How To Give Yourself Undercut Haircut

How To Give Yourself Undercut Haircut

The modern undercut haircut is a recent phenomenon in men’s hairstyles.

It can be distinguished by the sharp contrast between shaved sides and slicked back long hair on top. The undercut origins have ironically deep cultural roots ingrained with poverty and delinquency dating back to Edwardian Britain.

So the question is, can you give yourself an undercut haircut?

Well, the truth is it will take some practice; however, it is not impossible. 

The modern undercut is a hot trend and can be seen on models and musicians such as Macklemore and David Beckham. In order to achieve this quite popular haircut, you’ll need a few tools and accessories.

So let’s take a closer look at what an undercut haircut entails. 

How do I do an undercut haircut?

mans with undercut hairstyle

Lots of people often find themselves wondering whether they can give themselves an undercut haircut.

Well, it’s not impossible; however, it’s not something that is often recommended. This is because you may struggle to reach some areas, and this will cause the results to be uneven.

However, if you are still adamant about doing it yourself, you can always give it a try. You may want to pencil in an appointment with our barber though, in case of any mishaps. Alternatively, if a loved one can help you out, then this may go a lot smoother. We also recommend proper hair clippers or trimmers to make the job easier.

Looking for reliable and affordable hair clippers for home use? We recommend SURKER Hair Clippers.

So what you need to do is start by tying all the hair on top that you don’t want to remove. This can be achieved with pins, bands or clasps.

Once you are happy with the hair that has been kept aside, simply start trimming in an upward motion. A fade will be quite challenging, but most trimmer can help you achieve that look and change the length in increments. 

Philips Norelco MG3750 comes with the basics for an epic undercut haircut and is an excellent purchase for those of you who want to buy a good quality hair trimmer at an affordable price.

So once you’re satisfied with the back and sides, untie your hair on top and style naturally. It may need touching up with a pair of scissors, but this can be a bit difficult unless you have someone there to help you out.

Is it possible to do yourself a hair undercut?

While giving yourself an undercut haircut is possible, it is often not recommended because some spots such as the back of your head and even the sides may be hard to reach which means that there is a high likelihood of you messing up the haircut. 

However, it is possible to do it yourself, but you will need help from a friend or family member to ensure that the undercut haircut looks as it should.

In order to give yourself an undercut haircut, you’ll need a comb, pair of good clippers, comb guards, hand mirror, hair cutting scissors as well as a hair trimmer. Also, ensure that you choose the right mirrors. See our recommendation below of the best products that you will need for an easy undercut self-haircut.



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How To Give Yourself Undercut Haircut 3

Comb Guards by Andis


How To Give Yourself Undercut Haircut 4

Hand Mirror by OMIRO


How To Give Yourself Undercut Haircut 5

Professional Barber Scissors by Facón

It will help keep your hands free while allowing you to see the back of your head. The whole process is made much simpler with the help of these mirrors, and if you have a family member or friend to help you out, then the process just gets a whole lot easier.

Step by step guide

Step one – Section the Top

undercut type of hairstyle

Start by dampening the hair. You want it wet enough to give you a little control but not too wet.

They often path the hair on top on both sides before combing the hair toward the center of the head. Make sure that the path gives you a symmetrical section on either side.

The shaved part of this haircut usually stops just past the round of the head just above the temple, but you can use your own discretion. 

It’s called the disconnected haircut line, and it is key to the undercut. Just bear in mind that the higher the path, the more like a mohawk the haircut will look.

Make a path at the back of the head at the same height just below the side path and comb the hair forward and out the way.

The entire top of the head should be parted to resemble a horseshoe-shape, and you may apply gel or hair clips to keep the hair in place while you’re buzzing the sides and back.

Step two – Shave the sides and back

haircut in front of mirror

Shave off everything below the disconnect line or parted section. At this point, you need to decide how long you want the sides and back to be.

Select the clipper guard size you prefer. And no guard will leave nothing but stubble. A number one guard will leave 1/8 inch hair, and number two guard will leave 1/4 inch of hair. To buzz the sides and back, start at the top and clipped the hair, front to back. 

The edge of the clipper guard should be lined up against the part, so you get a nice, clean line. Although the back could be a bit tricky, if you follow the path line around until it meets on the other side, it should be fine.

You may have to go over this a few times to get it even and remove any lines left by the clipper guard. Lastly, you need to buzz off any remaining hair. 

Step three – Clean up the back edge

So once you have buzzed the hair from the sides and back, wet down the top and comb it straight back. You’ll see that the hair in the back is hanging over the shaved part.

Ideally, this is left a little longer, especially so if you have a resistant cowlick that makes the hair stick up in the back. 

You’ll need to decide how far down the back of the head you want the hair to hang and simply cut it across with the scissors. Make the back round instead of leaving it straight.

And at this stage, you might need someone to help you with the cuts across the back, so it is nice and even.

Step four – Detail the edges

detailed undercut hairstyle

Trim your sideburns and shave it by creating a line and shaping everything underneath, using your trimmer.

This will give the haircut a polished look. In order to cut a clean line, hold the trimmer with the teeth of the blade pointing at your skin.

By holding the trimmer with the bottom of the blade flat against your skin, it will allow you to shave everything underneath the line created. Follow the natural hairline as closely as possible.

Step Five – Style the top

Styling the top of an undercut haircut is the same as styling a pompadour. Brush the hair on the top up and back and set the style in place of a little pomade.

One of the advantages of the undercut haircut is it allows the top to be the star of the show and emphasizes that style.


An undercut haircut can be paired with almost anything on top thanks to the strong contrast it provides.

Ultimately, it leaves the hairstyle with a calculated, fashionable and deliberate finish. There is a clear distinction between the top and sides, which is created with a hard, shaved side part.

In addition to this, a low fade can also perfect the nape of the undercut.