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BEST OVERALL - Kent Gel Styler Brush


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RUNNER UP - Diane Double Sided Men’s Club Brush


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Denman Cushion Brush


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Arabella Oval Styling Brush


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Conair Velvet Touch Paddle Brush

Every man has his A-team of grooming products, from balms to beard oils, but the one instrument that never misses is the hairbrush.

The best hair brush for men can turn you from Matthew McConaughey between movies to a dashing Ryan Gosling in 5-minutes flat.

There’s no denying that a good head of hair is alluring to the fairer sex, even the lack of it – if Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has anything to say about it.

A great hair cut can do wonders for your hair and look, but a proper hairbrush is like the Salt Bae to your style and scalp.

From improving blood flow to preventing split ends, to distributing the oils produced by your scalp to your hair follicles; there are a lot of perks to hair brushing.

A proper hairbrush can go a long way in maintaining the natural luster of your hair and give you a well-groomed sexy look to boot.

However, not all hair brushes are created equal as people tend to have different types of hair, so there isn’t a one-size fit all.

Whether you’ve got thick and curly locks or straight and flair, our best hair brushes for men will help you style, detangle or try out some advanced techniques with your mane.

Best Hair Brush For Men – Reviews for 2020

Kent Gel Styler Brush

Kent KFM3 9-Row Narrow Half Radial, Ionic Charged, Gel Styler Hairbrush Review

Our first contender comes from one of the oldest manufacturers of hairbrushes; Kent, which started way back in 1777.

Kent Brushes are a world-renowned hairbrush manufacturer that’s been creating hair brushes for nearly a quarter of millennia producing designs rooted and inspired by British heritage.

Kent Gel Styler is made from the finest quality timber selected for its color, grain, and beauty from a variety of sustainable forests in the world.

The best hair brush for men also goes a step further and add rubber cushions to the tips designed to make them soft, supple, and comfortable for even the most delicate scalps.

The bristles sourced from some of the finest bristle merchants in Asia are well positioned to allow you to brush your hair without tugging or pulling.

The Kent Gel Styler Brush is a high-quality men’s brush that’s strong enough to withstand the abuse of daily use and reduce brittleness while increasing volume.

It’s designed for all hair types, can be used to style your hair with or without gel and even while blow drying making it one of the best hair brush for men.

Diane Double Sided Men’s Club Brush

Diane 100% Boar 2-Sided Club Brush Review

If you’re looking for a high-quality hairbrush at an affordable price, then you should check out the Diane double Sided Men’s Club Brush.

While most people view products from China as sub-par, Diane best hair brush for men proves otherwise for a double-sided hairbrush.

It comes with a pair of different bristles – a coarse and soft side, that have their functions. You can count on the soft and supple bristles to nurture your growing beards or sideburn to fruition.

On the other hand, stiffer bristles are more suited to brushing head hair.

Of course, most men believe that they only need a one-sided hair, however, if you’ve ever maintained a shorter hairstyle you then you must’ve realized that—especially after a fresh haircut, your regular hair brush feels overwhelming.

Keep in mind that while the Diane double sided men’s club brush is one of the best hair brushes for men and at a great price to boot, it’s for styling.

It can’t take the heat involved in most styling options, and we wouldn’t recommend it for wet hair which brings us to our next hairbrush.

Denman Cushion Brush

Denman Classic Styling Brush Review

The Denman Cushion hairbrush with nylon made for both wet and dry styling, unlike Diane’s double-sided brush.

Denman is a brand known for their anti-static rubber padded hair brushes which allow for maximum control and grip, especially in styling options involving blow drying.

The Denman cushion nylon brush is one of the best hair brushes for men with longer thicker hair. From smoothening to styling, to polishing your hair; this traditional hair brush can do it all.

It also comes with nine rows of smooth nylon pin to help you navigate through those long strands without tugging or gripping.

The main highlight of this hair brush is that it’s one of the easiest – fun even, to clean. Just disassemble it, clean the rows, reassemble it and that’s it.

Whether you’re looking to soften your curls or detangle some knots; the Denman Cushion best hair brush for men is the right tool to get the job done.

Baasha Hair Brush

Baasha Hair Brush, Vent Brush For Men Review

Our next hair brush is especially popular for how it conforms or rather curves to the shape of your scalp; enter the Baasha Hairbrush.

