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Art Naturals Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner


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American Crew Daily Conditioner


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Redken Brews Daily Men’s Conditionerb


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Kick Tea Tree Conditioner


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Blackwood for Men Daily Conditioner

Once you’ve decided to start taking care of yourself and giving a darn about how you look, your hair is one of the most important parts to work on.

Far too many of us neglect our hair and don’t bother even choosing the right shampoo or conditioner to suit our unique needs, with the result being dull, oily, dry, or limp hair on top of our heads.

What is the best conditioner for men then?

Choosing the right conditioner is a matter of choosing one that suits your hair goals, whether it’s extra shine, volume, anti-dandruff, or just everyday use.

With a formula suited to your hair and where you want it to be, you’re guaranteed results and a lot more confidence about how it looks.

Conditioners weren’t made equal though, and along with determining its effects, you also have to consider ingredients, price, and brand.

Some are expensive but aimed at things like hair growth and removing dandruff, others are simple and to the point, reserved for men who don’t need anything special from their conditioner but still want it to look and feel good nonetheless.

With all of these things to consider, we’ve made the job easier for you, by compiling a list of the best men’s conditioners on the market and what we love about them.

This list includes the best hair conditioner with men who need shine, volume, growth, or just simplicity, so check it out to find your perfect match and make a difference in how you display this invaluable asset.

Let’s be honest, most men don’t use their own conditioner, often relying on whatever their partner has in the shower or choosing a basic all in one shower gel, shampoo, and conditioner which ends up doing their hair from harm than good.

With our recommendations for the best conditioner for men’s hair, you’ll be doing yourself a service and making a huge difference in your appearance, without putting in any extra work.

Winner: Art Naturals Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner

Art Naturals Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner
  • Size: 2 x 16 fl. oz
  • Ingredients: Argan Oil, Shea Butter, Keratin
  • Made in: USA

Argan oil is having its moment in the world of hair, and thanks to its powerful moisturizing and growth capabilities, it’s made the Art Naturals Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner our number one pick.

This is a duo with both shampoo and conditioner that features restorative Argan oil, softening shea butter, and powerful keratin to add smoothness and shine to your hair, with loads of other organic and natural ingredients as well.

What makes this our number one choice for men is how powerful the moisturizing qualities are, which is beneficial for those of us who have neglected our hair for too long.

According to customers, it added shine and softness without flattening the volume, and it works just as well on all hair types, regardless of how much hair you have or the color of it.

Men with thinning hair will be pleased to know that argan oil also helps to stimulate growth, so it’s great for more than just softness.

On the downside, because this shampoo and conditioner are sulfate free, it doesn’t take a bit of work to wash out.

Sulfates generally cause the foam when you apply shampoo which this one doesn’t have, so be prepared to spend an extra minute getting it lathered up and then washing it out.

Some reviewers were shocked at how it felt initially compared to their supermarket shampoo, but after some time got used to this new type of formula.

The conditioner’s scent is masculine but not overpowering thanks to the natural vanilla, rosemary, and thyme oils that are added. Other natural ingredients include aloe vera, white willow bark, and burdock root, all working to cleanse and condition your hair.

The Art Naturals Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner feature no parabens, phthalates or sulfates, is cruelty-free, ethically sourced and certified vegan, so you can feel good about using it on your head.

If you’re someone who prefers effective natural products, you’ll love the Art Naturals Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner duo.

The twin pack can be purchased on Amazon for around $25, and you’ll get two 16 fl. Oz bottles for that price. If you want soft, shiny, and manageable hair that requires very little work, this is by far the best men’s conditioner.

Runner Up: American Crew Daily Conditioner

American Crew Daily Conditioner
  • Size: 33.8 fl. oz
  • Ingredients: Panama Bark Extract, Peppermint Oil, Thyme Extract
  • Made in: USA

Most men like to keep things simple, and if you’re one of these men, you’ll love the simplicity of American Crew Daily Conditioner.

This is the best men’s conditioner for dry hair, normal hair, oily hair, and everything in between, made by one of the country’s leading salon brands for men.

The key ingredient is Panama Bark extract which conditions and energizes so it won’t leave your hair flat and limp like other haircare products.

The best thing about this conditioner is that it’s no-frills but gets the job done.

If you’re someone who wants to apply their conditioner without much thought and doesn’t need to get bogged down in the label with organic ingredients and long-winded stories about how it was formulated, you’ll appreciate this.

According to customers, it’s volumizing, conditioning, and adds a natural shine at the end, so as far as conditioners go, it ticks all of the boxes.

According to reviews, American Crew seems to have adjusted the formula on this conditioner which left some regular customers upset.

They claim the new formula is watered down and needs more to get the same results, so while it looks like one of the cheaper options, it might not be as budget-friendly as it seems.

The overall result is still great, but if you used to buy it because it was affordable and effective, you might need a cheaper option.

