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Best Men’s Non Leather Wallets of 2022







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Dango M1 Maverick Spec-Ops Bifold Wallet


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IGOGEER M05 Men’s Pocket Wallet


Best Men's Non Leather Wallets of 2022 3

PITAKA MagEZ Card Wallet


Best Men's Non Leather Wallets of 2022 4

Watson And Wolfe Compact Trifold Vegan Wallet


Best Men's Non Leather Wallets of 2022 5

Coach Men’s PVC Short Wallet

The wallet has become an integral accessory in our daily lives. It is so ubiquitous that every man you know owns a wallet.

Today, wallets can be made from various animal skins. You can come across wallets made from snakeskin, alligator skin, ostrich skin, bison hide, cowhide, and many others.

If you are someone who might hate the thought of owning animal-based products, you’ll be happy to know that you can also find the best men’s non leather wallets.

The introduction of paper currency in the 1600s propelled the creation of leather pouches larger than drawstring coin purses. Not long after that, bifold and trifold wallets with card slots have been in fashion.

Ever since the hunting days of Native Americans, leather has been a prime commodity used for making men’s accessories and clothing.

Only the development of technology in plastics and metals allowed the creation of non leather mens wallets.

If you do not like a leather wallet, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have something to keep all your cash and cards in one place.

Check out our reviews, and head on out to make your choice of the best non leather wallets 

Our Top Pick for the Best Men’s Non Leather Wallet

Of the five non-leather wallets we’ll feature, the Dango M1 Maverick Spec-Ops Bifold Wallet is our top choice. It boasts an all-new approach to wallets as men’s accessories, signifying a person’s innate ability to improvise.

The Dango M1 Spec-Ops emphasizes the importance of function and practicality over form. Then again, its aesthetics are not compromised, and its overall appearance is still a winner.

That said, our best men’s non leather wallets runner-up and alternatives are also good picks. You can pair any of them with the top backpacks for men.

Best Men’s Non Leather Wallets: A Review

Winner: Dango M1 Maverick Spec-Ops Bifold Wallet

Best Men's Non Leather Wallets of 2022 6

  • Wallet Type: Bifold card wallet
  • Colors: Blue and black
  • Item Dimension: 3.10” L x 4.25” H x 0.61” W
  • Item Weight: Five ounces
  • Primary Materials: Aluminum, stainless steel, silicone, and DTEX fabric
  • RFID Protection: Yes
  • Currency Gusset: None
  • Number of Card Slots: Six
  • Extra Pockets: None
  • ID Slot: Yes

Our best non-leather wallet award goes to the Dango M1 Maverick Spec-Ops Bifold Wallet. It is as intriguing as any live-action activity or adventure that anyone may come across.

The wallet’s design is inspired by law enforcement and military personnel, hardcore doomsday preppers, and disaster first responders. The Dango M1 Spec-Ops is a vertical bifold card wallet that is robust and sleek, designed for a tactical and rugged lifestyle.

Made with ceramic-coated aerospace-grade aluminum, high-density DTEX fabric, and stainless steel components, the Dango M1 Spec-Ops wallet is genuinely a unique accessory for men.

The wallet can hold six cards and keep them under RFID protection, one identification card in its easy slide ID slot, and some banknotes under its silicone wallet band.

The Dango M1 Spec-Ops wallet has a high-carbon, heat-treated stainless steel multi-function tool, making it the ultimate wallet for responding to emergencies.

The multi-function tool includes a seatbelt cutter, a bottle opener, a ¼-inch hex wrench, an oxygen wrench, a nail prier, a chisel, two cord tensioners, and serrated and sharpened edges.

Add space for at least eight more cards by removing the multi-tool from its compartment.

Additionally, the Dango M1 wallet bifold incorporates an enclosure clasp that doubles as another multi-tool. The clasp can also function as a chisel, a ¼-inch hex wrench, a bottle opener, and edges that you can use as flat and Philips screwdrivers.

For law enforcement personnel, the ID slot can double as a badge holder. This functionality gets even better since you can wear the wallet around your neck.

Runner-Up: IGOGEER M05 Men’s Pocket Wallet

Best Men's Non Leather Wallets of 2022 7

  • Wallet Type: Bifold zip-around wallet
  • Colors: Black, blue, and gray
  • Item Dimension: 4.50” L x 4.00” H x 0.90” W
  • Item Weight: Three ounces
  • Primary Material: Nylon
  • RFID Protection: Yes
  • Currency Gusset: Two
  • Number of Card Slots: Four
  • Extra Pockets: Four
  • ID Slot: Yes

For our runner-up, the IGOGEER M05 Men’s Pocket Wallet has the functionality and reliability of a man’s simple accessory. It may not have the tactical advantage of the Dango M1, but it has the primary spaces a wallet should have.

The IGOGEER M05 boasts RFID protection from radio frequency signals between 10 MHz and 3,000 Mhz. This feature prevents your credit cards from sharing information through card skimming practices.

