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Best Smell Proof Backpacks for 2022







Best Smell Proof Backpacks for 2022 1

BEST OVERALL: Skunk Rogue Backpack


Best Smell Proof Backpacks for 2022 2

Discreet Smoker Smell Proof Backpack


Best Smell Proof Backpacks for 2022 3

Cali Crusher Smell Proof Backpack


Best Smell Proof Backpacks for 2022 4

Dime Bags Omerta Transporter Backpack


Best Smell Proof Backpacks for 2022 5

Ghoxt Odor-Resistant and Odor-Proof Backpack

The best smell proof backpack can become one of the most useful accessories you own.

These bags have improved significantly over the years and have become a practical and stylish option.

What Is the Best Smell Proof Bag?

The best smell proof backpack is the Skunk Rogue Backpack because it has superior odor protection.

By adding a personal lock, you’ll also have advanced security to put to fair use.

With plenty of storage and 100% odor protection, it’s a fantastic option for discreet smokers.

Last sentence, introduction: If you want to learn more about it and our runners-up, read on.

Best Smell Proof Backpack Reviews

1. Skunk Rogue Backpack

Best Smell Proof Backpacks for 2022 6

Skunk is one of the more prestigious smell proof bag manufacturers, as they are the most efficient.

There are several components to this backpack that make it a great option for commuters.

Also, you’ll find it will quickly become your favorite bag for travel, even if you’re not a smoker.


The Skunk Rogue Backpack is stylish, which is great for everyday wear.

It has an athletic design that fits into any aesthetic and has superior odor-blocking technology.

With the anti-smell interior liner, you’ll have 100% smell proof storage for all of your needs.

The backpack has a zipper closure, which is easy to access without struggling with low-quality zippers.

There’s also a maximum potency carbon filter installed for even more scent reduction in addition to the liner.

To help protect your valuables, you’ll appreciate the thermal lining, which makes this bag effortlessly weatherproof.

You can carry the backpack in below-freezing temperatures and not have to worry about your electronics getting damaged.

In regards to the bag’s quality, it’s constructed using anti-tear protective netting.

Over time, you won’t notice as much wear and tear on the bag, helping protect your investment.

There are also side net pockets made from the same anti-tear material with rubber backed nylon for security.

Similar to the other smell proof bags we’ve explored, this model has an anti-theft lock.

The double zippers are also designed to hold smells in and add extra weatherproofing to the bag.

You’ll find a large main compartment, front pockets, and side pockets when it comes to storage.

As an added benefit, the laptop compartment has special padding with shock absorption.

It’s important to note that the bag is water-resistant, not waterproof, so it cannot be submerged.


  • Useful interior pockets
  • Secure double zippers
  • Plenty of interior storage
  • Easy to access


  • The lock is easy to bypass
  • Zippers stick over time

2. Discreet Smoker Smell Proof Backpack

Best Smell Proof Backpacks for 2022 7

If you’re looking for a bag that’s modern, sleek, and stylish, this is a great option.

The Discreet Smoker Smell Proof Backpack can be an excellent option for college, the office, or weekend getaways.

It has plenty of convenient features to allow you to carry smelly products with you anywhere.


Like most smell proof backpacks, this bag has a liner of activated carbon, which helps prevent odors.

It has a significantly larger size than some of the smaller pouches, offering 19”x12”x12” worth of storage.

Fortunately, the entire backpack is smell-proof, rather than a single small compartment.

With that said, there is a secret pouch hidden in the backpack near the laptop compartment.

You can easily use this area to keep all of your smoking accessories.

For everyday functionality, you’ll love having an adequately sized laptop compartment for storing your valuables.

If you’re traveling, you’ll surely want the best backpack that keeps all of your belongings secure.

Apart from the high-quality zippers on this bag, it also features a three-digit combination lock.

Once you set the lock, it’s essentially tamper-proof, which is ideal for keeping your belongings away from prying hands.

Another significant benefit of the Discreet Smoker Smell Proof Backpack is weatherproofing.

You can easily wear the bag in rain and snow without the worry of your belongings getting soaked.

The waterproof exterior is one of the main reasons why this bag is fantastic for travel.


  • It holds most smells well
  • Hidden zipper lock
  • Plenty of interior storage
  • Reliably waterproof


  • Lock jams often
  • Doesn’t hide overwhelming scents

3. Cali Crusher 100% Smell Proof Backpack

Best Smell Proof Backpacks for 2022 8

The Cali Crusher 100% Smell Proof Backpack has a more urban design ideal for city dwellers.

You’ll find several convenient and comfortable features for holding all of your gear.

Also, it has a couple of unique components that you’ll love to have on hand.


The most significant feature of this bag is that it’s designed to be 100% smell proof.

There’s an interior lining of activated carbon to absorb smells, so they don’t emanate from the bag.

Also, the zippers feature a double seal, which should help contain the most aromatic scents.

If you need a waterproof backpack, this model is said to be weather-resistant.

It likely won’t be 100% waterproof in a torrential downpour but can resist light rain and snow.

Additionally, you likely won’t have to worry about the interior getting too cold or hot throughout the year.

The interior zippered compartment is ideal for people searching for safe storage for their valuables.

Fortunately, the compartment is large enough to house an average-size laptop.

Whether you need a new bag for work or a place to store your university books, there’s plenty of storage.

One of the features we like the most is the padded straps, which help reduce the burden of a cumbersome bag.

The straps are also fully adjustable with mesh pockets to offer easy access to all of your essentials.

You’ll also notice two water bottle holders on either side of the bag, making this an excellent option for outdoor adventures.

Security is of the utmost importance, which is why you’ll love the built-in combination lock.