The American Crew Daily Conditioner comes in a 33.8 fl. oz bottle and can be used alongside their men’s shampoo or any other product you choose.

It features ingredients like Panama Bark, Peppermint Oil, and Thyme Extract, as well as other synthetic cleaners and conditioners including Dicetyldimonium Chloride.

This shampoo is made for all types of hair and can be applied to color treated hair, and it’s made right here in the USA.

To get the American Crew Daily Conditioner for your hair, you can head to Amazon and grab it for a reduced price of around $12 per 33.8-ounce bottle.

If you prefer simplicity from your hair products, it’s our number one choice, and works just as well on its own or paired with another American Crew product.

This conditioner will get to work instantly making your hair softer, shinier, and easier to manage, so you can trust in American Crew Daily Conditioner to deliver the goods.

Alternative: Redken Brews Daily Men’s Conditioner

Redken Brews Daily Men’s Conditioner
  • Size: 33.8 fl. oz
  • Ingredients:
  • Made in: USA

Do you love beer so much you wish you could wash your hair with it? Probably not, but that didn’t stop premiere haircare brand Redken from putting crafted malt into their conditioner.

Redken has created this beer inspired conditioner and infused it with malt, with a recipe that comes from their NYC salons. As a hydrating conditioner, it’s ideal for men with dry hair or those in need of extra TLC, working like a deep treatment that can be applied as regularly as you need.

The best thing about this conditioner is how it makes your hair look after, and you’re paying a premium price to get these results.

According to men who used it, it added volume, instant shine, and didn’t flatten their hair, with many saying they didn’t even need to add styling products after it to get their usual desired look.

Even men with thinning hair noticed a huge difference in how their hair sat, giving them the appearance that they had more than they actually did.

On the negative side, it is expensive, and possibly out of reach for many men. It’s more suited to those with dry hair so if you’re someone with normal locks looking for a good conditioner there’s no need to spend this much.

Some have commented on the scent being too overpowering, similar to Old Spice, so id you prefer a subtle aroma this isn’t the best choice.

Redken makes premium haircare products, and their Brews Daily Men’s Conditioner is no different, using the finest ingredients and packaging.

The formula contains protein, glycerin, and malt to add softness to the hair, all without weighing it down. You can pair this conditioner with their Brews Shampoo, although there’s really no need to see the promised results.

This is the best choice of conditioner for men with treated or colored hair and those who use heat styling, so if you need deeper hydration you’ll be happy to pay the extra cost.

To get yourself the Redken Brews Daily Men’s Conditioner, check out Amazon for the best price. Currently, they have the 33.8-ounce bottle on sale for just under $25 and if you purchase two or more you’ll get them shipped for free.

To harness the natural powers of malt, get Redken Brews Daily Men’s Conditioner and treat your hair to something truly special.

Alternative: Kick Tea Tree Conditioner

Kick Tea Tree Conditioner
  • Size: 17.5 fl. oz
  • Ingredients: Tea tree, Lavender, Eucalyptus
  • Made in: USA

Dandruff and hair loss are two unfortunate and common issues that men face, so if you want to tackle them both we recommend Kick Tea Tree Men’s Conditioner.

This is the best men’s conditioner for thinning hair and specially formulated to promote growth and also get rid of dandruff, so it’s a two-for-one that everyone needs.

Using special ingredients like amino acids, moisturizing enzymes, and herbal extracts, it treats all of the common hair issues that men have while conditioning, softening, and adding shine, so it’s well worth the higher price tag.

The best thing about this conditioner was that it prevented itching, which is a common hair problem for both men and women. Thanks to the peppermint extract used, it eradicates dandruff, and because you’re not scratching you’re also not losing excess hair.

After just one application men found that it solved the problem, so if you want a quick fix and haven’t found one yet, this is the way to get it.

There were some minor negatives though, which are surprising considering how much more it costs than other brands.

The most obvious was the thickness of the conditioner which makes it hard to get out of the bottle, with some people having to remove the lid just to wash their hair.

Secondly, there’s not much of a scent so while it cleans and conditions the hair, it also doesn’t add much in the way of a nice aroma.

These minor issues aside, there are plenty of noteworthy features in the Kick Tea Tree Conditioner. The conditioner is cruelty-free, color friendly, and free from parabens and sulfates, so you can feel really good about putting it on your hair every day.

It uses natural products like eucalyptus to reduce inflammation, lavender to improve circulation, and tea tree to clear out plugged hair follicles, so you’ve got plenty of products working at once to get the hair of your dreams.

Kick offers a 100 percent money-back guarantee for customers, which is unheard of with most haircare brands. You can purchase the 17.5-ounce bottle on Amazon for around $25 or sign up for the subscription to save a couple of dollars per bottle.

If your hair is in desperate need of thickness and to get rid of dandruff, it’s worth spending big to get the Kick Tea Tree Conditioner for Men.

