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Best Supplements for Men

Get the supplements you need…

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14 Best Mens Watches

Looking for a watch? Check these…

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You’ve got to take care of that beard right?

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Home for the Adventurous, Active, and the Upscale Millenial Guy

The rest of the world thinks of men as these naturally aggressive, inherently out for trouble, tough as nuts, loving, charming, cunning, industries, stubborn, testosterone-driven, and competitive animals that are often unsure of what’s right for them.

But, is that who we really are? Are these the words we’ll allow the world to define us?

BroInsider thinks not!

For millennia, men have been misunderstood, and for the most part, men have been unable to express themselves. And in most cultures, men are not expected to express themselves, especially in the emotional setting.

Being a man has been associated with being the person who knows all about politics and handles the money, but things are changing. And we’re here to effect that change.

We’ve been taught and made to believe that a man is a person that carries the cash. He looks out of everyone around them, builds, and rebuilds. A man speaks dog. A man owns up, etc.

While most of these are tasks we take on without questions, can we acknowledge the fact that there is a lot more to being a man: A lot more to being the human with too much testosterone and hairs.

Over the years, there are too many aspects of men’s lives that have been ignored or overlooked, and we’ve suffered enough for it.

And here’s something we only say on the down-low: men actually need more help than we allow ourselves to ask. As men, we must be allowed to express ourselves.

But, how can we do all that when we’re unable to dress for the occasion to command the attention we know we can?

How can we get through life when there is limited information about grooming, styling, and healthy living for men?

Here’s the good news: it all ends today.

We like to think as BroInsider as man’s safe haven or a safety net, a place you can visit for information about style, fitness, culture, sports, success, gear, and every other manly thing in between.

At BroInsider, we have your back. We’ll walk with you through your life problems and triumphs, in the process, guiding you into your best self.

We know that only 1% of the men around us command respect, earn good money, and they get the girls. BroInsider knows a thing or two about what they know and what you don’t.

Here’s a breakdown of the things BroInsider will guide you on.


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Introduction to BroInsider – Debunk Myths

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Myth 1: A man is brave, big, and strong.

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But, it’s not the whole truth. Bro, you could be tough and big (thanks to testosterone), but that is not all you have to offer. Your strength should not be defined in the physical sense of the word only.

You’re capable of developing strong emotional, mental, relational, and spiritual characters, just like women.


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Myth 2: A man shouldn’t express affection or be emotional

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While things have changed in the past decade or so with the world becoming more open to men who express their emotions, boys aren’t always taught that it’s okay to show emotion.

But, men are as emotional as women (and some are more emotional than others). And you should also know that there is nothing wrong with showing emotion.

You don’t have to suck it up or act like a man; you need to experience and show love, kindness, gentleness, tenderness, empathy, sensitivity, compassion, and nurture. It’s only human for you to show these emotions.


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Myth 3: A man should not cry, and a man is not supposed to be weak

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In the historical sense, men have grown up knowing and learning that crying is a sign of weakness.

The truth, however, is that men can and should be able to express their pain, grief, or happiness through tears. It’s part of human biology, and you cannot change it.

Also, men are not experts on sex, and your value is not determined by your earnings/ bank account.



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If you’re always a hot mess in summer and the freezing hermit in Winter, BroInsider’s got you covered. Here, we’ll help you find the right outfit and accessories to match your style, at whichever budget.

We take style seriously because first impressions matter. There’s a reason why it’s called a first impression – it’s the impact you create when you first meet someone.

Your first impression to your employer determines the perception he or she has of you.

The old gentlemen we now only hear and read of understood the importance of first impressions, and if you’ve watched Peaky Blinders, you know that first impressions matter, even when they’re meant to deceive.

A lady will accept a date with you or turn you down politely depending on how well you dress. So, putting on the last clean shirt in your wardrobe with the wrong shoes is not something we want to see on our streets anymore.

You must know what to wear to an afternoon cocktail party, a summer wedding, a black-and-white event, office, and casual wear.

As Ralph Waldo Emerson said:

Being perfectly well-dressed gives one a tranquility that no religion can bestow

We’ll help you achieve that tranquility you seek with guides on the best t-shirts, dress shoes, running should, casual shoes, designer shoes, jeans, chinos, and we will also give you look book guides you can steal.

Dressing well and looking good is an art that combines your clothes and accessories. Paired well, every item of clothing in your wardrobe will look new, elevating your overall sense of style and appearance. Being stylish will also boost your confidence.

For example, it’s a fashion sin to wear a black belt with brown shoes/ boots?


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Skincare Products for Men

I didn’t know how much of a problem grooming for men until I spoke to some of my close friends and acquaintances.

Off-odors are not okay, bad breath is a huge turn-off, you can have clear, smooth skin free of blackheads and whiteheads, you don’t have to walk around with razor bumps, and there are great anti-wrinkle/ anti-aging creams and serums for men.