Perfect for the man looking for a highly durable, lightweight hair brush to help with the knots and can handle everyday use.

What’s more, its sturdy boar bristles and curvature make styling and shaping hair not only easy but comfortable as well. And let’s not forget the decent scalp massage you’ll also get while brushing.

It comes with soft ball-tipped anti-static bristles which are not only super comfortable but also help with stimulating and massaging the scalp.

Baasha best hair brush for men is designed with large tunnel vents which help to dry and style wet hair quickly.

Whether you’re in the market for a top-notch blow drying vent brush or are simply looking for a soft hair brush for styling; you can count on Baasha’s hair brush to do just that.

Impress your date or colleague by showing off your hair styling prowess with Baasha’s hairbrush.

Bass Classic Men’s Club Style Brush

Bass Brushes 100% Wild Boar Bristle Classic Men's Club Style Hair Brush Review

The bass classic men’s club style brush has been touted to be the best hair brush for men by one satisfied customer on Amazon and from its numerous 5-star reviews, who are we to argue.

If you’re in the market for a single brush to rule them the all- facial and head hair, then the Bass Classic Men’s Club style is your best bet.

Bass claims its brush is made of 100% wild boar bristles which are misleading considering that it’s made from a blend of plastic and boar bristles.

However, this shouldn’t be a deal breaker considering the bristles are durable and firm and are perfectly suited for all lengths and types of hair.

The Bass classic men’s club style brush was designed to tame the man’s mane, whether facial or head hair.

Overall, apart from the controversies surrounding the material used in the bristles, Bass Classic Men’s club style brush is without a doubt one of the best hair brush for men with a great look to boot.

Arabella Oval styling brush

Natural Boar Bristle Hair Brush Review

The Arabella oval styling brush is designed for the man with thick, dense hair or the man who rocks the buzz cut.

Like all other Roccasano products, the Arabella oval styling brush is made from high-quality schima wood which is not only lightweight but durable as well and comes with a superb finish to boot.

It comes fitted with 100% board sourced bristles that are strong, firm, and very soft on the hair and scalp.

The Arabella hairbrush was designed to be able to withstand the daily abuse of a busy salon and hair attendants agree that it’s without one of the best hair brushes for men available.

The Arabella oval styling brush naturally conditions the hair giving it a natural gloss and shine.

From stimulating and massaging the scalp, to improving hair texture and reducing frizz; this hair brush has a lot going for it, albeit we wouldn’t recommend it for wet hair.

Conair Velvet Touch Paddle Brush

Conair Velvet Touch Paddle Brush Review

At its price point, the Conair Velvet Touch Paddle best hair brush for men is a steal and one of the cheapest the hair brushes on our list.

But don’t let its price point fool you, this is a high-quality brush capable of untangling even the stubborn hair knots.

It’s designed for the guy who has long hair thanks to its extra wide paddle but also works okay for a guy with medium-sized hair.

The Conair Velvet comes with flexible cushioning and a soft-touch grip which makes controlling the brush when styling your hair super easy.

Moreover, the Conair Velvet best hair brush for men comes with ball-tipped bristles which don’t snag, tug or pull hair making for a stress-free brushing experience.

From taming thick curly hair to untangling the stubbornest of knots; the Conair Velvet is truly a versatile daily driver in the men’s world.

Mason Pearson Medium Mixed Bristle Brush

Mason Pearson Junior Hair Brush Review

Our next brush comes from a company that has been in the business of manufacturing hair brushes for a century, Mason Pearson.

Mason Pearson describes their Medium mixed bristle brush as the “ultimate grooming tool” and rightly so considering the perks that come with this little slice of luxury.

Mason Pearson’s Medium Mixed bristle brush isn’t just one of the best hair brushes for men, but women as well.

But that shouldn’t discourage you since it also does a fantastic job of giving your mane a natural silky smooth look and feel.

This hairbrush was designed for the man with a medium to long hair and coarse to normal hair types.

It’s made from some of the best top shelf bear bristles which are gentle on your scalp and hair.

Moreover, it helps distribute the natural oils produced by your scalp to your hair follicles while promoting blood circulation.

It also includes their patented cushioning which conforms to the shape of your scalp, allowing you to brush efficiently and effectively.