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Best Mens Leather Belts Made in USA of 2022







Best Mens Leather Belts Made in USA of 2022 1

BEST OVERALL: Levi's Men's Reversible Casual Jeans Belt


Best Mens Leather Belts Made in USA of 2022 2

Timberland Men's Classic Leather Jean Belt


Best Mens Leather Belts Made in USA of 2022 3

Dickies Men's Casual Leather Belt


Best Mens Leather Belts Made in USA of 2022 4

Columbia Men's Classic Logo Belt


Best Mens Leather Belts Made in USA of 2022 5

Dockers Men's Braided Belt

Every man needs the best mens leather belts made in USA to add to their extensive wardrobe.

There’s nothing more convenient than having a functional and stylish go-to accessory.

These designs are adaptable to casual and formal styles alike, making them effortlessly handsome.

Our Recommendation

The Levi’s Men’s Reversible Casual Jeans Belt is the best mens leather belts made in USA since it’s made with authentic materials.

Its casual and laid-back styling is perfect for weekend trips but can also be paired with slacks for business-casual engagements.

It also has one of the most versatile styles for wearers of any age.

You can also check out the major highlights of the other four contenders below.

Best Mens Leather Belts Made in USA: A Review

1. Levi’s Men’s Reversible Casual Jeans Belt

Best Mens Leather Belts Made in USA of 2022 6

Reversible belts are trendy for men searching for versatility.

With this belt, you’ll have two designs in one, which makes it fantastic for changing your style on a whim.

Also, the Levi’s Men’s Reversible Casual Jeans Belt has an impressive number of colorways.


If you’re not a fan of 100% leather belts, this is one of our favorite alternatives.

This model is made using 20% bonded leather, 40% split leather, and 40% polyurethane.

With the combination of materials, it can withstand plenty of wear and tear over the years.

The rotating buckle on the belt is an exceptional feature, allowing you to take advantage of two styles.

It features a high-quality hinge that lets you easily spin the belt one way or the other and lock it in place.

Levi’s is undoubtedly a top-tier clothing manufacturer, which speaks to the general quality of this belt.

You’ll find it is paired best with casual jeans or khakis, especially with the unique stitching in the center of the band.

Finding the perfect size with this belt is simple since it’s highly adaptable for small, big, and tall men.

You’ll also love how there are five holes spaced one inch apart so that you can achieve a more custom fit.

Although the Levi’s Men’s Reversible Casual Jeans Belt isn’t made from leather, it feels and looks like it is.

It offers effortless confidence with an easy-to-use design that allows for absolute versatility.

Men searching for a stylish everyday belt should consider this style for work and casual outings.


  • Fits comfortably
  • Versatile for slacks and jeans
  • Convenient double-sided wear
  • Easy to fit properly


  • Metal components stress easily
  • Scuffs easily

2. Timberland Men’s Classic Leather Jean Belt

Best Mens Leather Belts Made in USA of 2022 7

Timberland is a phenomenal manufacturer of men’s accessories, whether for formal or casual wear.

With their authentic leather belts, you can exude confidence with every step.

Also, the close attention to detail that goes into this classic top grain leather belt is remarkable.


The style of this classic belt is what makes it one of the top options for any wearer.

It’s available in five colors, including dark brown, black, navy, wheat, and standard brown.

With a low-profile Timberland logo, you’ll have a seamless belt that you can wear for any occasion.

Instead of opting for synthetic materials that wear down over time, this design features 100% leather.

With that said, if it needs cleaning, it’s best to visit a dry cleaner to protect the leather’s integrity.

The single-loop design is very modern and perfectly contrasted with the antique-finish buckle.

We highly recommend pairing this belt with your favorite pair of jeans and the best watch for a classic laid-back style.

You can also style it for more semi-formal engagements with khakis and relaxed formal wear.

You’ll love how easily it fits in standard belt loops, as the belt is just over one-inch wide.

It’s best if you’re able to invest in a belt designed to last with regular wear.

The heavy-duty high-grade leather is highly recommended for long-term wear in cold and hot weather.

You’ll find the material will become softer and more comfortable the more it’s worn.


  • Solid leather construction
  • Smooth edges
  • Stylish casual option
  • Smooth fastening


  • Color can bleed
  • Marks easily

3. Dickies Men’s Casual Leather Belt

Best Mens Leather Belts Made in USA of 2022 8

If you’re in the market for a belt that can be put to the test, Dickies accessories are essential.

