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Jack Black Face Buff Energizing Scrub


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Nivea Men Deep Cleansing Face and Beard Wash


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Marlowe Men’s Facial Scrub


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Lab Series Multi-Action Face Wash


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Beau Brummell Men’s Foaming Face Wash

When you think about what your face encounters in a day, it makes sense that they collect a lot of nasty stuff.

Dirt, grime, food, oil, and debris are just some of the things that come into contact with your face during the average day, and many of that holds on tight and even seeps into your pores.

The single most important skincare product for not just men, but everyone, to have is a quality face wash.

With the best men’s face wash you’ll get a formulated cleanser to rid your skin of these impurities so that it looks fresh, clean, and presentable, as well as preventing future breakouts or other common skin conditions.

What is the best men’s face wash to treat these issues and give a daily cleanse?

We’ve compiled a list of our favorites in the best face wash for men categories, spanning all types of budgets, ingredients, and types of wash.

The best thing about face wash is that it’s easy to apply and gives instant results, so it’s something that all men can get behind.

With our help, you’ll be equipped with the most essential skin care product on the market, and all without the pain of having to try them for yourself.

A daily, quality face wash for men is your ticket to clean and clear skin, so there’s no more excuses not to start taking care of yourself and your appearance when it comes this easy.

Men’s skincare products aren’t anywhere as popular as women’s, but that doesn’t mean they’re not as important.

At the very least, every man should have a good face wash and moisturizer up their sleeve, so we’re here to help you tackle the first part of the equation with our recommendations for the best of the best.

Winner: Jack Black Face Buff Energizing Scrub

Jack Black Face Buff Energizing Scrub
  • Size: 6 fl. oz
  • Ingredients: Bamboo powder, peppermint, vitamin C
  • Foaming: No
  • Made in: USA

For a powerful, natural, and time-saving skincare product, our choice for the best face cleanser for men is the Jack Black Face Buff Energizing Scrub.

This is a pre-shave cleanser, face wash, and exfoliator all in one, and can be used just a few times a week to see results.

Jack Black has created this face scrub with naturally superior ingredients like bamboo powder, vitamin C, and licorice extract, just to name a few, and it cleans and gently exfoliates at the same time.

What customers loved most about Jack Black Face Buff was how it exceeded expectations in all of these categories, whether it was a pre-shave cleanser, facial cleanser, or facial exfoliator.

You’re able to get the smoothest shave ever after using it, it noticeably cleans out pores, and it removes dead skin, so you’ll be shocked at just how good your face feels after just one wash.

On the downside though, it appears Jack Black recently changed the formula of this product. In doing so, they removed the menthol and changed the larger exfoliating beads to smaller ones from the bamboo powder.

While these differences made it more effective at cleansing, those who were tried and true users didn’t like the changes as much and preferred to have menthol in the product for its refreshing properties.

All Jack Black products are made with paraben-free ingredients, and everything is cruelty-free as well. There are no artificial colors, it’s great for all skin types, and everything is made right here in the USA.

You only need a small amount to work and it doesn’t require a lot of scrubbing, so the 6oz container should last quite a while. Best of all, it replaces three products in the bathroom and does the job of all of them, so you’re saving even more.

You can purchase Jack Black Face Buff Energizing Scrub from Amazon for around $30 plus shipping, or sign up to an ongoing subscription to save more money.

This can be set to be delivered automatically every four months or whenever you choose so you don’t even have to think about ordering more.

To get the cleanest skin possible in the shortest amount of time, Face Buff by Jack Black is our top recommendation for the best men’s face wash.

Runner Up: Nivea Men Deep Cleansing Face and Beard Wash

Nivea Men Deep Cleansing Face and Beard Wash
  • Size: 3.3 fl. oz
  • Ingredients: Charcoal, Sodium Myfreth Sulfate
  • Foaming: Yes
  • Made in: USA

Nivea is one of the biggest names in skin and body care products, so it’s no wonder that their Deep Cleansing Face and Beard Wash is one of our picks for the best cleanser for men.

This is an affordable way to cleanser both your face and beard at once, with a charcoal enriched formula that strips away oil and removes dirt from pores.

You only need a small amount to get results as it foams up and washes away easily with warm water, so you can make it part of your everyday routine, even using it in your morning shower.

The best thing about the Nivea Men Deep Cleansing Beard and Face Wash is the smell and immediate results.

Customers noted feeling a difference immediately at how clean both their beard and face felt, and they could visibly see that their complexion was clearer.

As a bonus, the masculine scent of vanilla and bourbon stayed with them all day and gave a boost of confidence that many other face washes don’t offer.

On the downside, not all customers appreciated this scent, and some found it overpowering. Other reviewers found that the Nivea Face Wash dried out their skin somewhat after using it.

If this happens to you, it could be that the product isn’t suitable for your skin type, so you might consider changing to something gentler. For all other users, a simple daily moisturizer applied after washing your face and beard will make a world of difference.

