An Ultimate Guide To Take Care For Your Eyebrows (Men's Edition)

An Ultimate Guide To Take Care For Your Eyebrows (Men’s Edition)

Gone are the days when styling eyebrows was a beauty task reserved for women.

Nowadays, you’d be wise to reach for your girlfriend’s tweezers to ensure that your eyebrows look their best too, or better yet purchase our own!

Why should you do your eyebrows?

It’s simple: your eyebrows are face-framers. When they are well-groomed, they open up your eye area and can make you look more attractive, so keeping them in good shape is important.

Having attractive eyebrows isn’t just about your face, though – it can also impact your self-confidence and how others relate to you. If you walk around with bush, unkempt eyebrows, it will negatively impact your overall appearance, making you seem untidy – even if you’re wearing an expensive suit or have impeccable hair.

To get well-groomed and attractive eyebrows, here’s our guide.

Step One: Study Your Eyebrows In A Mirror

concetrated man watches and pluncks his eyebrows

When last did you really pay attention to your eyebrows?

Maybe when you look at your eyebrows you just see a bunch of hair, but they should have symmetry and look good. What makes them look good, you ask?

There are various things that you should focus on, so look for the following things in your eyebrows:

  • Eyebrows that have arches. Your eyebrows are supposed to frame your eyes, so they should have arches. If you’ve let your eyebrows grow a lot, you might not be able to see distinct arches and that will have to be dealt with, which we’ll get to later in this guide.
  • Eyebrows that aren’t too tall. You want your eyebrows to be wide and shapely. You don’t want hair to grow too much on top of your eyebrows, causing them to peak too much, as this can negatively impact their shape and make them lose effect.
  • Eyebrows that are symmetrical. Obviously, your eyebrows should be as symmetrical as possible. If you have one that’s sprouting more hair or is thicker than the other, then it has to be sorted out otherwise it just looks untidy.
  • Eyebrows that don’t meet each other halfway. This is one thing you don’t want: the dreaded unibrow! Check that your eyebrows have defined edges instead of having hair that sprouts between them. If there is hair in this area, you’ll want to eliminate it to provide a cleaner look.

Step Two: Brush Your Eyebrows

eyebrows brushing

Before you jump right in and trim or pluck your eyebrows, it’s first  important to brush your eyebrows so you can see exactly how much of their length you need to do away with.

Brushing your eyebrows will also show you any other problem areas, such as parts of your eyebrows that have too much hair.

You’ll need a moustache comb to brush your eyebrows. Brush your eyebrows in an upward direction so that you can see the hairs that are too long and need to be trimmed.

This will make your tweezing job a lot easier.

Step Three: Trim Those Long Hairs

man trim eyebrows with small scissors

So, now that you know what hair you need to trim, take small scissors that are easy to hold at an angle and get right in there and carefully trim any hairs that are longer than the rest of your eyebrows.

This will ensure that your eyebrows are neat and uniform.

It’s good to brush your eyebrows again after trimming them to check for any hairs you might’ve missed. Once you’ve trimmed them, you might be happy with their appearance and not have to proceed to the next step.

Step Four: Grab A Pair Of Tweezers

tweezers for eyebrows

You should only use tweezers after you’ve trimmed long eyebrow hairs.

This prevents you from tweezing too much – you don’t want to end up with uneven eyebrows or ones that have bald patches in them!

How you should use your tweezers is to focus on the stray hairs that are around your eyebrows, like the ones that have cropped up above or underneath your eyebrows.

Don’t forget to pluck the stray hairs in the unibrow zone between your eyebrows.

Once you’ve done that, you can proceed to tidying up the edges of your eyebrows. 

Step Five: Clean Up The Edges

It’s important to have a clearly defined place where your eyebrows start and end to maintain their shape.

This is not something that varies from person to person; there’s a general tip to follow to ensure that your eyebrows are the right size.

Here’s what you should do: take a comb and hold it vertically so that it’s line with the middle of your nostril. The inside edge of your eyebrow should be in line with the middle of your nostril.

If there are any hairs growing beyond that point, you will have to pluck them. 

As for the outer edges of your eyebrows, to determine where they should start you should hold your comb diagonally from the edge of your nostril towards the end of your eyebrows. The end of your eyebrow should intersect with the outer part of your eye.

Again, pluck any eyebrow hairs that exist further than that point so that your eyebrows will be a suitable length.

