How To Get Curly Hair For Men An Easy Guide

How To Get Curly Hair For Men An Easy Guide

We’ve all heard the saying, “curls get the girls”, and if you’ve never been lucky enough to grow your own, you probably wish you did.

Curly hair isn’t always something that men think of when they imagine their dream hair scenario, but it’s a look that suits everyone and is surprisingly easy to achieve yourself.

For those who already have curly hair, it can be a nightmare trying to tame it, and you might have given up completely trying to make it work.

However, there are some simple tips to get your waves in order and achieve an enviable look, but without losing any of that masculine energy you hold so dearly.

So, how do you get curly hair for men?

Working with your natural hair, there are some products you can use to enhance the waves in your hair and make them more obvious. Having longer hair is helpful and knowing a few basic styling techniques as well, so even men with straight hair can experience how effortlessly cool a curl looks.

Learning how to get curly hair men styles is easy enough with the right tools, and we’re going to show you exactly what you need.

With our help, you’ll enhance your natural curls or create some of your own, and see the huge difference that this hairstyle can make on your overall appearance.

Why Does Hair Curl?

If you’ve always wondered why you’ve been cursed or blessed with curly hair, you can thank science for the answer.

The major determiner in how someone’s hair looks and acts are their hair follicles, and more specifically the unique shape of it.

A hair follicle on someone with straight hair is a perfect circle, but one someone with curly hair it looks more like an oval.

If your hair is particularly curly, you’ll find this circle squashed down even more, so the flatter it is the more likely you’re going to have extremely curly hair.

As well as the shape of the follicle, we can also thank the way the follicle travels in the scalp for how curly our hair is.

If you looked at someone with straight hair, their follicles would be a verticle line tunneling straight into the scalp.

For our curly-haired friends, the follicle pushes into the scalp at an angle, which then causes the hair to grow at a curled angle as well.

The shape and trajectory of hair follicles can determine the curl factor but they can also lead to excessive dryness.

When the follicles are curved as they are in someone with wavy locks, this means the good oils that keep our hair hydrated can’t travel to the ends, and so they end up dried out and looking parched.

If you’re a man who wants to create curls, this can be done with some man-made products without having to change the DNA of your follicles, and it means you might have fewer issues with dryness as well.

There are leave-in products as well as styling tools that can deliver a simple wave or tight curl, depending on the hairstyle you desire, so it’s not impossible.

The Best Products For Curly Hair

Applying Hair Product

The most crucial part of creating a curly-haired look, whether you already have natural curls or not, is hair care.

Without hair that’s been taken care of, cleaned, cut, and hydrated, you won’t be able to achieve a style that looks any good.

Once your hair is in good shape, the rest will come easily, so check out these products to get the curl of your dreams.

Detangling brush

Anyone with curly hair can attest how easily it gets tangled up, so a good brush is a key to success.

Detangling brushes are made with this very purpose in mind and keep get your unruly curs in order without losing any of their natural volume.

Heated tools

Heat is a quick way to enhance your curls or create new ones, and there are some great options out there for men.

Curling irons, straighteners, hairdryers, and heated rollers are all readily available and can be employed by any gender wanting to create curls and waves, so don’t be afraid to put them to use.

Heat protectant

Hair Heat Protectant Spray

A heat protectant spray or crème is a must-have if you plan on using heating tools like hairdryers, straighteners, hot curlers, or curling irons.

This provides a protective layer on your hair that reduces some of the damage that heat treatments can do, and it’s essential no matter what type of locks you have.

Styling cream

There are loads of styling options out there including gels, oils, and creams. Choose one that suits your hair type and the type of curls you’re chasing.

Some are better suited to tight curls and others for waves, so have a vision in your mind of what look you want before you decide.


Hairspray is great for all hair types, but especially helpful if you’ve spent a lot of time on your curls and want them to set.

This product has come a long way since it was first invented and the rock-solid finish that most people remember it for is now a thing of the past.

Dry shampoo

If you’ve finally managed to get the curls you wanted but your hair is looking a little oily and in need of a wash, dry shampoo can help.

Just spray some in and get rid of the excess oil at the roots to keep enjoying your newfound waves.

How To Get Curls For Men

There are a few options for achieving a curly hairstyle if you weren’t already blessed with these types of locks.

Check out the ways to get curly hair for men if you’re someone who usually keeps things straight.

Overnight curls

For an event the next day where curls are required, you can wash your hair the night before and spend some time creating curls with a few bobby pins.

Twirl the hair around your finger and secure it with a pin, and once the hair is complete, keep it covered before going to sleep.

When you wake up, it’ll be dry and curly, so you can add some hairspray to keep it that way.

Heat treatment

Using heat is the quickest way to get tight curls, but it can also be the most damaging to hair.

Use a curling iron or straightener to create curls by tackling one portion of hair at a time, wrapping it around the iron, leaving it to heat for a few seconds, and then letting it go.

Spray with a setting spray to keep the curls tight and don’t forget to use your heat protector product.

Leave in sprays

Man Applying Sea Salt Spray

Choose a sea salt spray and spray it through freshly washed hair. As the hair dries naturally, scrunch it up in between your fingers and run your fingers through it.

This will create natural waves and curls, and it will set harder than usual so there’s no need for hairspray.

Related Questions

Our hairstyles are as unique as our personalities, and what looks good for one man might not always translate to another.

When curly hair is your goal, there are loads of ways you can make it work, you just need a little patience.

We’ve got the answers to some commonly asked questions about curls and men to give you a push in the right direction towards the hair of your dreams.

Can Straight Hair Turn Curly?

Although most people assume that the hair type you’re born with is what you’ll stay with for life, it is possible for hair to change.

People with straight hair might find their hair starting to turn wavy or curly, and this is due to an increase in androgen in the body.

Androgen can change the shape of the hair follicle which can then change the texture of the hair itself.

Is Curly Hair Genetic?

The primary influence of whether someone has curly hair is trichohyalin, a protein found in hair follicles, and it can be impossible to tell whether people are going to have curls or not.

However, curly hair is a dominant trait, which means if one of your parents has this type of hair, you’re more likely to as well.

What Is a Hair Growth Cycle?

A hair growth cycle occurs every three to seven years in men, and it occurs in three stages: anagen, catagen, and telogen.

During this time, new hair grows from the scalp while older hair falls out, and depending on your background and other determining factors, it can lead to up to three feet of hair growth per cycle.