The Nivea Men Deep Cleansing Beard and Face Wash uses charcoal to get deep into the pores and clean facial hair and can be used with their other products in the Nivea Men range.

This isn’t the best natural face wash for men as it does contain synthetic products, but that’s not an issue for many. It gets the job done and cleans your skin each day, so if you don’t need any frills this is the way to go.

To get yourself Nivea Men Deep Cleansing Beard and Face Wash, go to Amazon for a deal on three 3.3fl oz bottles for around $15.

This is exceptional value for money and will last for around a year, cleaning both beard and face, so it’s one of the cheaper options we’ve reviewed.

For a no-frills but effective way to cleanse your skin each day, the Nivea Men Deep Cleansing Beard and Face Wash is a great choice.

Alternative: Marlowe Men’s Facial Scrub

Marlowe Men’s Facial Scrub
  • Size: 6 fl. oz
  • Ingredients: Green tea, Passionflower Fruit, Willow Bark Extract
  • Foaming: No
  • Made in: USA

For natural skincare that doesn’t cost a fortune, look no further than Marlowe Men’s Facial Scrub.

This is one of the most budget-friendly but best face cleanser for men, made with premium ingredients like passionflower fruit, green tea, and willow bark extracts, all using the famous Marlowe. M Blend.

As the renewed recipe, Marlowe has made this product to exfoliate and cleanse without needing too much scrubbing power, so you don’t feel as though it’s drying out your face.

According to customers, the cleansing properties of this scrub are some of the best, and having such a powerful cleanser means good things for shaving.

It buffs away dry skin without actually drying out your face, and you’ll get a smoother shave and less chance of breakouts or irritation. You can see a noticeable difference with pores and blackheads as they reduce, and this is just after a few weeks of regular use.

On the downside, it’s scented with sandalwood and musk, which some have found to be overpowering.

As they’ve changed the formula, it doesn’t feature larger granules for exfoliating which some liked, so you might want to invest in an additional exfoliating product if this is more your style.

If you’re someone who prefers gentle exfoliation though, you’ll welcome the changes they made.

All of the ingredients in Marlowe’s Men’s Facial Scrub are natural, they’re not tested on animals, and paraben and phthalate-free. You can feel safe putting this product on your face and it’s ideal for people with sensitive skin as well as super tough and dry skin.

Coming in a 6 fl. oz bottle, it’s bigger than most cleansers, and still cheaper so if you want value for money without sacrificing on ingredients then this is the best cleanser for men like you.

To get your hands on the deep cleansing and lightly exfoliating Marlowe’s Men’s Facial Scrub, go to Amazon and get a bottle for around $12, plus postage. For this low price, it gets amazing results and it comes in a generous size to last for around six months of regular use.

There’s no need to spend a fortune to get good skin, and Marlowe’s has proved that with this impressive daily men’s face wash.

Alternative: Lab Series Multi-Action Face Wash

Lab Series Multi-Action Face Wash
  • Size: 3.4 fl. oz
  • Ingredients: Lauric Acid, Peppermint Oil, Myristic Acid
  • Foaming: Yes
  • Made in: Belgium

Lab Series for Men is a leading skincare brand that costs a little extra, but always delivers results. Their Multi-Action Face Wash comes in a 3.4fl. oz bottle and it’s an easy daily way to cleanse, condition, and exfoliate the skin.

As a foaming cleanser, you can achieve great results with a small amount, so while the price tag is high that doesn’t mean it’s not still good value for money.

The best thing about the Lab Series Multi-Action Face Wash is that a little goes a long way, and you can put this down to the foaming and lathering that occurs when you wash with it.

Because it’s multi-action you can ditch a few different products to use just this, but as long as you follow up with a daily moisturizer to prevent dryness.

The vitamins in the formula do add conditioning to the skin so it’s a lot softer than other cleansers, but it’s still recommended to add a moisturizer straight after it’s been washed off and dried.

As with other international products, it’s hard to find the ingredient list for this cleanser and it can make it hard to determine whether it’d suit your skin.

If you’re someone who prefers to know exactly what goes into making a product before you put it on your skin, this might turn you off.

There aren’t many natural or organic ingredients found in this formula and it’s not really ideal for sensitive skin, so if your skin likes something gentler this isn’t the best choice.

Lab Series has created a three in one product with the Multi-Action Face Wash to save you a lot of time each day. The foaming properties and lathering formula make it easy to get deep into the pores and you’ll always walk away feeling cleaner and smoother after using it.

With its special purifying and exfoliating beads, it removes dead skin cells to reveal the bright skin underneath and can even help with achieving a close shave or fixing common issues that men have, like patchy skin.

If you want a multipurpose face wash that lathers up good to remove impurities, the Lab Series Multi-Action Face Wash is a great choice.

