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Renew Life Men’s Care Probiotic


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Earth’s Pearl Probiotic and Prebiotic


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Garden of Life Formulated Probiotics for Men


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Best Factor Plus Next Generation


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Prostate Research Labs Men’s Probiotics

One of the biggest game changers in health in recent years is learning about the role that gut health plays in our overall wellbeing.

We now know more about our bodies than ever, including how essential it is to balance and increase the number of good bacteria in our gut to receive all the health benefits that follow.

Bacteria found in the human body are plentiful, so much so that they outnumber our cells 10 to one.

What most people don’t realize is that most of these bacteria live in your gut and the delicate balance of these bacteria affects almost every other part of our health and wellbeing.

This balance can be achieved with probiotics, and for men, there are certain ones out there that are going to be better suited to your physical needs.

What are the best men’s probiotics and how do we find them?

The best probiotics for men should target things like immune and digestive health as these are two areas that we differ most from women.

A probiotic should be affordable, easy to take, and feature quality ingredients and the right cultures and strains, so there’s a lot to consider.

To take the stress out of choosing the best probiotics for men’s health, we’ve developed this guide to show you our recommendations. There are the best-rated probiotics in all categories, but what they all have in common is their suitability for men.

With our help, you’ll be able to improve gut health with just one tablet a day, and will have a noticeable improvement in your overall wellbeing.

Probiotics are live microorganisms that offer health benefits when taken orally, as they head directly to the gut, with the most popular form being digestible tablets, powder or liquid.

Finding the best probiotic supplement for men means weighing up the ingredients, health benefits, and trustworthiness of the brand to find a daily supplement that can boost your good bacteria and improve the areas of health you need improving.

Winner: Renew Life Men’s Care Probiotic

Renew Life Men’s Care Probiotic
  • Number of capsules: 30
  • Ingredients: N/A
  • Number of strains: 14
  • Number of CFU: 90 billion

Probiotics made for men can target our very unique physical needs, but none better than Renew Life’s Men’s Care Probiotic.

The Renew Life brand is one of the top-rated probiotics makers in the country and their men’s recipe helps with colon health, digestion, and overall immunity. All you need to take is one capsule a day to improve your health and the 90 billion potent cultures inside each one will get to work.

What customers loved most about these products was that the could feel the difference in just weeks of using them, especially with digestion.

Men who suffered from heartburn, constipation, IBS, and other digestive issues noted almost instant relief after they started taking the Renew Life Probiotics, so if this is your problem area then they’re worth giving a shot.

These probiotics are expensive, and although they’re a reputable brand, it can be above some people’s budgets.

Some people found they got the same results with a cheaper product and having only 30 capsules in each container meant having to order them regularly to avoid expiration, so keep this in mind if you’d rather convenience over instant results.

The Renew Life Probiotics for Men feature 14 different strains that support your digestive and immune health, and they’re all contained in one simple capsule.

You can choose to refrigerate or keep these in the pantry, and all of the live bacteria will still be present when you take them. Their supplements are vegetarian, gluten-free, and dairy-free, so even men with unique diets will be able to take them without a worry.

If you have the money to spend, these are our choice the best probiotic supplement for men and the one with the most impressive amount of bacteria.

To get your first bottle of Renew Life Probiotics for Men, head to Amazon to get a heavily discounted price of around $35 a bottle thanks to a current sale. For fast results and loads of good bacteria that your body needs, these are by far the top-rated probiotics for men.

Runner Up: Earth’s Pearl Probiotic and Prebiotic

Earth’s Pearl Probiotic & Prebiotic
  • Number of capsules: 60
  • Ingredients: Fructooligosaccharides (FOS) prebiotic, stearic acid, guar gum
  • Number of strains: N/A
  • Number of CFU: 4 billion

If you’re a man who wants to start probiotics but would rather something the whole family can share, Earth’s Pearl Probiotic and Prebiotic is our number one choice.

These aren’t just the top probiotics for men but can be taken by women and children as well, and they feature 4 billion CFUs at the time of packaging.

Even when they reach their expiry date, the Earth’s Pearl Probiotics have around 1.5 billion live bacteria present, so they’ll also work for your gut.

The thing that sets these pills apart is that they’re more affordable for most, without sacrificing the number of good bacteria inside. They feature a FOS Prebiotic that helps the gut to digest the probiotics inside, so they work in more ways than one.

As a slow-release supplement, you won’t get results instantly, but you can be assured the good bacteria is working away in your gut from the second you take your first one.

The pills themselves are small but hard to swallow, and a few customers made mention of them getting stuck in their throat when they took them.

There’s no special coating on the capsule that makes it easier to go down because this affects how your stomach digests them, so Earth’s Pearl recommends sucking on them first to make them easier to swallow.

If you’re someone who usually has issues with taking tablets and vitamins, you probably want to avoid these altogether.

