29 Best Watches for Men

29 Best Watches for Men

Watches are wearable pieces of art whose aesthetic value is worth a lot more than the functionality of the watches.

More often than not, we all find ourselves choosing watches because of how they look and how, in turn, the piece will make you look and feel, instead of looking for its function.

And who can blame us when we have smartphones to tell us the time and the news.

You hold your smartphone in your hand so many times that you might forget about your watch’s function.

Yet, even with the current technological uprising, nothing beats a good watch. Watches are irreplaceable, and all you need to do is make sure that you have the right watch on your wrist.

In your search for the best watches for men, it’s important to remember that the black leather strap is ideal for your formal wear, the metal strap goes with your office face, and a chronograph is ideal for your weekend escapades.

And just like suits and oversized hats, a watch comes with a shelf-life, and you might want to choose more of the classic pieces. Today, we all look for and crave for versatility when it comes to watches.

Taking all this into consideration, we’ve looked at watches that fall into different categories from the best sellers to the best men’s watches under $200, and even the best sports watches.

From Zenith to Audemars, and Swatch, Omega, Rolex, and even Casio in between, this article will give you a layout of the men’s best watches.

So, let’s jump right into it.

Top selling men’s watches

So, if you’re looking a classic casual wear watch that will work outdoors with ease, you might want to try this watch.

Oh, this watch’s cost cuts way below your budget, and you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank.

Nordgreen Philosopher

Nordgreen Philosopher

If you’re a minimalist with a high for sophistication, you might like this Nordgreen Philosopher. Designed by Jakob Wagner and the CSR program, this watch is one of the best minimalist dress watches.

It is a stainless steel timepiece that features a silver dial and a black leather strap. It harnesses the power of Quartz watch movement, and you might also like it because it’s water resistant down to 3ATMs.

Its case is conical-shaped with a wide base than its face, hence a two-piece watch dial which draws attention to the watch’s center. The elevation of the case and the tugging lugs give the watch its unique design.

You might also like the fact that this watch comes with interchangeable straps, which make it easy for customization of the watch to suit different styles.

Mondaine Classic

This Mondaine Classic model boasts a minimalist design, but it’s also eye-catching.

A Swedish brand, the Mondaine Classic, is described as straightforward. It has a case. It is unadorned and sapphire crystal with versatile color combinations.

You can wear this watch with different pieces. Its black and white design with a touch of cherry red gives the watch its classic feel – it’s an ode to the classic 90s style, and it’s an ideal match for your casual wear.

Junghans Max Bill Quartz

Junghans Max Bill Quartz

Junghans Max Bill Quartz is a German brand that’s not only stylish but also simplistic. It’s a water-resistant model made of a calfskin strap and a stainless steel buckle.

This watch is also splash proof and durable. It’s stylish and durable design comes from its hard convex plexiglass that’s coated with Sicralan.

Its face features a dark grey sunray brush, as well as minute hands and tracks made of an eco-friendly luminous substance.

Its date function is handy, yet simplistic meaning that this watch is an excellent fit for both casual and corporate wear.

Daniel Wellington Classic St Mawes 36mm

If you’re looking for a slim watch model, this Daniel Wellington piece could be exactly what you need. It has a simple round dial and a classy, refined casing.

Its brows strap makes this watch the perfect go-to watch to wear with different clothes and in different seasons. The strap complements its rose-gold hands, as well as the watch dial’s edge, perfectly.

If you are not into rose gold, you could opt for its alternative, the silver finish.

Though it won’t date, it’s dial is quite simple and it has minimalist numerals and an eggshell-white coloring that come to be the identifiable element of the Daniel Wellington brand.

Marathon by Timex Mid-Size Watch

If you’re looking for a watch that doubles as a 24-hour stopwatch, an alarm with two time zones and a Quartz movement, you might want to try this watch.

It’s as durable as it’s lightweight with a resin case and a buckle-closure strap. It’s also water resistant but only to a depth of 50m only meaning that you can keep it on during a recreational swim, but not for snorkeling or diving.

LIGE Watches Men’s Full Steel Quartz Analog Wrist

If you need an affordable luxury watch for business, you might want to try this watch by LIGE. It certainly will not break the bank, and the best part is that even at its price, it comes with a 24-month warranty.