Not only does it cleanse, but conditions and exfoliates at the same time, so it’s the only product you need each morning. Priced at around $25 a bottle on Amazon, it’s a little more costly but worth every penny to get a deep clean, so don’t be afraid to give it a shot.

Alternative: Beau Brummell Men’s Foaming Face Wash

Beau Brummell Men’s Foaming Face Wash
  • Size: 8 oz
  • Ingredients: Activated Charcoal, Hyaluronic Acid, Essential Oils
  • Foaming: Yes
  • Made in: USA

If you’re a man who suffers from oily skin, a daily cleanser like Beau Brummell Men’s Foaming Face Wash is our number one pick.

Rather than stripping the oils like other cleansers, this one helps to maintain healthy oil levels and avoids the dryness that usually occurs, so you’ll get rid of shine and grease and be left with a great complexion.

Featuring ingredients like activated charcoal and essential oils, with no synthetic fragrances or harmful microbeads for exfoliation, you can feel really good about using it every day.

This is a great cleanser for people with problem skin, so it goes beyond what the average man needs as an everyday wash.

It can be used to treat acne and is especially great for men with an oily face, rather than being a one size fits all product that does it all. If you’ve tried other cleansers and found they made you break out or your oil production seems to ramp up, making the switch to this is ideal.

Although this comes in a pretty large 8oz bottle, it only lasts around three months when you use it as prescribed. Therefore, it’s expensive to continually replenish, even if it does get good results.

The all-natural ingredients are a nice touch and the activated charcoal can is visible as it cleanses your face, so you know there are no gimmicks involved. However, these premium ingredients add to the high cost, even if they do deliver results.

The Beau Brummell Men’s Foaming Face Was features their signature masculine scent of earthy notes and essential oils so it’s not overpowering but just enough to make a difference.

This face wash has no PEG, parabens, sulfates, SLS, phthalate, dyes or mineral oils, and only the good stuff your skin craves.

The hyaluronic acid gives a gentle exfoliation without making you scrub so your skin won’t be dried out after use, unlike others that use granules or microbeads.

If you want a premium men’s face wash to treat your problem skin, Beau Brummell Men’s Foaming Face Wash is a great choice.

Priced at around $20 for three months’ worth of wash in an 8oz bottle, you can get it on Amazon as a single product or part of a subscription to save a few dollars a year.

If you have the money to spend and your skin requires a little extra TLC, the Beau Brummell Face Wash is one of the better options out there for men.

The FAQ of Men’s Face Wash

The FAQ of Men’s Face Wash

Men’s skincare products are no longer taboo like they used to be, and most men will gladly show you what their daily skincare routine consists of.

The most important piece of this routine is a face wash or facial cleanser, so if you’re brand new to skincare you’ll want to check out the answers to some commonly asked questions about them.

What Do Facial Cleansers Do?

A facial cleanser is just like soap or body wash but for your face. It takes into account the sensitivity of the skin in this area and balances pH levels, clears out pores, removes dry and oil, and prevents dryness or oiliness from occurring.

A facial cleanser is used each day just as you would wash the rest of your body and should be followed up with a basic facial moisturizer.

How Often Should You Use Face Wash?

A good face wash should be used at least once a day to remove impurities and oil that has built up, but you should always check the manufacturer’s instructions to be sure.

Depending on how dirty you get and whether it’s required, some products can be used twice a day. Just be sure that the facial cleanser you choose is suited to your skin otherwise overdoing it can lead to dryness, breakouts, and irritation.

How Can A Guy Get A Clear Face?

External factors like poor diet, pollution, alcohol consumption, dehydration, and hormonal changes can impact a man’s skin, but most importantly it’s about keeping it clean.

Developing a basic skincare routine that involves washing with a cleanser, weekly exfoliation, and daily moisturizer is all you need to do to notice an improvement in your face. If this doesn’t work, a doctor may be able to

Which Face Wash Is Best For Men To Remove Pimples?

A daily face wash is great for cleaning the skin to reduce pimples from appearing, but if you already have acne or pimples and want to treat them, we recommend the Beau Brummell Foaming Face Wash.

This is designed for men with problem skin who need help cleansing and soothing, and there are no harsh exfoliants like other products.

The Difference Clear Skin Makes on a Man

The Difference Clear Skin Makes on a Man

Clear and clean skin isn’t just something that women want, as it should be a goal that men have as well.

Considering we don’t wear makeup or spend any other time getting your skin ready each day, using a daily face wash or cleanser is the least we can do to make ourselves look our best.

There’s nothing like the confidence of having clear skin and knowing that you’re able to put your best face forward.

The introduction of something as simple as a men’s face wash into your morning routine can make a world of difference, provided you know which product will suit you best.

Each of us has different skin and that skin requires different things to shine, and choosing the right face wash is important.

With the right face wash for you and a simple morning skincare routine, you might be surprised at just how much difference it makes to your overall complexion and confidence.

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