There are 60 capsules in each bottle and they can be stored in your pantry or fridge, provided temperatures don’t reach more than 70 degrees.

You can take up to three a day, but only one is recommended, and they work with a slow-release design that prevents stomach acids from breaking them down.

Earth’s Pearl offers a 365-day money-back guarantee on their products and understands that a good probiotic for some might not be so good for another, so it’s nice to know you’re protected.

If you’re a man who’s new to probiotics and want something general to improve your overall health, we recommend the Earth’s Pearl Probiotic and Prebiotic Capsules.

Priced at around $20 for 60 capsules they’re the lowest price possible for quality probiotics, and a great way to introduce your gut to more good bacteria.

Alternative: Garden of Life Formulated Probiotics for Men

Garden of Life Formulated Probiotics for Men
  • Number of capsules: 30
  • Ingredients: Prebiotic fiber blend, organic potato, organic acacia fiber
  • Number of strains: 15
  • Number of CFU: 50 billion

If digestion is your main issue or you want to make sure everything continues to run smoothly in your older years, the Garden of Life Formulated Probiotics for Men is a great choice.

This is the best probiotic for men over 50 as it targets common health issues like colon health and digestive support. With 30 vegetarian capsules in each bottle, you’ll get 50 billion CFU taken from 15 unique probiotic strains with every tablet you take.

The best thing about the Garden of Life Formulated Probiotics for Men is that they were designed by a doctor who specializes in the human microbiome.

This is just one part of their range of probiotics for men, so if you have digestive and gastrointestinal issues specifically, it’s going to deliver the best results. Constipation, diarrhea, heartburn, and colon problems can all be rectified with a daily dose of these probiotics.

One problem that reviewers mentioned a lot was the plastic container that the probiotics were packaged in.

Although there’s nothing unusual about probiotics being packaged this way, some customers said the plastic smell had leaked onto their tablets which meant they could taste it when they took their probiotics.

To remedy this, it’s recommended to move the capsules to a new, sealable and waterproof container once they arrive so that it doesn’t taint it any further.

There’s no need to refrigerate these probiotics because they’re shelf-stable so they’re great to travel with. For those with allergies or dietary concerns, you’ll be pleased to know they feature no dairy, gluten, soy, or animal products, and they’re made with non-GMO ingredients.

All you have to do is take one a day and you’ll enjoy the benefits of Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacteria that work specifically to improve digestive health.

To get your Garden of Life Formulated Probiotics for Men, simply head to Amazon for their current sale which lists them for around $30 for a bottle of 30 capsules, and a little extra for shipping.

If you need help with your digestive system and want to ensure it remains healthy in your older years, the Garden of Life probiotics are a great choice. Their formula guarantees a simple but effective way to improve your healthy gut bacteria fast.

Alternative: Best Factor Plus Next Generation

Best Factor Plus Next Generation
  • Number of capsules: 60
  • Ingredients: Vitamin C, D, and E, L-Lysine, Turmeric Extract
  • Number of strains: 5
  • Number of CFU: 100 billion

If you’re a man who wants more than just good gut health, a supplement like Best Factor Plus Next Generation is your best bet. Not only does this contain 100 billion CFU, but other vitamins, minerals, and prebiotics, too.

It’s great for men of all ages to treat the unique problems that face us, but can also be enjoyed by women for great results.

This daily supplement aims to improve overall mental and physical wellbeing, so you can share it at home to improve the health of both you and your partner.

What sets this apart from other probiotics is the other ingredients that make it a wellness supplement rather than just a dose of good bacteria. With loads of vitamins and minerals as well as the 100 billion CFU in every capsule, it’s clear why it makes a difference.

According to customers, it reduced their stress levels, improved digestive systems, and gave a good boost to immunity, so if you’re looking for a quick fix that can be maintained with just one or two tablets a day, this is it.

There are some negatives though, mainly having to take two capsules to get your daily needs. The capsules are large and don’t have the best taste, so it’s not a pleasant experience for people who are sensitive to this type of thing.

Some users found the expiry date on their bottles was closer than they’d like, so make sure you check yours to see if you’ll get to take them before their potency runs out.

Each bottle of Best Factor Plus Next Generation contains 60 vegetarian capsules and can be stored in the fridge or the pantry, as long as temperatures don’t reach too high.

Ingredients like turmeric, L-Lysine, beta-glucan, and vitamins C, D, and E, boost your immune system and promote mental wellbeing and make this an all-over health supplement.

They’re also great for reducing inflammation whether it’s from injury or chronic conditions, so if you’re an older man, you’ll find them especially beneficial.

These are the most comprehensive health supplement around and the bonus of probiotics make them even more impressive.

