6 Best Pieces of Advice for Men in Their 20’S 2

6 Best Pieces of Advice for Men in Their 20’S

Everyone tells you how much you are going to miss your teen years and high school but people often forget to mention just why this is the case.

Your 20’s are a confusing time but at the same time, they are also extremely important. If only there was someone around to list down best pieces of advice for men!

You have just graduated from college and as a young man and the pressure to make something of yourself is real. Let us paint a picture for you.

Social media is telling you that all of your friends are doing far better than you; in fact, you aren’t even friends with most of the people that you thought you would be there at your wedding!

The debt your undergrad degree left you with makes grad school seem like a far off fantasy.

You are working a 9-5 job where you can barely stand that annoying overly friendly coworker that would stab you in the back if it meant getting ahead of you.

Rent is unbelievably high even though you are living in a crappy two-bedroom apartment and your roommate uses up all the hot water. Owning property is a far off fantasy when you can’t even afford to own a car!

Fuel prices are high and you have finally realized that groceries aren’t for free. Your parents want you to establish yourself so the strain on the relationship is real.

It’s too early to think about settling down and you would much rather party on the weekends and be in a casual relationship with the hottest girl in the room.

However, there is a part of you that worries you might never find the right girl to settle down with! How will you ever even afford a family if you can’t afford a home-cooked meal all seven days of the week?

Your body is hurting a lot more than it used to and you’re dealing with issues you thought were reserved only for old people. Hangovers that you could shake off within an hour now have you in bed all day.

You can’t drink the same way you could in your college years and you are finally starting to feel like an adult.

If you are a man in your 20’s, chances are that there is at least one part of the above picture that resonates strongly with you. Your 20’s are a defining moment.

This decade decides what the rest of your life will look like and while it’s never too late to turn your life around, it is much better if you Do your 20’s right! This means aiming for maximum growth and making the changes necessary for leading a happy and healthy life.

Let us tell you that it does get better, things work out exactly the way they are meant to and you eventually stop feeling like you’ve missed opportunities every step along the way.

Do your 20’s right by following some of the best pieces of advice for men. We’ve listed them down for you!

Don’t Settle for Anything Less than What You Want

man under pressure

Amongst the pressure to land a good job and settling down, many of us often end up settling for things that we think are practical because the things we want seem too out of reach.

The world is telling us to grow up and fit in with what they think is the ‘right’ thing for you.

Let us tell you that all of that is a sham!

If you get sucked into something you don’t want – a marriage, a crippling job – you will spend a long time feeling resentful and you will constantly keep wondering about what could have been.

The ‘what if’s’ tend to haunt you for a very long time. Amongst the best pieces of advice for men in their twenties, ‘don’t settle’ is a valuable gem that you should hold close to your heart always.

Chase your dreams and take risks, don’t settle for anything less than what you deserve.

If you choose to prioritize your ‘stability’ over what you actually want to do, your life will be in a rut and chances for you to grow and improve yourself will become extremely limited.

Your 20’s are the time for you to step outside of your comfort zone and figure out what it is what you want to do.

Not all of us know straight out of college and that is completely okay. Don’t let anyone or anything pressure you into staying somewhere you are unhappy. Unfold your wings and reach out for the things that you want.

Try singing, dancing, and soccer and if by the end of it you still want to be an accountant, know that you can! It’s never too late to figure out what you want to do.

Invest in Meaningful Relationships

family goals

Your 20’s can be a hard and lonely time and one of the best pieces of advice for men is to invest time into the right relationships. This means putting them first and giving the effort that is required to sustain these relationships.

This could be a friendship, a relationship or even just your bonds with your family.

Remember that when there is no one in your corner and you are feeling the sting of rejection and failure, it is these people that will be around to lift you up and remind you that there is a lot more to your life than the struggles you are currently facing.

Your parents are getting old and your friends are struggling just as much as you are and it is easy to get caught up in your own world.

You have to make a conscious effort to be there for the people that you care about so that you have a strong emotional support system later on in life.

No one is going to wait for you to get your act together. You have to learn how to balance your social, professional and love life.

Your friendships need to be deeper than just the most superficial things and there needs to be space there where you can be yourself.

Remember that your 20’s might be the last chance you have to mend a broken relationship or strengthen your already existing bonds.

The older you get, the fewer friends you make and the lonelier it gets. That is why it is better for you to hold on to the ones that you have right now!

Spend an extra 5 minutes with your mother and not on your phone and trust us when we tell you, fifteen years down the road, it is these extra five minutes that you are going to cherish the most.

That being said, do not hold on to toxic relationships and people that disturb your peace. We will elaborate in the next bit of advice.

Learn to Let Go

Learn to Let Go

Learn to let go of things that aren’t meant to be a part of your life and this means people and situations both. Do your 20’s right by not holding on to unnecessary things.

Many of your relationships won’t work out due to various reasons. Sometimes it will be your fault and other times, it will be the other person’s fault.

You cannot take all the people from your childhood into your adult life and the earlier you come to terms with that, the better it is for you.

Some people do not want to see you succeed and they gain their own happiness from your struggles. Some people don’t realize that they are being toxic.

The hardest one to accept, however, is that sometimes it is just the timing that is not right. There is nothing that can be said or done. The ‘if only’s’ are the hardest to let go off.

However, you need to learn how to let go of the past in your twenties so that you can spend a happy life. Accept things that meant for you and dispose of anything that doesn’t add positivity to your life.

There is nothing more important than your peace of mind and if you don’t learn this in your 20’s, chances are that the lesson will never sink in.

Don’t Believe Social Media

Don’t Believe Social Media

Social media platforms have had a huge impact on our lives whether we want to recognize that or not. Sure, communication has become easier and you are connected to the people you love 24/7.

However, one of the adverse effects is that most people are constantly comparing their own pace with what they see on their friend’s social media.

Let us tell you that people’s social media presence is a myriad of things that they want you to see.

So even if it looks like they are having the time of their lives all the time, chances are that their real life isn’t quite as glamorous as it looks online. One of the best pieces of advice for men is to stop believing what they see on social media.

Everyone has their own struggles and everyone is going through something or the other. Do your 20’s right by investing more in yourself and less on the online profiles of people you barely have any contact with.

You Aren’t Falling Behind

It is easy to think of life as a rat race in which you have to get ahead of everyone. Graduate at a certain time, get a job next and then get married.

These things are ingrained in our brains from a young age and if you happen to miss out on a step, it automatically feels like you are a failure.

Let us tell you that there is a lot more to you and your life than what society tells you. If you are still in college in your twenties, that is okay. If you dropped out, that is okay.

If you hate your job and you can barely afford rent, that is okay too! In fact, even if you want to get married at 21, it’s not too early no matter what people tell you!

Everyone works at a different pace and what is an accomplishment for you might not necessarily be an accomplishment for someone else.

Celebrate your small wins and remember that there is no such thing as the right time to do anything. The only way to tell if something is right is by gauging what it feels like to you. If it feels right, that’s the right time!

Take a Deep Breath

Take a Deep Breath

Your twenties are an important part of your growth and character development but make sure to not overburden yourself with the fear of the unknown.

One of the best pieces of advice for men that anyone could give would be for you to take a deep breath.

Inhale, exhale, and live in the moment. Appreciate what you have right now because absolutely nothing will be the same in one year. For better or for worst, change is the only factor that is constant.

Do your 20’s right by appreciating the little moments and realizing those are exactly what make life worth living.

Trust in yourself and believe that things will work out exactly how they are meant to be.

Your failures are not the end of the world, you will make something of yourself and soon enough, you will be giving this same advice to your kids. Life has a way of working itself out for the better!