This watch is made with a very comfortable silver stainless steel material and an easy length adjustment mechanism.

It’s waterproof up to 3ATM or 30mters, which means that it will withstand daily use. You shouldn’t, however, use it in a hot water shower.

This model has a luminous design that comes from the use of a fluorescent powder which has to absorb a significant level of high light for it to glow in the dark.

Timex Men’s Easy Reader Strap Watch

Timex Men's Easy Reader Date Leather Strap Watch

This is an easy-to-read cream dial watch featuring full Arabic numerals. It’s affordable, and it’s made with a black strap made of genuine leather. This watch is the epitome of minimalist style.

A gentleman’s watch, it has a classic feel and, and it’s made of a 35mm brass case with a protective mineral crystal dial window, as well as Quartz movement and an analog display.

It’s got a two-tone gold polished case, a date window, and an Indiglo watch dial. It will not, however, withstand submersion or showering since it’s only water resistant up to 30m. It’s ideal for formal/ work and casual wear.


If you’re on the lookout for a minimalist watch that boasts sleek features made of brushed stainless steel, you might want to invest in this Braun BN0032WHSLMHG.

Its stainless steel case and the stylish metal mesh band give this watch its unique appearance and texture.

Its face sits in a 40mm casing that’s light, clear and bright; against a white background with black numerals.

It’s also a fun watch thanks to its second hand, a small, yellow and red-topped date display. So, you could wear this watch comfortably in and out of the office.

Uniform Wares M35

This watch is easily recognizable from its modern case design. It’s a beautiful Swiss watch.

Its strap is an adjustable, buffed down cordovan leather in black. It has a pin-buckle fastening.

This watch also boasts mirror-polished aluminum hands, and it’s water resistant up to 50m. It also features gunmetal-tone markers which boost the durability of the watch.

Top men’s watches under 200

With watches becoming essential accessories for men, it’s important for you to invest in the best available watch.

Whether you’re into a complex digital watch face or the classics/ analog watches, you need to find a good watch.

The good news is that you can find a great watch at less than $200. Below are some of the best watches for men under the $200 category.

Braun Bn0024 BKBRG Watch

Braun Bn0024 BKBRG Watch

This is the perfect watch that transitions use in different environments, from business to beer. It has a classic brown leather strap, a 38mm stainless steel case, and a buckle clasp.

The watch dial is black, and it contrasts its white numerals, as well as its minute markers. It also has a subdial in the 6 o’clock mark.

Its movement is the Japanese Quartz movement, and its water resistance is up to 165ft.

Timex Intelligent Fly-Back Watch

Timex is known for its wide range of stylish watches, and this Timex Intelligent Fly-Back is just one of the great watches by the brand.

It’s created using the solid casting of steel, and it also features the traditional baseline, now with an update of features.

These features include the intelligent Quartz fly-back chronograph movement, the Indiglo night, and the water-resistant design.

It also boasts an artsy watch face with a unique fourth-hand indicator, a date window, two subdials, as well as a 2nd-time zone dial.

It’s water resistant up to 330ft and its case is43mm thick. The band is made of leather and with clasp closure.

Triwa Walter Falken Watch

This Triwa Walter Falken Watch comes with a 38mm gunmetal case, a dial & Hour minute markers, and its mineral glass window is water resistant up to 165ft. Its movement is that of the Citizen Miyota 1L45.

This Triwa watch has a unique twist to the classic brown leather watch with its contrasting gold hand movement, the subdial at 6 o’clock, and the logo.

Its strap is a made of organic brown leather material with a buckle clasp.

Seiko SNZF17 Stainless Steel Watch

Seiko SNZF17 Stainless Steel Watch

Seiko is a big brand name when it comes to watches, and this Stainless Steel Seiko SNZF17 Watch could be the best investment you make with your $200.

It features a black dial, a blunt luminous 2-hand movement, and a white, circular and linear hourly markers. It also has a date and day display that sits at the3- o’clock market.

It also features a 42mm Hardex crystal face with a water resistance range of up to 100m.

The band is made of 3-link stainless steel and a deployment clasp with a safety lock. Its movement is the Automatic Seiko 7S36.

