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Best Men’s Dopp Kits of 2022







Best Men's Dopp Kits of 2022 1



Best Men's Dopp Kits of 2022 2

 Bayfield Bags Men's Canvas Leather Toiletry Bag


Best Men's Dopp Kits of 2022 3

Vetelli Men’s Leather Toiletry Bag


Best Men's Dopp Kits of 2022 4

Jack & Chris Leather Dopp Kit


Best Men's Dopp Kits of 2022 5

Bayfield Bags Leather Dopp Kit

The best men’s Dopp kit can transform your organization while traveling.

Toiletry kits are a fantastic addition to anyone’s arsenal, especially men on-the-go.

If you want to make sure you have all of your toiletry essentials easily accessible, these kits are ideal.

Our Recommendations

If you need a lot of storage, the KomalC Hanging Toiletry Bag is the best men’s Dopp kit with its classic elegance.

The vintage buckles and authentic leather look fantastic paired together, and there’s plenty of storage to put to fair use.

If you need a little less space, we recommend the Bayfield Bags Men’s Canvas Toiletry Bag as it features waterproof canvas.

The impressive durability of both options makes them a suitable choice for long and short-term trips.

Best Men’s Dopp Kit Reviews

1. KomalC Hanging Toiletry Bag

Best Men's Dopp Kits of 2022 6

When you’re traveling overseas, there are plenty of items you’ll want to bring with you.

Traditional Dopp bags might not have what you need, but the KomalC Hanging Toiletry Bag is a full kit.

You’ll have an impressive amount of storage for all of your essentials and then some.

Product Highlights

Hanging toiletry bags can often be preferred since they can carry everything you’d usually keep in your bathroom.

When rolled, it folds up to twelve by seven inches, which should be easy to pack in most checked bags.

Unrolled, you’ll have 12″ x 21″ of unlimited storage for deodorant, shaving kits, shampoo, and more.

The quality of the bag is unrivaled since it’s made from genuine buffalo leather.

Not only does the material look and feel luxurious, but it’s also designed to last.

There’s a water-resistant lining on the inside of every pocket, as well as canvas lining on the outside.

Even if the leather were to get damaged, the canvas lining protects all of your bathroom essentials.

Another durable feature to consider is the zipper quality because the YKK zippers are affluent and classy.

They offer easy access to all of the compartments without the worry of snagging or breaking.

The storage in the KomalC Hanging Toiletry Bag is easily its most impressive feature.

You’ll have four internal pockets, two are zippered, and the other two are water-resistant with snaps.

In each pocket, there’s more than enough room for anything you could think of.

Once you’ve finished packing, you can easily roll the Dopp kit and secure it with the two authentic buckles.

When closed, it looks like a vintage toiletry bag, which is another benefit of its unique style.

What To Like About It 

The overall quality of the KomalC Hanging Toiletry Bag is awe-inspiring, especially the secure compartments.

The buffalo leather is soft and robust, which means it will withstand a lot of wear and tear.

You’ll find it’s perfectly sized for cruises and can easily be packed in carry-on luggage and backpacks.

What Not To Like About It

The hanging hook on this Dopp kit is its worst feature because it’s too small to use on most hangers.

Also, the buckles feel less expensive than expected when compared to the bag’s quality.


  • Perfect size for cruises
  • Holds multiple items
  • High-quality compartments
  • Robust and soft leather


  • Small hanging hook
  • Buckles feel inexpensive

2. Bayfield Bags Men’s Canvas Toiletry Bag

Best Men's Dopp Kits of 2022 7

The stunning appeal of the canvas is quintessential to men’s accessories, as is this toiletry bag.

With a canvas exterior and leather accents, the Bayfield Bags Men’s Canvas Toiletry Bag has a vintage aesthetic.

There are several fantastic features it offers that make it exceptional for short and long trips.

Product Highlights

The style of the toiletry bag is one of its most significant features.

It boasts waxed canvas, a cotton canvas coated in paraffin for a water-resistant and robust finish.

The high-quality material will look better as it ages since the canvas will soften.

You’ll also find that this is one of the most authentic-looking Dopp bags, making it the perfect addition to your accessories.