Made of 210D nylon, the IGOGEER M05 is lightweight, which allows it to have a bigger size that can accommodate more items. The material is soft, durable, and water-resistant.

The bifold wallet is fitted with a large chrome tab zip-around zipper for an enclosure. You can be sure that none of your credit cards and IDs fall from your pocket while you are on the go.

Alternative: PITAKA MagEZ Card Wallet

Best Men's Non Leather Wallets of 2022 8

  • Wallet Type: Customizable card wallet
  • Color: Black
  • Item Dimension: 4.00” L x 2.70” H x 0.47” W
  • Item Weight: 1.9 ounces
  • Primary Material: Carbon fiber
  • RFID Protection: For chip cards only
  • Currency Gusset: None
  • Number of Card Slots: Six
  • Extra Pockets: None
  • ID Slot: None

Are you thinking about going cashless? The PITAKA MagEZ is a card wallet that can hold up to six cards.

Fit in one identification card and up to five credit or bank cards, depending on their thickness. This card wallet can protect all of your microchip cards from skimming and identity theft.

The downside to this card wallet is that it doesn’t support older cards with magnetic strips. That said, its carbon-fiber composition makes this card wallet extremely durable.

You won’t ever have to worry about card bending or breaking.

Suppose you’re thinking about how this wallet got included in this list, even with the lack of functionality. We’re glad to let you know that it belongs to a highly customizable family of magnetic and modular wallet compartments.

Although the magnetic compartments ruin older cards’ magnetic strips, it allows you to mix, match, and attach additional components.

These components include a money clip layer for holding banknotes, an extra card layer, and a box layer. The box layer is for storing keys, coins, and memory cards.

With the PITAKA MagEZ, you can come up with a combination that is so compact, lightweight, and unique.

Alternative: Watson and Wolfe Compact Trifold Vegan Wallet

Best Men's Non Leather Wallets of 2022 9

  • Wallet Type: Trifold wallet
  • Color: Chestnut brown and cobalt blue
  • Item Dimension: 3.54” L x 4.33” H x 0.67” W
  • Item Weight: 2.22 ounces
  • Primary Materials: Corn-based polyurethane faux leather and recycled PET fabric
  • RFID Protection: Yes
  • Currency Gusset: One
  • Number of Card Slots: Nine
  • Extra Pockets: Three
  • ID Slot: None

Some of you may want the look and feel of traditional genuine leather, but you decided to shift all of your accessories into items that come from more eco-friendly sources.

The Watson and Wolfe Compact Trifold Vegan Wallet could be the right choice for you. It is handmade from highly sustainable eco-leather processed from non-food grade corn.

Compared to other faux leather, this eco-leather has 30 percent more plant content, making it more environmentally friendly. Exterior polyurethane coating prevents scratches, stains, and liquid absorption.

The interior cobalt blue lining is made from 100 percent recycled plastic bottles. If you are opposed to the manufacture of single-use plastics, owning this wallet can add a slight eco-friendly impact.

Alternative: Coach Men’s PVC Short Wallet

Best Men's Non Leather Wallets of 2022 10

  • Wallet Type: Short bifold wallet
  • Color: Black and gray
  • Item Dimension: 4.33” L x 3.74” H x 0.78” W
  • Item Weight: 1.32 ounces
  • Primary Materials: PVC faux leather canvas
  • RFID Protection: None
  • Currency Gusset: Two
  • Number of Card Slots: Eight on the main wallet, two on removable ID holder
  • Extra Pockets: Two
  • ID Slot: Yes

Finally, you might be interested in products from luxury brands. Some luxury brands like Coach offer products ranging from affordable to expensive.

The Coach Men’s Short Wallet showcases the brand’s signature canvas on PVC-based faux leather.

With two full-length banknote compartments, eight card slots, and two extra pockets, you have all the space you need to go on a man’s wallet. It even has a removable ID insert that has two additional card slots.

If you are gunning for simplicity in a non-leather wallet, the Coach Men’s PVC Short Wallet is the right one for you.

Buyer’s Guide

The best wallet material doesn’t have to be leather. Leather is not a very sustainable material, especially when it comes from highly endangered animal species.

With non leather mens wallets, you can have the same function and durability, and you’ll be contributing to a wide range of eco-friendly practices.

Here is a rundown of several points to ponder on when choosing a non-leather wallet.


Wallet size can dictate your choice of wallet through and through. You might want the design of a tiny wallet, but it just doesn’t have the holding capacity you require.

A very stout wallet could indicate that you have lots of cash. Or it could merely imply that you don’t have the money to purchase a better one that can hold all your stuff.

Fitting a fat wallet into your back pocket can be quite tricky, and it can give off an unsightly bulging appearance in the wrong part of your trousers.

Sometimes, size considerations can tell you to get rid of the stuff you don’t usually need, such as loyalty and membership cards to establishments that you never even visit.