To get a 60 pack of the Best Factor Plus Next Generation tablets, head to Amazon and get a bottle for around $40, which will give you about a month’s supply. If you want to improve your mental and physical health with one simple solution, Best Factor has created the easiest way to do it.

Alternative: Prostate Research Labs Men’s Probiotics

Prostate Research Labs Men’s Probiotics
  • Number of capsules: 60
  • Ingredients:  Vegetable stearate, cellulose, silica
  • Number of strains: 10
  • Number of CFU: 30 billion

When it comes to men’s health, our prostates are one of the biggest concerns and something that becomes especially worrying in our older years.

A probiotic that focuses on improving the health of the prostate, along with the rest of our body, is something worth taking, and the best one out there is the PR Labs Men’s Probiotics.

These probiotics restore the microflora in your gut and improve digestion, energy levels, and the quality of your immune system, and have been specifically formulated for the male body.

What customers loved most about these tablets was how many different strains of bacteria there were compared to other probiotics.

According to PR Labs, in each capsule, you’ll reap the benefits of 10 different strains including Lactobacillus acidophilus, reuteri, rhamnosus, and Bifidobacterium longum.

They target all areas of health including prostate and digestive and can help your body recover from a recent dose of antibiotics without any negative side effects.

These are expensive probiotics though, and if you take the recommend two a day they cost more than most.

Although you’re paying for more strains and a high count of CFU, there are still plenty of other comparable products for half the cost.

The pill itself is around half an inch in size and easy to swallow, but they appear to be slow-acting, so don’t expect to notice any results for at least a few months. 

Unlike other probiotics, the Prostate Research Labs are transparent about their manufacturing and promise all of their products are made in the USA and with the highest quality ingredients.

There are over 30 billion bacteria in each capsule, making them some of the most potent around, so if you take the two that’s recommended by PR Labs, you’ll get close to 60 billion a day delivered straight to your gut.

If you’re a man who needs a little more from his daily probiotic, you’ll be happy to pay the extra cost for Prostate Research Labs Probiotics. A 60 capsule bottle is priced around $40 but considering you have to take two for the best effect, they’re pretty costly.

PR Labs doesn’t offer a satisfaction guarantee like some other brands, which can make it risky when you’re spending this much. However, if good health is your main concern and you trust the hundreds of happy reviews, be pleased you paid the extra money for these probiotics.

The FAQs of Probiotics

The FAQs of Probiotics

Probiotics are living microorganisms that can be taken as supplements to introduce good bacteria to the gut.

This good bacteria restores or improves gut flora which in turn brings health benefits, so if you’re yet to try out probiotics for yourself, the whole deal can be a little confusing.

We’ve answered some FAQs about probiotics to give you the lowdown on what they’re about and how they can benefit the average man.

What Are The Benefits Of Taking Probiotics?

Taking probiotics creates a healthy balance of bacteria in the body which leads to numerous health benefits.

Studies have shown taking regular probiotics can be helpful with digestive health, immune function, weight loss, mental health, and overall wellbeing.

The quality of the probiotic and how many bacteria are present will have an impact on the health benefits, so you need to choose a reputable supplement.

Should You Take A Probiotic Every Day?

Because each probiotic supplement was made differently, there’s no single recommended dose that works for everyone.

Some strains of probiotics require different amounts to be effective and they come with a varying range of colony-forming units or CFU. With these differences taken into account, you may need them every day or every few days to get results.

How Do You Know If Probiotics Are Working?

As a probiotic features billions of microscopic bacteria, it’s near impossible to know that they’re working inside of your body.

However, if a probiotic is effective you’ll be able to feel an improvement in health, especially when it comes to digestive issues like constipation, heartburn, and diarrhea.

Otherwise, they should be taken regularly to improve overall health without having to feel any obvious effects.

Who Should Not Take Probiotics?

Probiotics feature billions of live organisms, many of which already live inside your gut, so there’s usually no harm in taking them.

However, adults and children who have compromised immune systems will want to avoid taking them until they’re been given the clear from their doctor to do so.

There have been reports of people experiencing bacterial and fungal infections after taking probiotics, though this is extremely rare.

A Better Gut for a Better You

A Better Gut for a Better You

With everything we know about gut health and the role that bacteria play in our overall wellbeing, there’s no reason men shouldn’t be taking a daily probiotic.

Whether you’re a young man and want to get a head start on health issues or are older and have something specific you’re trying to fix, you’ll be surprised just how helpful a dose of good bacteria can be.

There are many different formulas out there when it comes to probiotics so you need to determine which one suits your health goals. Do you need something men-specific or is overall wellness what you’re trying to achieve, and should your supplement offer more than just probiotics?

With the answers to these questions in mind and our guide to the top-rated probiotics on the market, every man will find what he’s looking for.

A daily dose of good bacteria can make a huge difference to your life, so it’s time to started to jump aboard the probiotic train and realize what all the fuss is about.

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