Casio Edifice WR Stainless Steel Aviator Chronograph

This watch features a complex dial system that allows you to easily calculate elements like fuel consumption and airspeed when flying an aircraft.

It’s on top of its range as a super cool watch with a stainless steel bracket.

It has a white dial accentuated with red accents. This piece by Casio easily punches above its weight in terms of price, and it could be the best investment you make.

It comes with 2-year battery life, a slide-rule function, screw-lock crown/back, and a stainless steel band.

Timberland Rutherford Watch

With a water resistance of 100m, this Timberland Rutherford Watch is an ideal watch for everyday use, including recreational swims.

Its crystal blue dial perfectly complements the mahogany brown strap made of leather. It also features a day subdial and a date window that sits at the 12 and the 6 o’clock mark.

The hour and minute markers have a gold-brushed finish, and they use a 3-hand Quartz movement. Its 45mm stainless steel case is durable, and it secures the mineralized crystal face.

Daniel Wellington Classic Cornwall Watch

This Daniel Wellington Watch is characterized by clean lines and bright face which come together to give you your ideal business casual watch. It simply is a wardrobe essential.

Its rose gold case is 40mm thick and it holds on to an eggshell white dial with a rose gold minute and hour hand markers. Its two-hand movement is the Japanese Quartz.

You can also tell this watch by its small Daniel Wellington logo. The band is made of polyester and a rose-gold buckle-style strap.

Top men’s watches under 500

If you’re like most men, you look for style, practicality, and versatility in your watches. Many watches offer all these features and for less than $500. These watches include:

Citizen Eco-Drive Men’s AT4010-50E Watch

Citizen Eco-Drive AT4010-50E

Citizen released the first light-powered Eco-Drive watch in 1995 and has since revolutionized the industry.

This unique technology involves the use of the Eco-Drive Titanium Perpetual Chrono A-T model, which harnesses its power from natural or artificial light sources.

The harnessed light is then converted into energy stored in lithium-ion cells which allow the watch to recharge itself indefinitely.

The watch features a masculine design, and it’s made with durable materials. Its water resistance is up to 200m, something missing in lower budget watches.

This watch also boasts a sleek silver titanium material which forms the watch’s chain-linked band, the bezel, and the case.

You might also like the incorporation of an anti-reflective sapphire crystal, which makes the watch resistant to scratching.

It also features an atomic clock that’s synchronized with the Japanese Quartz movement for the watch’s accuracy ensuring that you’re never late.

Jack Mason Aviator Chronograph

This Jack Mason Aviator Chronograph is the ultimate combination of a classic style and sophistication thanks to its unique features.

The navy sunray dial is perfectly complemented by the brown Italian leather strap giving the watch an everyday-wear style. It harnesses that power of the Japanese Quartz movement and its water resistant to 100m.

You might also like it because it’s compatible with all the 22mm straps around.

Hamilton Men’s H70555533 Stainless Steel Automatic Watch

If you’re looking for a watch that will give you an extra flair, this Hamilton watch does it.

It is a versatile watch that serves luxury and timelessness at once, thanks to its deep brown strap made of calfskin leather and the refined modern stainless steel case.

It has an automatic self-winding movement, a resistance of up to 100m and a scratch resistant window made of anti-reflective sapphire dial window.

All these features are the making of a highly functional and durable timepiece. It also has a black dial to increase the watch’s luminosity of the silver numbers, hand, and date display.

Daniel Wellington, Classic Bristol 40mm

Daniel Wellington Classic Bristol 40mm

This is a simple, classic watch for every man. It features an elegant brown leather band, a silver-toned detailing, and a white-round dial. You can wear it on any occasion.

Void VO3D

Designed by the Hong Kong Designer David Ericson, the Void VO3D is a beautiful timepiece named after the pair of Norse mythical ravens which flew across the world looking for information for Odin – Hugin & Munin (Thought & Memory).

Calvin Klein, Infinite Gents Watch

This is a luxury watch featuring a classic, round white dial and a date function.

It’s the ideal watch to pair with a suit to work, a black-tie event or for a casual weekend. This watch is the true definition of elegance.

