What Is The Best Wear For Men?

What Is The Best Wear For Men?

Many men do not care much for the clothes they wear.

After all, isn’t the purpose of clothes purely functional? However, that changes once they update their style one day, and suddenly look amazing.

A case in point is my brother, who I cannot really term as a fashionista – but one day he decided to dress up in a casual way, and he suddenly looked like an entirely different person – he looked amazing.

If this has happened to someone you know, you might ask yourself what exactly changed about them, and why they look so different.

You might not know it, but the clothes you wear have a very heavy effect on your overall look, even men’s wear.

You might be used to wearing drab clothes on the daily, but dressing up has an effect no one can explain – you look more attractive, even though it is in a mysterious way.

And all it takes is adding a few items to your wardrobe – all which have a powerful effect.

Style tips for guys

Style tips for man

Before getting to the clothes that you need to start incorporating, you need to know some tips first.

Ditch graphic t-shirts

This might sound painful, but graphic tees do nothing for your image – especially when you are going for a mature one.

It is understandable if you love them, plenty of guys I know loved them too; but you need to understand there are better choices.

In addition, they only make you look like you refuse to let go of your childhood, or you are a slacker.

Start dressing like a grown-up

Expanding the explanation of the first point, many men make a major mistake – equating casual wear with youthful wear.

They are not the same thing at all; and you can still look mature while wearing casual. You do not need to dress like men your dad’s age either, just make sure you avoid looking like a teen or a guy who is starting his college years.

Wear jeans that look good

If you are aiming to wear casual, a pair of jeans is necessary for many men, and that is okay.

The problem comes in when the jeans you are wearing do not flatter you at all – that means no baggy jeans, sagging pants, no embellishments or big logos, and no excess distress levels.

Keep it simple and clean, and always try them on when you buy them to make sure they fit you well.

Also, keep in mind that the pants you wear need to be in one color – avoid multicolor pants because they add nothing to your image.

Clothing items to add

Leather jackets

Leather jackets

This may seem like the simplest item ever, but it does wonders for your wardrobe.

In addition, it is extremely versatile, so you can wear it with multiple outfits and still look good all the time – even if you are wearing a simple shirt.

Add bomber jackets to the mix too – they are simple and classy, and make an amazing addition for your everyday wear.

Suits (must be well-tailored)

For the record, you do not need to wear suits every day to look amazing, but a well-tailored suit will always do wonders for you without trying too hard.

It is exactly why you will look good wearing formal wear for men on the red carpet and in events such as weddings – so make sure to get one that fits you well.


This is an underrated fashion item for men, but women seek to wear theirs frequently – so do not wonder why they look good.

It adds a sense of timelessness and elegance to your look, and keeps you warm on a cold day.

A pair of great sneakers

adidas gazelle

You might think no one is looking at your shoes, but trust me, they are.

Especially women – so the last thing you want people to think is that you never pay attention to your footwear.

Shoes make a definite impression, and will be the difference to whether you look good or unkempt; so make sure to put some effort into it.

Plain tees

Earlier in this article, we talked about mature men’s wear involving ditching the graphic t-shirts, but plain shirts are the perfect replacement.

They give you a chance to stay smart-casual when you do not need a suit, or when you are heading out to meet your boys on a hot summer day.


These are one of the easiest ways you can glam up your look – again, without even trying.

As long as they are stylish (avoid the overly colorful framed types), you can wear them on a summer day and score major points.

You can even pair them with other amazing accessories as well, such as rings, bracelets, watches, and necklaces.

Skinny jeans

man wearing skinny jeans

This might seem like a contradiction, but baggy jeans unfortunately age you significantly and make you look like a dad taking his kids out for a walk.

On the other hand, skinny jeans instantly make you look great – it is impossible to wear these and not look good (as long as they fit you well, that is).

Bow ties

This, along with the usual neck tie, will transform you instantly into a classy guy who is about to give a speech at an awards show or event. 

And that will happen even if you get the most casual wear for men in existence.

Button-down shirts (bonus is rolling the sleeves up)

Wearing a black t-shirt is one thing, but there is a certain elegance that comes with wearing a button-down shirt. It instantly tells others to take you seriously, because you are a serious man.

That effect is even more powerful when you roll up the sleeves, even though the reason behind this is unknown.

Final thoughts

Finding the perfect outfit theme for you might be a challenge, especially when you have no idea where to begin.

However, these pieces will show you that there is always something you can do with them, so you can start by incorporating them in your wardrobe and using them to improve your overall look.