Get back to the basics and remember that a wallet is an accessory for holding what you need: cash, identification, credit cards, and bank cards. With a more minimalist approach to wallets, you’ll be happy to know how comfortable a slim wallet can be in your pocket.


Wallet functionality preferences also vary from person to person. Some people prefer using more cards than cash, and others would like to have a built-in coin purse on their wallets.

Depending on the make and model, some wallets may have more compartments than others. Quantify all the items you would want to carry in your wallet and find out the number of slots you need.

Additionally, you might want a wallet that effortlessly reveals your identification. Some wallets have a transparent ID slot that can hold your driver’s license or residence card.

Functionality depends on the type of wallet. Wallets come in a plethora of designs and materials, so it is up to you to get the functionality you desire.

These reasons are there to remind you about choosing function over form, but it doesn’t mean that you would have to sacrifice style and appearance.

Style and Compatibility

A personal accessory can say a lot about the bearer. Non-leather wallets could imply that you prefer to avoid products trimmed away from animal skin.

The choice of color is also rooted deeply under personal preference. You might want subtle, neutral colors because they look more straightforward, but others may go for wallets with printed designs based on their personality.

Being stylish can imply checking for compatibility among clothing pieces and accessories worn and used simultaneously. Choose a wallet that you can seamlessly match with your day-to-day clothes unless you already have a collection of wallets to mix and match.

Durability and Protection

Leather has lingered on as the primary material for making wallets because of its outstanding durability, but that doesn’t mean non-leather wallets can’t stand up to the test of time.

Durable non-leather wallets can be made from a cutout of various plastics, fabrics, and metals. These materials go through different manufacturing and testing processes to reach a certain durability level unmatched in other products.

The protective capacity of the material is also as important as its durability. If a particular material is durable, it can offer more protection.

But specific wallet contents require further protection. Cards with magnetic strips or chips are targets for fraudulent tricksters, and the only way to securely hold these cards is with a layer of RFID protection.

If you want to be sure that all the information on your cards is kept safe, consider getting a wallet with an RFID protective feature.


As with the purchase of any other clothing or accessory piece, your budget can either broaden or limit your options.

A wallet can be a luxury item, and expensive brands also manufacture and sell non-leather wallets.

Keep in mind that a durable, stylish, and functional wallet does not have to be very expensive. You can find all the features you like incorporated by more affordable brands.

Non Leather Wallets FAQs

What is the Best Wallet Material for Non-Leather Wallets?

It depends on your preferences. If you prefer a soft wallet that you can sit on while it is safely tucked away in your back pocket, choose a wallet made of fabric, faux leather, or synthetic pliable plastics.

For a more contemporary approach to a wallet, opt for the combined aluminum and dense fabric hard wallets available in the market.

What Is Faux Leather Made Of?

Synthetic or faux leather is formed using a fabric base coated with a finish that mimics the look and feel of genuine leather. It can either be polyester, cotton, or wool.

The coating can be made of wax, dye, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polyurethane, or a combination of these materials.

Faux leather is way cheaper than genuine leather and reduces the demand for hard-to-get animal hides. Unfortunately, it doesn’t last as long as genuine leather and doesn’t wear out as attractively.

When faux leather starts to break down, it crumbles to a flaky substance, showing more cracks than discoloration.

How Much Do the Best Non Leather Wallets Cost?

While men’s genuine leather wallets from luxury brands can go over the hefty 1000-dollar range, there are also non-leather wallets as costly.

We found a card wallet that costs $1,400. It is made from aerospace-grade titanium and carbon fiber, and there are only 50 pieces worldwide.

The best non-leather wallets do not need to be that expensive. You can find non-leather wallets as cheap as $20, and you can always appropriate a higher cost with more quality that gives you value for money.

Top-rated quality non-leather wallets have price tags that sit between $70 and $200. More often than not, anything that costs more can be attributed to a very luxurious, extravagant lifestyle.

What Are the Types of Non-Leather Wallets?

Non-leather wallets can have the same types as leather wallets. Since non-leather wallets have been introduced to counter the effects of using too much leather, all wallet types have been adapted to contain non-leather components.

The usual wallet types are bifold, trifold, checkbook, RFID, card, passport, and money clip.

Other types cater for use with other parts of the body, including the neck, waist, wrists, and feet. A belt wallet is worn on the waist, while a shoe wallet is tucked hidden somewhere in a shoe.

These wallet types can either have partial non-leather components, but they can also come in complete non-leather constructions.

How Do You Choose the Right Wallet?

Your choice of wallet should depend on your personal preferences. As long as it can hold all of your stuff together and it suits your unique style, then it is the right wallet for you.

If you like sporty watches and casual clothing, accessories like the IGOGEER M05 Men’s Pocket Wallet can perfectly match your wardrobe.

You may also enjoy tactical designs and more modern wallet types, such as the Dango M1. It differs a lot from conventional wallet types and can match any tactical gear that you may already have.

Best Men's Non Leather Wallets of 2022 12


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