27 Rules for Wearing a Suit You’ll Regret Not Following

27 Rules for Wearing a Suit You’ll Regret Not Following

Wondering if there are any rules for wearing a suit to look as legendary as Barney Stinson did in every single episode of ‘How I Met Your Mother’ or as jaw-dropping as David Beckham every time he walks down the red carpet?

You bet there are!

Not only fashionable men will tell you this but even women seem to notice when a suit looks ‘off’ on you.

And don’t even get us started on how much sexier a man looks in a well-tailored suit rather than with abs!

Whether you like it or not, you need to own some kickass suits and most importantly, know how to wear them the right way if you want to dress to impress.

A suit when worn right without violating any of the following rules can do wonders for you!

1. Keep That Last Button Open

No matter how classy your suit is, if you button it wrong, it’ll look funny. One of the most important suit-buttoning rules is to leave the last button open.

Yes, you heard that right!

It’s solely for aesthetic purposes so don’t bother. Please… unless you want to look ten times your actual weight – and awkward.

2. Don’t Forget To Unfasten The Buttons Before You Sit Down

Don’t Forget to Unfasten the Buttons before You Sit Down

We can’t even begin to tell how important this rule is!

Trying to sit down with your suit buttons all fastened up will only make you look like you know nothing about how to wear a suit. Not only will you look like a stuffed potato but it may also spoil your suit.

3. Button Your Shirt Right Up To The Top

Make sure that your shirt is buttoned all the way to the top before you step out all ready to rock a suit look.

And while you’re at it, make sure you don’t like choked out. The last thing you’d want will be to look uncomfortable in a good-looking suit. Choose a shirt that allows you to breathe!

4. Don’t Forget About The Pocket Square

Men often are so conscious of wearing the suit just right that they end up forgetting that pocket square is also a part of their look.

A non-ironed pocket square is a big NO! You might think it’s not a big deal but trust us when we say that people’s eyes will probably notice it before anything else just because you forgot to iron it.

5. Allow The Pocket Square To Stand Out

A pocket square will only add some brownie points to your look if it stands out in a good way.

Typically, if you’re wearing a light-colored suit, the pocket square should be of dark color – and vice versa. Make sure that its pattern doesn’t match with that of your tie. Also, choose a different fabric so that it adds an extra level of polish.

If you’re doing it, you gotta do it right, my friend!

6. A Sports Watch Doesn’t Go With A Suit

Your sports watch may look great with your formal dress look and even with a casual t-shirt but don’t even try wearing it with your suit!

You may think it’ll look cool because as they say, different strokes for different folks but as a general rule, you shouldn’t be wearing one with a suit.

7. Shoulders On Shoulders!

a tailor taking measurements for a suit

When it comes to wearing a suit, the most important rule is to get the right fit!

Your suit should hug your body, particularly its shoulders should rest exactly on your shoulders. There should be no gap between your shirt collar and the collar of your jacket.

A little misfit here or there and your entire look could get compromised!

8. Baggy Trousers? A Big Fat NO!

Your trousers should fit – no excuses, whatsoever!

Baggy trousers can ruin the entire look and make you look like a cartoon. Ideally, they should sit just on top of your shoes. If they’re longer, they’ll give you a cringe-worthy baggy look and if too short, they’ll reveal your socks.

Both cases fall into the fashion disaster category!

9. Match Your Belt With The Shoes

This is perhaps one rule that many men are guilty of breaking. The color of your belt should always match your shoe color.

Pro tip: if you’re wearing a watch that has a leather strap, make sure it’s of the same color as well!

It may sound girly or perhaps the ‘OCD bells’ may be ringing in your ears but you’ll love how this simple trick will enhance your look a million times!

10. Keep The Accessories To A Minimum

When it comes to styling a coat, less is always more!

You should be aiming for a decent, sophisticated, and classy look with your suit – and adorning it with way too many accessories can ruin that.

Add a simple tie pin or if you’re feeling a bit extra, you may probably go for a tiny brooch as well but stop right there! You wouldn’t want to go overboard in an attempt to look stylish and end up ruining your look instead.

11. Keep A Palm Distance Between Your Shirt And Jacket

When you’re all suited up, check if your hand can easily slip between your shirt and buttoned-up jacket. If it can, pat yourself on the back and if can’t, it’s time to revise your jacket measurements!

12. Mix And Match The Shoes With Your Suit

This is one of the most crucial rules for wearing a suit you can’t afford to break at any cost.

While you can mix and match the color of your shoes with that of your suit, a few classic combinations are simply timeless and oh-so-chic! Black shoes on a black suit, black shoes on a gray suit, brown shoes on a dark blue suit are a few examples.

You should avoid pairing black shoes with a brown suit and brown shoes with a black suit.