The saddled design of the bag is easily manipulated and simple to pack, allowing for full versatility.

It features a highly masculine appeal that accentuates ruggedness and preparedness in any situation.

Along with the interior compartment, there are divided outer pockets that you can use for extra necessities.

The flap secures the outer compartment with a single snap, which makes it easily accessible.

On the inside, you’ll have 11″ of storage space, which is more than enough for most toiletries.

You’ll also find a small zippered pocket that you can use to keep valuables separate.

Compared to other Dopp bags, this style speaks to the mid-1800s since it looks like an authentic medicine bag.

What To Like About It

The Bayfield Bags Men’s Canvas Toiletry Bag is an excellent choice for someone with a unique and rugged style.

Fortunately, the canvas is very sturdy and breaks in quickly to add more flexibility.

The real leather accents are also a nice touch.

What Not To Like About It 

The extra compartments in the toiletry bag are smaller than expected.

Also, the lining is thin and flimsy, which makes it likely to tear over time.


  • Feels rugged and sturdy
  • Unique style
  • Canvas breaks in quickly
  • Real leather accents


  • Small extra pockets
  • Low-quality lining

3. Vetelli Men’s Leather Toiletry Bag

Best Men's Dopp Kits of 2022 8

This bag is perfectly sized to carry all of your essentials for any journey.

Whether you’re commuting to work and need deodorant or heading overseas, you’ll have ample storage.

It’s also crafted from top-tier materials, which exudes confidence and masculinity.

Product Highlights

The Vetelli Men’s Leather Toiletry Bag takes the guesswork out of packing and makes it more efficient.

You’ll have plenty of storage for your essentials and a couple of extra items in the main compartment.

The wide opening makes it very easy to access, and there are interior compartments to keep your products organized.

With a stain-resistant and water-resistant lining, you won’t have to worry about leakage all over your belongings.

The exterior of the bag is polished, which adds to the elegance of the pack.

For functionality, you’ll find YKK zippers that never lose their resilience, allowing you to access your belongings smoothly.

Although there’s a lot of storage, the bag is also adequately sized so that it’s easy to pack.

It measures 11.5″ in length and seven inches high, perfect for carry-on or checked baggage.

This is one of the better options for backpacks and briefcases.

In addition to the main compartment and interior organizers, there’s a separate compartment at the bottom.

This storage section is also covered in the same spill-resistant material for extra secure storage.

As an added benefit, when you register your toiletry bag online, you’ll have a lifetime guarantee.

What To Like About It 

The high-quality PU leather used to make the bag looks very expensive and is relatively durable.

The zippers are also a notable feature since they glide smoothly and hold up well with regular use.

With the help of the bottom compartment, you can easily keep some toiletries separate.

What Not To Like About It

Upon arrival, the bag appears to be larger than expected, which is challenging to pack in small duffles.

Also, there’s a magnet clasp used for carrying that unclasps regularly, which makes it challenging to hold.


  • High-quality materials
  • Sturdy zippers
  • Useful bottom compartment
  • Looks expensive


  • Larger than expected
  • Magnet clasp unclasps

4. Jack&Chris Genuine Leather Toiletry Bag

Best Men's Dopp Kits of 2022 9

If you’re looking for a more structured Dopp kit, the Jack&Chris Genuine Leather Toiletry Bag is ideal.

It’s made from genuine leather, which is soft to the touch and feels sturdier and more rugged than others.

You’ll find it makes the perfect partner for all of your shaving tools and other toiletries.

Product Highlights

Instead of relying on faux leather, this is made from 100% genuine leather, which speaks to its quality.

It’s one of the more heavy-duty toiletry bags on the market, which offers a distinctly vintage appeal.

As you use the bag, the leather will become softer, but it won’t lose its structure.

You will have plenty of space for your necessities without over packing, which is great for overnight stays.

There are a few storage compartments aside from the main compartment for you to take advantage of.

On either side, you’ll find exterior zippered pockets as well as double zippers for added resilience.

In the main compartment, there are two inner pockets so you can keep your belongings organized.