Alternative: Blackwood for Men Daily Conditioner

Blackwood for Men Daily Conditioner
  • Size: 15.46 fl. oz
  • Ingredients: Aloe Vera, Licorice Root, Rehmannia Chinensis
  • Made in: USA

If you’re a man who likes to get sweaty and dirty, you’ve probably found that regular haircare products just don’t cut it. This is where Blackwood for Men comes in with their Active Man Daily Conditioner designed for those of us who need more strength.

Packed full of natural ingredients like aloe vera, licorice root, and Rehmannia Chinensis, it moisturizes, cleanses, and even helps to thicken the hair, so it’s doing far more than your average conditioner you buy off the shelf.

The best feature of this conditioner is how well it thickens and adds volume which can be especially enticing if you’re thinning on top.

Natural ingredients like ginseng extract and Rehmannia Chinensis were added for this very reason to help thicken it, or at least give it the appearance of volume.

If you’ve never experienced a conditioner that gave you self confidence before, now is the time to try; you might be shocked at the results.

However, there are some negatives worth nothing, especially when investing in salon-quality hair care products. People believe other storebought conditioners do a better job of softening the hair.

While it’s great at adding volume, it can feel dried out afterward, so if you need this deep conditioning then keep shopping.

Others have mentioned a faulty bottle top with a pump that didn’t work which can be annoying to use, but ultimately doesn’t prevent the conditioner itself from doing as it should.

This is the best conditioner for men’s curly hair who find that others leave them feeling flat, as it tends to add it owns volume without needing styling. Use in conjunction with the Active Man Daily Shampoo for best results or just finish up with it after any type of shampoo.

The natural botanicals leave your hair smelling fresh and aromatic, and it has no sulfates or parabens that do damage to the hair, nor does it use any cruel practices against animals.

If you’re someone with naturally healthy hair who doesn’t need a lot of deep conditioning treatment, the Active Man Daily Conditioner from Blackwood for Men is a great recommendation.

To get a bottle 15.46-ounce bottle from Amazon, you’ll pay around $17 as well as postage, unless you get yourself a backup supply. As a salon-quality product, it’s reasonably priced, well worth it for the voluminous and thickening results.

Men’s Hair Conditioner FAQs

Men’s Hair Conditioner FAQs

Men’s hair conditioner has only become a popular product in recent years, with men previously using two-in-one washes or whatever their partner had as a means to condition their hair.

Now that we’re starting to realize our appearance is important too, conditioner has become a must-have part of grooming.

Hair conditioner is a simple but effective change you can make in your daily routine that’ll deliver huge results, so we’ve answered some frequently asked questions about it to get you interested.

What Is The Use Of Hair Conditioner?

Conditioner is applied to the hair to improve the feel of it, which it does by reducing friction between the individual strands of hair and softening each of them. By smoothing out the friction, it prevents tangles, damage, and makes it feel softer overall.

A hair conditioner might also have an additional purpose like protecting color, preventing damage from heat treatment, and promoting hair growth.

Is Conditioner Good for Men’s Hair?

Conditioner is an essential hair care product for both men and women, even if men don’t tend to use it as much as women. Even with shorter hair, conditioner can soften, detangle, and hydrate, which is still important with short hair.

Conditioner is more about treating the ends of the hair to keep them soft and prevent damage, rather than a shampoo that just cleans, and it should be a crucial part of your regular grooming and washing routine.

How Often Should You Use Hair Conditioner?

Hair conditioner should be used immediately after applying shampoo, so make sure you work it into your regular hair washing schedule.

Everyone’s hair is different and relies on its own timeframe for washing, so consider your hair’s oiliness, dryness, and dirtiness to figure out how often to wash it. Usually, washing twice or three times a week is needed for men’s hair.

Does The Conditioner Cause Hair Loss?

Some people place the use of shampoo above conditioner because they only want their hair cleaned, without realizing how much conditioner can do. Applying conditioner is essential for healthy hair and to prevent hair loss which are both important for men.

When the hair is dried, brittle, and tangled, it’s more likely to fall out or break off, so applying conditioner whenever you wash your hair is crucial for overall health and growth.

The Good Hair Men Deserve

The Good Hair Men Deserve

Men often put haircare right down the bottom of their priority list and for too many years, just wash it with whatever they can get their hands on.

This approach just isn’t smart anymore, and there’s no good reason that men shouldn’t have their own bottle of shampoo and conditioner in the shower to use.

Men’s conditioners have specialized ingredients that can help with men-specific hair issues.

Things like thinning or balding hair patterns, oil, excess dirt and sweat, and even dried and brittle ends can all be solved with the right conditioner, and these are ones made specifically for men.

Any of our recommendations will do you and your hair proud, delivering results you never knew possible just by switching up your conditioner.

No matter the type of hair you have or what hair goals you want, you’ll be able to meet and exceed them with one of our top picks for the best men’s hair conditioner.

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