13. Always Wear Full-Length Socks

a man wearing full-length socks with a blue suit

Do yourself a favor and make sure that your socks cover your legs. Nobody wants a sneak peek of your hairy legs when you sit down!

Also, don’t wear white socks with ANY suit – they look good only when you’re out on the fields.

14. The Right Length Of Your Tie

Your tie should end just at or above the belt. Now, this may seem like a bit of a task but as they say, practice makes a man perfect!

15. Make That Tie Knot The Perfect Size

Huge knots mean your tie will fall short on the front – and that’s not how you’re supposed to wear it.

While Windsor knots look elegant, they can be difficult to perfect. You might want to try tying a Pratt knot instead – it looks roughly similar while being really easy to tie.

16. Choose The Tie Color Smartly

Choose the Tie Color Smartly

Another rule for your tie is to choose a shade darker than the suit itself. Although it’s a matter of taste, this general rule will ensure that you look smart.

A dark-colored tie when paired with a lighter suit makes it look sharper, accentuating the whole look.

17. Suspenders And Belts Don’t Go Together

Would you have your umbrella up to keep out of the rain when you’re already standing under a shelter?

Well, you got the point!

A belt is supposed to hoist up your pants – and suspenders, more or less, serve the same purpose. So, there’s no point wearing both together. This huge fashion mistake only gives a redundant look.

18. Remove The Stitching

A newly bought suit will have threads keeping the outside pockets and the vents at the back closed. This is only for keeping the jacket in shape so that it isn’t ruined when multiple people try it on.

Make sure that you cut all the threads after you finally buy one. Otherwise, the jacket will hang awkwardly and when you walk, it’ll make you look anything but smart.

19. The Width Of The Tie Bar Should Match With The Width Of The Tie

It’s all about balance, my friend!

Suiting up is all about aesthetics and visuals – and you’ll regret breaking this rule. When you wear a tie, always make sure that its width matches with the width of the tie lapel.

In general, thin lapels are considered more modern and chic while wide lapels are slightly old-school.

20. Say Yes To Double Vents In The Back!

As per the modern fashion tips for men, double vents in the back are trending big time!

They make a suit look oh-so-gorgeous on men with a heavy physique. Plus, it makes enough room for you to put your hand in the pocket while you pose at that camera!

21. Wear The Vest The Right Way

Let’s accept it, suits look even classier when they’re worn with a vest. A vest doesn’t only look great but also serves some practical purpose.

For one, it offers a lot of warmth during the winter season while not compromising your gentlemanly look. Moreover, it gives a new life to formal business attire with sheer elegance and sophistication.

Just make sure that you pair a vest with a single-breasted suit for people to actually see it. Also, don’t forget to keep the last button open for aesthetic purposes.

22. The Length Of The Sleeves Cuff Should Be Just Right

sleeves of a blue suit jacket

One of the most important rules for wearing a suit is to keep the cuff of the sleeves exposed no more than just half an inch.

Or you may simply just match the length of the cuff that’s visible to the amount of collar that can be seen at the back of your neck. This simple trick does wonders for giving you a well-put-together look.

23. Focus On The Length Of The Suit Jacket

The secret of a harmonious suit look lies in its correct measurements. And one of the most important measurements is of the suit jacket.

As per the rule, your suit jacket should be long enough to cover your pants zipper at the front and your butt at the back. Anything shorter or longer than that will simply ruin the whole look!

24. The Hem Of The Pant Should Touch The Top Of Your Shoe

For a modern look, it’s imperative that the hem of your pant falls just at the top of your shoe.

However, for a more conservative look, you may keep it slightly longer so that it covers both the top of the shoe as well as the shoelaces.

25. Wear An Undershirt To Fight Sweat

You should know if you sweat a lot during the summer season – and you should wear an undershirt to control it.

A stinking suit covered in sweat will get you nowhere. No matter if you’re on a first date with the girl you love or in an interview for a dream job, your suit has to be dry and good-smelling.

So, don’t forget to wear a deep-neck undershirt that doesn’t show itself but does the task well.

26. Pick Charcoal Or Grey Suit Over Others Any Day

Pick Charcoal or Grey Suit over Others Any Day

For many men, the first choice of color may be black when they’re choosing a suit. However, you should leave that black suit for a funeral ceremony or a conservative event.

Grey and charcoal are the colors you should be opting for. These shades not only look ultra sleek and stylish but also tend to suit almost all skin tones.

27. Pick The Fabric Wisely

Typically, you should choose the fabric of your suit depending on how frequently you intend to wear it.

For everyday wear, try to get the most durable and comfortable material because with comfortable clothing comes great confidence!

With all these fashion tips for men, we’re sure you’ll never have to wonder ‘how to wear a suit’ again! Now that we’ve revealed all the rules for wearing a suit, we’ll end it here with how Barney Stinson would say, ‘Suit up!’