TRIWA Blue Steel Nevil

This steel watch is made of a genuine leather strap and a stainless steel sunray dial. Its subdials are brown chronographs, and the timepiece also has a high-contrast second hand.

Its case is a hand-cut acetate structure, and it has push buttons on the sides. The bezel is silver-toned.

Top men’s sport watches

Whether you’re athletic or not, you need a sports watch for your fitness, punctuality, and even for style.

But, sports watches are not created equal. They have unique features and designs which make some better than others.

So, we’ve researched and identified some of the best sports watches for you.

Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch Sports Watch

Looking for an elegant way of personalizing your workouts?

Try Fitbit. This sports watch offers customized and step-by-step training and coaching for the most dynamic approach towards fitness.

It also doubles as your music system, and it holds at least 300 songs. It also features an inbuilt GPS, a heart rate tracker, as well as access to all your apps.

You might also like its four-day battery, as well as the fact that the Fitbit allows you to make payments with its inbuilt NFC chip.

Samsung Gear S3 Frontier Sports Watch

Samsung Gear S3 Frontier Smartwatch Review

Thanks to the watch face that’s always on and its Bluetooth connectivity, this Samsung Gear S3 Frontier Sports Watch is an excellent fit for you if you wish to stay fit while staying in touch.

Its compatibility with smartphones, the inbuilt GPS, durability, and the long-lasting battery make this watch one of the best investments for the outdoors.

This sports watch also allows you to make payments using Samsung Pay, and you can receive texts, calls, and notifications.

The inbuilt GPS allows for tracking and sharing your location, and its military-grade performance gives you value for your money. The microphone and inbuilt speaker allows you to make hands-free calls.

Citizen Men’s CA0467-03E “Primo” Stainless Steel Eco-Drive Watch

If you need a sports watch that offers the best of style and function, this Citizen sports watch could be right for you. It’s a stainless steel watch with a black-ion plating, a band of contrast-stitched leather, and battery-free operation.

This watch is also water resistant, and it owes its top performance to the Japanese Quartz movement. It also comes with a protective mineral crystal dial and a rotating bezel, a data window, a 60-minute chronograph, and a tachymeter.

Casio F91W-1 Classic Resin Strap Digital Sport Watch

Casio is a legendary brand name when it comes to watches. It’s a classic, and you might want to make sure that you wear at least one Casio watch in your lifetime.

This Casio F91W-1 is one such watch. It’s a top-selling watch that also doubles as the best digital sports watch.

It boasts a classic strap that’s not only durable but also stylish. This ribbed resin band is water resistant, and it has a buckle closure.

This sports watch features a rectangular case with an alarm, a night light, and chronograph functions.

Its measuring modes include the net time, split time, and the first & second-place times, as well as a 1/100-second stopwatch, an hourly time signal, day/date, and auto-calendar. Its accuracy stands at +/-30 seconds, every month.

Its 33mm resin case has a mineral dial window, and its function is a quartz movement design and a digital display.

Casio Men’s W800H-1AV Classic Sports Watch

This is yet another great piece from Casio. A classic sports watch, it boasts a 10-year warranty on its battery life.

The most exciting feature of this sports watch, however, is its 100-meter water resistance feature as well as its LED backlight. It has a dual time function too and a multi-function alarm with a snooze option.

Thanks to its intuitive design, it’s easy to use, and it works well for on-the-go athletes. This timepiece features a durable resin construction, a black resin band, and a stationary black resin bezel.  And its buckle strap is adjustable.

The durability of the piece further comes from its durable window mineral window with a digital-grey dial face featuring date, day, and month displays. Its mode, light, and adjust functions/ buttons to enhance its functionality.

Apple Watch Series 3

Apple Watch Series 3 GPS Space Gray

This Apple Watch Series 3 is a top-rated sports watch, and it boasts a stylish and sleek design, and you can wear to the gym, on a hike, or your run.

Its features include the high-performance dual processors, GPS, optical heart sensor, an accelerometer, and a gyroscope. It’s also swim proof.


When buying a watch, you should think about the most important factor for you. The best watches for men differ, and they have different things to offer.

You might want to look at the price, features, authenticity, warranty from the manufacturer, and your style if you want the best watch.