Also, there’s a hidden pouch on the inside of the bag, along with two additional zippered compartments.


  • Blocks strong smells
  • Easy-access hidden pocket
  • High-quality materials
  • Adequately weatherproof


  • Poor quality combo lock
  • Low-quality zippers

4. Dime Bags Omerta Transporter Backpack

Best Smell Proof Backpacks for 2022 9

Travelers searching for a top-tier bag with luxurious features will like this backpack.

The Dime Bags Omerta Transporter Backpack is designed for convenience as well as superior odor filtering.

It also has a style akin to most traditional backpacks, which is excellent for low-profile travel.


The carbon filter technology in this backpack is what makes it as impressive as it is.

There’s a full carbon filter lining covering the entirety of the backpack for total odor control.

Wearers will also find an interior pouch that has been sealed explicitly for odor blocking.

The interior of the backpack is soft and padded, which is ideal for transporting fragile items.

You’ll be able to house all of your accessories and valuables without the worry of fall damage.

Also, this is one of the most secure bags you’ll be able to get your hands on.

There are dual-layered zippers, which are relatively tamper-proof, and there’s also a specialized lock.

Instead of a combination lock, you need keys to open this backpack, which is convenient.

According to the manufacturer, every backpack receives two unique keys.

If you find you want additional security, there’s a second spot for a personal lock on the internal zipper.

You can guarantee that you’ll have full control over the safety of your valuables while traveling.

As an even more discreet option, you can remove the logo branding on the bag’s front since it’s a Velcro patch.

One of the main concerns people have about smell proof bags is the carbon panels are typically sewn in.

With this backpack, the activated carbon sheet is removable, which allows you to recharge it quickly.

If you begin to notice the odor resistance is lacking, just toss the sheet into the dryer to reactivate its anti-smell properties.


  • Strong double zipper
  • High-quality integrated lock
  • Smooth locking mechanism
  • Perfectly hidden secret pocket


  • Smaller than expected
  • Needs reinforced seams

5. Ghoxt Odor Resistant Backpack

Best Smell Proof Backpacks for 2022 10

The unique style of the Ghoxt Odor Resistant Backpack is what makes it a great low-profile option.

You’ll find it’s styled similarly to some of the most popular streetwear brands.

It has a few basic features that make it a convenient option for most trips.


If you want a backpack that doesn’t have a ton of advanced features, this is a great style to consider.

The Ghoxt Odor Resistant Backpack contains a basic carbon liner that traps odor better than Ziploc bags.

You’ll find the bag’s exterior is thick and high-quality, which can add a little extra odor prevention.

With that said, it’s still recommended that you store your goods in a plastic bag before putting them in the backpack.

The activated carbon liner is best suited as an intermediate layer of protection, especially since it cannot be removed and recharged.

Another feature that contributes to odor protection is the specialty zippers, which are reinforced to prevent smell leaks.

The multi-layer protection is convenient since there are five layers of material to stop smells.

You’ll have the outer layer of polyester with a PVC backing, as well as a layer of non-woven fabric.

For the third layer, you’ll find activated carbon, then another layer of non-woven fabric.

The fifth layer is a protective polyester mesh, which helps keep your valuables secure when stored.

Unfortunately, there aren’t any locks integrated into the backpack, so it’s not the most secure option.

However, you can guarantee you’ll look stylish if you need a simple backpack for your everyday items.


  • Useful for gym clothes
  • Large main compartment
  • Versatile lunch bag
  • Stylish and functional


  • Doesn’t contain most smells
  • Lacks a laptop compartment
best smell proof backpack

Do Smell Proof Backpacks Really Work?

There are varying levels at which the best smell proof bags are designed to work.

Typically, the more expensive the bag is, the better its anti-odor technology will be.

With that said, there are certain times when you can rely on the bags and specific times when you can’t.

For example, it wouldn’t be wise to try crossing a border or going near dogs with smell proof backpacks.

Even though scents might not be apparent to humans, they aren’t going to fool professionally trained dogs.

On the other hand, if you want to keep your paraphernalia safe while on public transit or carpooling, smell-proof backpacks are ideal.

Most of the top-tier brands eliminate most, if not all, traces of odor detectable by humans.

They often contain several layers of protection, including activated carbon that absorbs any odors.

You’ll also want to consider unique components like double zippers that help to stop smells.

How Can I Make My Backpack Smell Proof?

If you want to make your backpack smell-proof, you’ll need to change your zippers and add a lining.

Most of these backpacks are rather basic in design, which should make it easy to create your own.

With a sheet of activated carbon between the outer and inner lining, you’ll be able to stop smells.

You might also want to consider adding a weatherproof layer of fabric, as this can also prevent odors.

Where Can I Buy a Smell Proof Bag?

Smell proof bags are readily available online and from a ton of head shops in your area.

Our recommendation is to try browsing the internet for the best smell proof bags, as you’ll have a far better selection.

It’s improbable your local big box stores will carry top-tier odor-proof bags.

You’ll want to compare pricing and features to find the best one for your needs.

Fortunately, there are a ton of options for all lifestyles, such as commuter bags and pouches.

It’s best if you’re able to find a backpack from a reputable retailer with positive customer reviews.

How Good Are Smell Proof Bags?

Smell proof bags can be useful, depending on their build quality and features.

Ideally, you’re going to want a bag that can carry all of your essentials, protect your valuables, and be smell proof.

It can also be beneficial to find backpacks that have security, such as a locking mechanism.

As mentioned, we wouldn’t recommend trying to get past a dog-guarded security checkpoint.

But, the best smell proof backpacks can be a great option for discreet travel for smokers.