Men should use lip balms to avoid chapped lips, there are seasonal fragrances and colognes for men, you must invest in an excellent hair gel or pomade for the perfect hold, and there are several beard growing oils you could try.

BroInsider will also guide you on the best hair removal creams for men, the best men’s face masks, hair conditioners, oral care.

Did you know that you need to powder your balls to keep off unwanted odors?

All these and more manscaping tips, right here!


[su_column size=”2/3″ center=”no” class=””]We have a wonderful guide on grooming for men.[/su_column][su_column size=”1/3″ center=”no” class=””][su_button url=”https://broinsider.com/a-short-guide-to-shaving-facial-hair/” target=”blank”  background=”#f05f40″ size=”5″ center=”no” ]View Guide [/su_button][/su_column]





Did you fail your last medical, for the umpteenth time? Are you seeking actual, practical, and effective tips to get your health back on track?

At BroInsider, you will find the best exercise and workout routines to enhance your looks, strength, health, as well as endurance with help from expert tips on health and nutrition.

Your fitness is a lot more than how you look, and it also involves how you feel and the state of your health overall. Fitness is about having the right weight and a healthy BMI, the right distribution of body fat, and having healthy levels of cholesterol.

Fitness could also be determined by your ability to lift heavy weights and to run far.

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The components of your fitness include:

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  • Aerobic exercises
  • Body composition
  • Muscular strength
  • Flexibility power


Read to hit the gym? 

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To ensure that you reach your fitness goals and transform from flabby to ripped, we’ll feature multiple articles with tips to guide you, as well as expert advice and success stories.

And with diet as an integral part of your fitness, we will also guide you on the diets for weight loss or muscle gain, and also the unhealthy food habits keeping you away from your fitness goals.

Basically, we will tackle all the controversies surrounding fitness and offer tips that will work for your body.

Of course, we cannot talk about fitness without talking to you about the right workout clothes, shoes, and gear.

We will also focus on wellness, sports, and nutrition, as well as the effectiveness of different workout regimes in meeting your goals.

You might need more of aerobics or strength training, and if you use supplements, you need guidance on how to use and the effectiveness of the products.

So, whether you wish to shed the extra pounds, eat more healthy foods, or deal with stress, BroInsider’s got you.

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Do you consider yourself a well-cultured man?

For the most part, we are defined by our culture. In this case, culture is everything from people, language, cuisine, religion, music, art, and social scenes, TV, books, comedy, and film.

Our job at BroInsider is to inform you about the cultural practices you should be aware of like how to eat sushi without looking rude to your host, the books that every man should read, the hobbies you should pick up, places you should visit, phrases and languages you should learn.

Our culture section will also cover everything there is to know about the entertainment scene – movies, lifestyle, etc.


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Success & Money

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Money makes the world go round, and every man needs money.

If you close your tab for BroInsider’s web page having learned one thing, let it be about how to get ahead. Your success and growth are important, and we’d like to help you rise above the fold to be the best version of yourself.

To this end, we’ll address matters on personal finance, entrepreneurship, college, networking, and professional development, among others.

Today, the financial world focuses more on building wealth, and we will help you get around this and move from a paycheck mentality into the higher net worth state of mind.

If you’re looking for tips on how to pursue your career success while getting the bills paid, we’ll guide you.

How about fatherhood? Do you have everything figured out on this front? Hardly not, we presume?

The good news is that no one has the fatherhood thing fully figured out, but the other good news is that our site shares multiple stories and tips on being the best dad, even as you work on advancing your career.

Money matters: And speaking of money, do you carry cash around? Or better still, do you have a wallet? Every man needs a wallet, and you must always carry cash – BroInsider will tip you off on where to buy the best quality wallets to meet your budget needs.

Productivity: your success depends on how smart you are about spending the 24 hours you are given daily. Our site has multiple articles on how to boost your productivity from the Pareto Principle or the 80/20 Rule to the 90-minute rule and even finding your flow.

Besides productivity, you will also learn a thing or two about boosting your brain power and finding the motivation to get you through the day.


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Home 7

Would you like a site that shares all the news from the sporting world as soon as they break?

We’ve got the right guys for the job. For all your sporting news making headlines (and the little-known stories and leagues), keep it here.

Our sports section has verified sports news to keep you abreast of the winning teams, sports investments, and sports team to support. This is also your home for sports celebrity gossip and news.


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Fit and Fresh Insulated bag for meal preps

Are you tired of making last-minute purchases for seasonal gear? Would you like to get the best deals and high-quality products for your travel, hiking, walking, summer, or winter gear? BroInsider’s got the scoop.

Whether you’re looking for the best weekend duffel back, hunting knife, summer essentials, beach essentials, backpacks, pocket knives, computers, sunglasses, or water coolers, we’ve got you covered.

So, are you ready to join an elite team of gentlemen hoping for a wealthier, healthier, stylish, well-groomed, and successful men? Keep it BroInsider.