One of the most impressive features is the magnetic latching system that secures your contents while traveling.

After it’s zipped, you simply flip down the magnetic latch system to add further protection.

Whether you’re buying the Jack&Chris Genuine Leather Toiletry Bag for yourself or as a gift, it’s perfect.

There’s a vintage elegance to its design that makes it classic and timeless.

With the authentic grain of the leather, you’ll find that every bag is unique. 

What To Like About It 

This Dopp kit is perfect for men searching for a genuine leather bag with adequate storage for essentials.

It has a pleasant leather smell and a versatile design that’s great for business and personal trips.

Also, its quality is quite impressive, especially for its price.

What Not To Like About It

Since every bag is unique, the color of the leather may vary from the advertised pictures.

You might find if the bag had one more inch of space, it would be perfect for all of your essentials.

As it is, it’s a little smaller than expected.


  • Top-notch quality
  • Adequately spacious
  • Versatile design
  • Nice leather smell


  • Color may vary
  • Could be larger

5. Bayfield Bags Leather Shaving Dopp Kit

Best Men's Dopp Kits of 2022 10

If you liked the Bayfield Bags canvas toiletry bag’s style but want leather, this is a good alternative.

The Bayfield Bags Leather Shaving Dopp is simple and straightforward, making it great for the everyday man.

You’ll have a reasonable amount of easy-access storage for your most essential items.

Product Highlights

Instead of using an oversized toiletry bag, this kit makes it easier to find the things you need immediately.

It’s made with a buttery soft leather with a rich brown tint that’s sure to impress.

Where it differs from others is in its height since it’s seven inches tall for oversized products.

Well-groomed travelers are bound to be impressed by the vintage and rustic style that the bag offers.

It would make a spectacular gift for a friend or loved one because it’s a great travel companion.

You’ll also find it’s useful for freshening up at the gym or office.

The interior pocket is six inches, which allows for smaller personal items.

It’s a great option if you don’t need a lot of storage but need to keep your toiletries separate.

Along with the main compartment, there’s a smaller zippered interior compartment to use.

We especially love the vintage brass zippers, which are the perfect contrast to the polished leather.

It has an old-world appeal that is perfect for any man looking for fundamental storage.

What To Like About It 

The beautiful leather of the Bayfield Bags Leather Shaving Dopp Kit is what makes it a great purchase.

Its durability is impressive, and the leather isn’t likely to get damaged easily, even by liquid.

You’ll also surely have enough space to hold all of your most crucial toiletry items.

What Not To Like About It

When you open the bag for the first time, you’ll notice it has a significant overpowering leather smell.

It’s best to let the bag air out before adding any items that can absorb smells.

Also, if you need a lot of storage for shaving, brushing your teeth, hair maintenance, and more, this bag is far too small.


  • Beautiful leather
  • Durable construction
  • Fits essentials
  • Rich brown coloring


  • Overwhelming leather smell
  • It could be too small
best men's dopp kit

Buyer’s Guide

The best Dopp kit is more than an average bag to hold all of your toiletries; it needs to be durable and long-lasting.

You’ll want a design that can withstand a lot of wear and tear, especially if you travel often.

Below, we’ll go over some of the most important features to note when you start looking for the ideal bag.


Your Dopp kit’s material is its most important feature since it takes the brunt of the damage.

If you’re going to be packing the bag with your other belongings, it will need to be sturdy and flexible.

You’ll also want to make sure it’s not likely to damage anything else you have packed.

For example, exterior metal buckles can be dangerous for scratching electronics and valuables.

Leather appears to be one of the most popular materials because of its resilience and quality.

Not only will the bag look fantastic upon arrival, but leather also tends to soften over time for a more vintage appeal.

Other materials such as canvas can also be great options for a toiletry bag.

Canvas is notoriously strong and tear-resistant, especially with regular use.

It also has a vintage masculine charm that is sure to impress anyone you’re traveling with.


The amount of space you have for keeping your essentials is vital to consider when buying a Dopp kit.

You’ll want to make sure you can carry your most crucial self-care items, as well as a few others.

However, the size of your bag is based primarily on personal preference.

