How To Shave Your Head At Home: Step By Step Guide

How To Shave Your Head At Home: Step by Step Guide

Whether you’re going bald or just like to cut off your hair because it suits your face shape, knowing how to shave your head at home like a pro can save you money.

It doesn’t have to be a massive or stressful task, provided you have the right tools and products at your disposal.

What razor should you use to shave your head?

Make sure you invest in a multi-blade razor. It provides a close shave and prevents you from having to shave over the same areas, therefore treating your delicate scalp better.

Now that you’re armed with the correct razor to make shaving your head a breeze, make sure you get the right products. Let’s look at what shaving product is best, followed by a step-by-step guide on how to shave your head at home like a pro.

Should You Use A Shaving Cream Or Gel?

applying shaving cream on head

Although you reach for a specific shaving cream or gel when you shave your face, you might be wondering if you can use the same product on your head.

The good news is that you can, however there is a catch: the shaving cream or gel needs to be made specifically for sensitive skin. This will be gentler on your scalp because it won’t contain harsh ingredients such as fragrance.

So, if the shaving cream or gel you use on your face isn’t for sensitive skin, give it a miss and purchase a different one instead that will give your scalp more TLC.

How To Shave Your Head In 7 Easy Steps

Maybe you’ve read this article until now and you can’t help but still feel a bit sceptical.

Can you really shave your own head?

Maybe you’ve never really tried before and you’re worried it’s going to turn into a dangerous activity or that you’ll end up with a botched job by the end of the process.

Fear not, because you can shave your head without too much of a hassle, even if you’re a total newbie.

Step One: Get The Right Tools

You’ve got your multi-blade razor and shaving cream or gel for sensitive skin.

What else do you need?

Make sure you have a mirror, but preferably have a mirror in front of you and one propped behind you so that you’ll be able to see your head from different angles.

Other items you’ll need to prepare before shaving your head include an exfoliating scrub, a pre-shave oil, and an aftershave balm.

You’ll also need a pair of quality clippers. This is because you can’t just take a razor to longer hair. You need to get your hair to a workable length so that you will be able to shave it with your razor.

Step Two: Buzz Your Hair

buzz hair first

Now that you have all the tools and products you need, you can get started. With your clippers, you want to buzz your hair down to a length that you can work with.

You’ll probably want to go as far as possible so that the remaining hair will be easy to remove with your razor.

When you start with the clippers, move in a backward motion from the front hairline up to the crown of your head. Then, do the opposite – start from the back and move back to where you started.

Do the same on the other side of your head.

Check that you haven’t missed any spots in a mirror, then proceed to the next step.

Step Three: Wash Your Head

Now it’s time to wash off the hair that you’ve cut with the clippers with warm water. This also serves the purpose of soothing your scalp skin and preventing razor burn.

While you’re washing your scalp, use an exfoliator – you can buy a product that exfoliates your skin or just mix together some sugar and water to make your own DIY scrub.

Exfoliating your scalp is important because it will eliminate dead skin on your scalp that can contribute to clogging your pores and causing ingrown hairs.

Step Four: Use A Pre-Shave Oil

You might think using your shaving cream or gel is enough to get a smooth shave, but putting a pre-shave oil on your head is a good idea because it will make your skin softer and prevent nicks because your razor will be able to move much easier over your skin.

A good pre-shave oil to try is BaldStyle Pre-Shave Oil. It works well to soften your hair follicles so that you can achieve a smoother shave.

Step Five: Apply Your Shaving Cream Or Gel

shaving head with razor

Take your shaving cream or gel for sensitive skin and really work it over your hair and scalp because you want to make using the razor as easy and smooth as possible, while preventing dryness and discomfort.

Step Six: Use Your Razor

Now it’s time to get your razor and start shaving!

One of the most important things is to be patient and take your time. Start with the areas that you can see in the mirror: the sides and front of your head, then slowly and carefully move towards the back of your head.

You can copy the same step you followed earlier when using the clippers: start from the top and move your way back to the crown, then go from the bottom up to the top so that you get every hair.

Following this shaving pattern also helps because it prevents you from jumping around and shaving different areas of your scalp randomly, which can result in an uneven job as well as increase your stress.

Make sure you have good razor technique. With one hand, hold and use the razor, and with the other hand make sure you gently hold the skin on your head so that it’s taut.

This creates a smoother surface on which to shave. Always shave with the grain of your hair. After every pass you make with the razor, rinse it off with water so that it’s not clogged up with shaving cream or gel and can work more effectively.

Don’t forget the areas behind your ears! When you are done with the front, sides, and back of your head, gently push back your ears to razor behind them. You want to move the razor downwards in this area.

Another area you don’t want to neglect is the nape of your neck where you might find some stray hairs lurking.

Step Seven: Apply Aftershave Balm

aftershave balm for head

Once you’re done with shaving your head and you’ve checked all around your head so that you haven’t missed any spots, use an aftershave balm on your scalp to protect and soften your skin.

Make sure the product you choose doesn’t contain alcohol as it’s too harsh and will dry out your skin.

You might wonder if you really need aftershave balm. Well, consider this: after you’ve shaved, you’ve caused your skin to become dry. You want to bring moisture back into your skin so that it doesn’t feel itchy or dry, or become irritated.

When you’re bald, bumps and other imperfections on your head will be very noticeable, so make sure you treat your skin well.

A quality aftershave balm, such as American Shaving After Shave Balm (available from Amazon), will do the trick nicely to rehydrate your skin. It’s great for all skin types and will make your scalp feel moisturized all day long.

Related Questions

How can you protect your bald head after shaving?

Try to shower only once a day to prevent drying out the skin on your scalp.

Make sure you always apply moisturizer after showering and ensure it’s loaded with SPF to protect your skin against the harsh UV rays.

How do you prevent dandruff after shaving your head?

Dandruff can be more visible when you are bald, and it can be caused from shaving.

Make sure you exfoliate your skin properly and always use moisturizers on your head to keep the skin hydrated so it doesn’t become dry and flaky.


Shaving your head doesn’t have to feel like a mission.

As you can see from the article, you can easily and safely shave your head in seven steps, as long as you use the right tools and products. Here’s to a smooth, gorgeous hair-free look!