With the everyday man in mind, these belts are not only fashion-forward but also comfortable.

There is a multitude of colors that you can choose from as well.


Like all high-quality men’s belts, this model is designed using 100% genuine leather.

The more the belt is worn, the softer the material gets, which only adds to its authenticity and comfort.

You’ll love the traditional belt closure and clasp that has a low-profile appeal, making it great for all occasions.

When cleaning the belt, it’s recommended you use a dry cleaner or hand wash it to protect the genuine leather.

Otherwise, you might begin to notice the smoothness of the material will deteriorate quickly.

Overall, the belt has a high-quality design that’s great for casual outings, work, and formal occasions.

Dickies is a notable menswear brand for tradespeople, especially when it comes to their belts.

You’ll find this design is exceptionally sturdy with double stitching and is designed to last over years of consistent use.

Even the roller end on the buckle makes the belt smooth when fastening for longevity.

With a classic silhouette, this will quickly become your most-worn accessory.

Compared to other leather belts, the shiny finish is more subdued on this belt, making it preferable.

You’ll like the matte finish, which will elevate any outfit and offer a classic silhouette.


  • Fastens easily
  • Functional design
  • Doesn’t show signs of wear
  • Has seven adaptable notches


  • Questionable authenticity
  • Lacks leather-like quality

4. Columbia Men’s Classic Logo Belt

Best Mens Leather Belts Made in USA of 2022 9

When searching for a more traditionally styled belt, it can be hard to find the perfect design.

The Columbia Men’s Classic Logo Belt carries an authentic appeal that is perfect for formal occasions.

You’ll also find its style is ideal for older wearers searching for style and functionality.


Instead of using synthetic materials, this high-quality belt is made from 100% leather.

The material will retain its shine and thickness over time but is sure to become more flexible.

The band has an average width of 1.5”, which makes it easy to thread through formal and casual belt loops.

One of the most notable features of this belt is the subdued branding located near the buckle.

You’ll be able to effortlessly style your outfits without large logos that take away from your final look.

The antique metal belt closure is also impressive, which sits beautifully against the four available color options.

Another feature that sets this design apart is its stitched edges, which use a contrasting brown thread.

Depending on the color you choose, the stitching could be more or less prominent.

When worn, the Columbia Men’s Classic Logo Belt can easily be dressed up or dressed down.

There’s an air to the belt that makes it look Midwestern while also capitalizing on formality.

It will surely become a phenomenal option to be worn to the office or other business-casual engagements.

Like with most leather belts, you must launder the material correctly when needed.

It should only be hand washed or taken to a dry cleaner to maintain the material’s integrity.


  • Simple style
  • Handsomely designed
  • Tanned oil appearance
  • Comfortable thickness


  • Powerful leather smell
  • Laminate interior

5. Dockers Men’s Leather Braided Belt

Best Mens Leather Belts Made in USA of 2022 10

As the last belt we’ll explore in this guide, we have the Dockers Men’s Leather Braided Belt.

It has a different aesthetic to the other styles, which can make it a great business-casual option.

With that said, the styling could also be adaptable for formal engagements, depending on your slacks.


The Dockers Men’s Leather Braided Belt is available in over 16 different colors so that you can customize your wardrobe.

It also has a versatile style that can make it comfortable for casual and formal occasions.

The stylish antique metal buckle sits comfortably against the rest of the belt without being obtrusive.

This belt is made from a mixture of leather and polyester, with leather being the most prevalent component.

There are various sizes available for short, big, and tall men ranging from 30” waists to 58” waists.

It’s recommended you size the belt up by two inches to ensure it will fit you correctly.

This belt’s adjustable fit is one of its most significant benefits since it’s easy to customize.

There are holes throughout the strap located at every quarter-inch, with 50 in total.

Regardless of weight gain or loss, you’ll always have the perfect fit available with this belt.

You’ll also love the leather-like material that looks classic and elegant but is easily paired with casual clothes.

The material feels soft against the skin and is flexible, which is great for all-day wear.

The strap keeper is made from 100% leather for added luxury, so you won’t have to worry about breakage.

The Dockers branding is embossed on the strap keeper and is hidden when you’ve fastened the belt.

Wearers will find it’s easy to wear with khakis, jeans, slacks, and warm-weather outfits.


  • Very flexible material
  • Great to pair with khakis
  • Adjustable throughout the day
  • Comfortable for travel


  • Braiding comes undone
  • Snags on the belt buckle

Best Mens Leather Belts Made in USA of 2022 11


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