Some travelers need a lot of space for long-term trips, while others need space for a toothbrush, at the most.

You’ll want to consider the main compartment as well as any extra interior pockets for additional storage.

Exterior pockets can also be convenient, as long as a zipper correctly secures them.

You should be able to effortlessly organize your essentials so that they’re easy to access.

If you’ve found the best Dopp kit, but it lacks organization, there are alternative options.

You can easily purchase toiletry bag organizers that have an assortment of pockets for extra storage.


You have three options when it comes to bag closure:

  • Zipper

Zipper quality is one of the largest concerns for any type of bag, as a broken zipper renders a bag useless.

YKK zippers appear to be the most popular option for high-quality bags because they’re smooth and durable.

If you’re buying a waterproof bag, you might also want to consider double zippers for added protection.

When you pull on the closure, it should glide effortlessly and secure in place.

You might also want to consider a bag with reinforced zippers since the double stitching prevents wear and tear.

  • Clasps

As an alternative to zippers, magnetic clasps appear to be a popular addition to the best Dopp kits.

Although they aren’t as secure as zippers, clasps are far easier to access, even with one hand.

You’ll find they’re best suited for larger products that aren’t likely to fall out of the bag.

  • Velcro

Velcro is another common material often used in place of zippers and is found on inexpensive bags.

It is convenient and easy to open, especially while you’re on-the-go.

However, it doesn’t offer any waterproofing and can wear down over time, significantly faster than zippers.


In your Dopp kit, you’ll find a lining in each of the pockets that protect your bag from damage.

It’s important to note that lining will differ depending on bag quality.

We highly recommend finding a design that features a waterproof lining, which is perfect for travel.

If one of your products explodes, leaks, or breaks, the liquid won’t make its way onto your other belongings.

You won’t realize how important waterproof lining is until your cologne breaks in transit and soaks into everything.

Depending on the items you usually travel with, a soft material can also be beneficial as a lining.

Colognes and other glass bottles will need protection if they’re crushed or dropped from a high distance.

Opting for faux fur or felt-like materials can help keep delicate toiletries in their best condition.

Not to mention, it also exudes luxury when you open your toiletry bag in front of others.


Aside from a waterproof lining, you should also consider a waterproof exterior for extra protection.

If you’re someone who travels with expensive toiletries, moisture exposure can ruin some products.

There are plenty of waterproof options, such as polyester bags or canvas coated in a thick resin.

Another great option is leather, which has natural water resistance.

Best Men’s Dopp Kit FAQs

1. What Does Dopp Kit Mean?

Dopp kit” is a unique term used to describe toiletry bags where you keep your bathroom items while traveling.

The name originated from Charles Doppelt, who created the first Dopp kit in 1926.

They boomed in popularity during World War II as they became issued to service members by the military.

Charles Doppelt was a German leather smith who made a notable invention called a “toilet bag.”

In North America at the time, the term “toilet” had a negative connotation, which is why they considered another name.

Over the years, the popularity of the toilet bag traveled worldwide, catching the attention of notable manufacturer Samsonite.

In the 1970s, Samsonite purchased Charles Doppelt’s leather business and trademarked the term “Dopp kit.”

2. What Does Dopp Stand For In Dopp Kit?

Dopp” stands for Doppelt when discussing toiletry bags.

It’s a short form of the last name of the man who first invented toiletry bags, Charles Doppelt.

3. What Is A Mens Toiletry Bag Called?

Men’s toiletry bags come in many different shapes and sizes and are referred to by many names.

They are commonly referred to as Dopp kits but can also be referenced as shaving kits, toiletry kits, and shaving bags.

4. How Do You Pronounce Dopp Kit?

Dopp kit’s pronunciation is as you would expect, like “Drop” but without the “R”.

5. What Goes In A Men’s Toiletry Bag?

There is a wide assortment of items that can go into the best Dopp kits for men.

The best way to determine what you need is to consider the length of your trip and your everyday products.

If you’re going away overnight, all you need are the items you would use in the morning.

However, if your trip is a little longer, you’ll likely need a couple more things, like shaving tools.

Some of the most common products you’d find in a men’s toiletry bag include: