advanced Kit


5 Shaving Kits For Men You Can Consider Buying 5

Baxter Of California Shaver's Skincare Kit

If you are a guy with a beard, you know how tedious it is to stand in front of the mirror and shave your beard or moustache on a regular basis.

It gets worse when you use a razor with more than 10 blades and a whole cupful of shaving cream, in an effort to be more efficient with your shaving technique – while risking injuries on your face due to cuts, ingrown hairs, razor burns and bruises.

Many men make the mistake of getting more shaving kits for men in an effort to increase their skin care, instead of realizing that the important part is getting the best tools for your grooming process.

In this article, we discuss the best shaving kits for men that you can get on the market.

These will help if you are starting your skin care routine and have no idea where to begin, or want to upgrade what you already have.

Baxter Of California 123 kit

Baxter of California Shave 1.2.3. Review

This is for you if you want to retain the traditional way of shaving without the addition of fancy complications that take away from the experience.

It remains great at helping you feel fresh and tackle every task in your day with confidence.

The kit includes a great shaving cream that is soothing and refreshing, and a badger hair brush of the highest quality.

This allows you to apply the cream professionally and accurately to every inch of your face that needs it.

After you are done with the shaving, a nice aftershave balm is included in the package to send you on your way.

Edwin Jagger Horn and Nickel kit

Edwin Jagger Simulated Horn and Nickel Shaving Set Review

Definitely among the best picks you can find for your shaving procedures.

It gives you the feel of highly maintained shaving tools, as its design features a classic antique English shave kit through the use of nickel plating and polymer horn.

This gives it a long lasting and rugged look, which is surprisingly durable.

You will be able to make the best lather thanks to the 100% badger hair brush, which has featured in many kits for hundreds of years to give the best shaves.

The blade is also Gillette Mach3, which means it gets as close to your face as possible while remaining gentle in its approach.

Baxter of California Double Edge safety set

Baxter of California Men's Double Edged Razor Set Review

One thing you might notice when going to buy a seemingly ‘retro’ themed shaving set for men, is the tendency to overdo it – leaving the shave set looking like a museum piece instead of everyday tools.

Well, this is set out to change that; while it goes for the retro theme, it still looks brand new and has high quality of glass.

The men’s shaving brush and razor handles are nickel and brass-plated, and match to each other, while both include a chrome finish to give your kit a brilliant, clean appearance.

The technology featured in this men’s shaving kit with the brush is of the 21st Century, which allows you to use it without the risk of injuring yourself.

The results are long lasting as well, and you will feel this throughout your day.

Menscience Androceuticals Advanced kit

MenScience Androceuticals Advanced Shave Kit Review

Many men struggle to shave their beards every so often, but it gets even worse for men who have sensitive skin.

The secret is to find something that prevents allergic reactions, which is why this is the perfect choice for you.

The ingredients are all-natural and help to soothe your skin, while the gel is foamless and covers your face with a thick-consistent lather.

For the aftershave, you get a fine mist spray that does not leave any burning sensations, unlike many aftershave products that feature menthol or alcohol.

Baxter of California shaver’s skincare kit

Baxter of California Shaver's Skincare Kit Review

You know that it is important to have a clean surface before shaving your face, which is where this kit steps in.

It moisturizes and cleans your skin, as well as conditioning the hair to make it ready for the shaving experience and leave your skin smooth.

In fact, the kit also includes a men’s face wash to start the process of removing oils and dirt from your face, as well as a facial scrub.

Afterwards, you then use the shaving cream in the kit to create a smooth and rich lather, then moisturize your skin with an energizing after shave balm.

At the end of the process, you have a complete grooming experience that is hard to beat.

Final thoughts

Getting the best shaving kits for men can seem like a tedious process at first, but it is worth it – for the sake of increasing your comfort during the process.