Some Extra Tips For Grooming Your Eyebrows:

  • After plucking a few hairs, take a step back and look at your progress in the mirror from a bit of a distance. This will ensure that you’re on the right track.
  • First tackle thinner hairs before going in for thicker ones. At least if you make a faux pas, the loss of the thin hairs won’t be as noticeable as compared to the loss of thicker ones.
  • You should groom your eyebrows regularly so that you keep them looking good. Doing this also makes it easier to keep them in top shape than if you allow them to become unruly again.
  • Invest in an eyebrow gel. This should be used when brushing your eyebrows to accentuate your eyes. Eyebrow gel can work wonders to make the eye area appear more refreshed, so it’s especially great to use on days when you feel and look tired. If you have grey hair in your eyebrows, a tinted eyebrow gel can be a useful product to make you look more youthful and it’s much less maintenance than dyeing your eyebrows to match your hair color.

Spare A Thought For Your Face Shape!

man eyebrow shapes

When grooming your eyebrows, always make sure that they complement your face shape otherwise the result will just be strange.

Here’s a quick guide to finding the right eyebrows for your face shape.

  • For a rectangular or long shape, you want to have slightly straighter, flatter eyebrows to balance out your face length. 
  • For a heart-shaped face, you want to avoid eyebrows that are too thick. Focus on maintaining well-groomed eyebrows that aren’t bushy.
  • For a face with a square jaw, you’ll want to avoid over-trimming or plucking your brows. Try to have thicker brows to provide more balance to the top part of your face.
  • For a diamond-shaped face, you really want to maintain those eyebrow arches so that your face doesn’t look too sharp and angular. You want them to be softer. Also avoid eyebrows that are too thin.
  • For a round face, you want to provide balance by making the eyebrows a little sharper. Make your arches slightly higher so that they’re not too soft.

How To Thicken Your Eyebrows

Beautician Hands Plucking Man Eyebrows With Tweezers

Now, maybe you have a problem in that your eyebrows are too thin.

If this is the case, you want to avoid trimming and plucking your eyebrow hair too much as it can cause your eyebrows to be even sparser.

That doesn’t mean you should let your eyebrows become unruly, though!

You should still look after them and groom them, just more sparingly. If you want to thicken your eyebrows, here are some techniques to try.

Massage Olive Oil Into Your Eyebrows

Since olive oil contains vitamins such as Vitamin A and E, it’s a natural remedy to stimulate hair growth.

Simply pour a drop of olive oil on your finger and massage it into your eyebrows. You can leave it in your eyebrow hair for a few hours before washing it off.

Use A Brow Serum

An eyebrow serum is specially formulated to stimulate hair growth. Look for a product that contains peptides as this helps to boost hair growth.

Peptides are biological messengers in the body that encourage hair to grow, so choosing a brow serum that contains this ingredient is a must for healthier eyebrows.

Brush Your Brows Daily

Earlier, we talked about how brushing your eyebrows before trimming them helps you to see what hairs you should eliminate with tweezers, but regularly brushing your brows can also help to stimulate hair growth.

This is because brushing stimulates blood circulation in the area, bringing more oxygen and nutrients to the hair follicles.

Apply Castor Oil

This ingredient has been growing in popularity when it comes to boosting hair growth.

This is because castor oil contains ricinoleic acid that fights inflammation, keeping hair follicles healthy and stimulating hair growth.

Put castor oil on a cotton swab and gently apply it into your eyebrows, being careful not to get any of it into your eyes.

Fill Them In

For a faster result, and while you’re waiting for your eyebrows to fill out, you can always fill them in with eyebrow pencil.

The trick is to match the pencil to your natural eyebrow color and use gentle, short strokes in upward motions when applying it so that the eyebrows look feathery and natural.

You should never use too much eyebrow pencil, especially in places where it’s easy to see such as the outer edges. You want to look like you haven’t filled in your eyebrows.

Related Questions

tips and tricks for mans eyebrows

How can you make tweezing your eyebrows less painful?

It can help to wash your face with warm water beforehand to soften the skin and hair follicles before you tweeze the hair on your eyebrows.

Another idea is to apply an ice cube to the area after tweezing it so that it numbs the skin and reduces the sensation of pain.

Should you shave your eyebrows?

Shaving your eyebrows is best avoided.

This is because it will cause your eyebrow hairs to grow back rougher and thicker, plus if you make a mistake you could end up with a big problem or cut yourself.

When should you consult with a professional instead of trying DIY eyebrow grooming?

If you can’t seem to get the eyebrows you want, or you’re considering a procedure such as eyebrow waxing or threading, it’s best to book an appointment with a professional who’ll be able to make your eyebrows look their best.


You focus on the hair on your face, but what about your eyebrows?

It’s time to stop neglecting them because they can make you look youthful and attractive, while also giving people you meet the impression that you’re well-groomed and take care of yourself.

In this article we’ve provided you with all the information you need to successfully groom men’s eyebrows so that they accentuate your facial features.

We’ve also featured some tips to help you out if your eyebrows are not as full as you’d like so that you can get the eyebrows you need to make a great first impression on people before you even open your mouth.

Once you have perfect eyebrows, you’ll never see these face-framers in the same way again!