What Is The Best Face Cream For Men?







What Is The Best Face Cream For Men? 1

BEST OVERALL - Jack Black Face Moisturizer With Sunscreen


What Is The Best Face Cream For Men? 2

RUNNER UP - Lab Series Daily Moisture Cream


What Is The Best Face Cream For Men? 3

RUGGED & DAPPER Moisturizer For Men And Aftershave Lotion


What Is The Best Face Cream For Men? 4

Dove Men And Care Face Hydrating Lotion


What Is The Best Face Cream For Men? 5

Bulldog Men’s Skincare Original Moisturizer

When you think of face creams, you think of women applying a handful of cream on their face.

That is a major problem; face creams do apply to men too, even if you may not know much about men’s facial products.

Skin care products are usually marketed to women, but increasing awareness has made many men gravitate towards these products – and you might be one of them, if you are reading this article.

The best face creams for men you can get will have massive benefits for your skin: they make you look younger in the long term, but they also aid in protecting your skin from the sun.

However, there are a few things you should know before you look for a cream:

Skin type

Men will have one of these four skin types:

  • Sensitive – easily irritated by the usual products like aftershaves, especially after doing an activity like shaving.
  • Dry – best to use a cream that has plenty of moisturizing agents in order to reduce flaking and wrinkles.
  • Oily – avoid face creams that have natural oils as the base, because it makes the face look excessively shiny
  • Normal – it is in the middle of oily and dry, and is not sensitive to products, so it is best to use a moderate cream.

Best face creams for men

Jack Black face moisturizer with sunscreen

JACK BLACK , Double-Duty Face Moisturizer Review

Jack Black is famous for their high quality products, and this is no exception.

This is a highly versatile cream, and works well for any type of skin regardless of whether it is normal, sensitive, slightly oily or dry.

All its ingredients are gluten-free, paraben-free and fragrance-free, and it also acts very well as a sun protectant – in fact, its sunscreen protection is SPF 20.

At the end of the day, this offers you the best value for your money.

Lab Series daily moisture cream

Lab Series Daily Moisture Defense Lotion Review

If you have dry skin, then this is the best option for you on this list, and it will be extremely effective.

Even though the lotion is silky and smooth, it will be best to pass on it if your skin is oily because of the oil content used.

For a guy with dry or normal skin, this moisturizer helps a lot for your skin to retain its moisture levels.

In addition, it has sunscreen levels of SPF 15, which gives you moderate protection of SPF 15.

If you are planning to stay outdoors for longer, you will need some extra protection, but it works just fine if you are staying outside for a short time.

What is interesting is that this cream does not market itself as an anti-aging cream, unlike all the others on this list, so if you are aiming for anti-aging creams, you will need to sue an additional product.

RUGGED & DAPPER moisturizer for men and aftershave lotion

RUGGED & DAPPER Age Defense Face Moisturizer for Men Review

This facial cream contains both organic and natural ingredients, which prove very effective at getting the work done without using harsh ingredients.

This makes it great for sensitive skin, since it does not use synthetic fragrances that are harmful to the skin.

One thing to note though, is the oils in the product that can prove too much when you have oily skin, so it is best to avoid it and use something else.

However, for dry and normal skin types, it will prove great when you use this moisturizer.

Dove Men and Care Face hydrating lotion

Dove Men + Care Face Lotion Hydrate Review

If you are looking for high quality skincare products that are affordable, this is a great choice to make.

This is great, especially if you are on a budget or cannot get very high-end face lotions.

This is a lightweight type of moisturizer, which makes it great for me who have oily or normal skin. It can be very tricky for men with sensitive skin, because of the fragrance that is included in it.

Bulldog Men’s skincare original moisturizer

THE BULL DOG Original Moisturiser Review

Bull Dog is another company that manufactures some of the best men’s facial products, all aiming their prices as low as possible to reach more men and improve skincare.

This face cream in particular, does not contain synthetic fragrances, sodium laureth sulfate, or parabens – harsh chemicals that damage the skin.

Instead, the entire ingredient list, including the scent, are all-natural, such as using green tea.

The product is additionally not tested on animals, so it is good news for you if you want a cruelty-free product.

It works best for oily to normal skin, as it is a light cream, so you should avoid it if you have dry skin.

If you still want to use it and you have dry skin, you will need to apply it repeatedly to stay hydrated the entire day.

Cetaphil moisturizing cream for sensitive and dry skin

Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream for Dry/Sensitive Skin, Fragrance Free Review

If you ever visit a dermatologist’s office and ask them the best cream for your skin, chances are they will likely recommend this one – especially if you have sensitive or dry skin.

The gentle formula and the moisturizing elements make it great for these skin types, in addition to being really affordable for many men.

However, you will need a separate sunscreen to aid in the sun protection factor.

Unfortunately, the sun protection factor is absent, even if the moisturizing elements and gentleness are quite impressive.

ELEMIS Daily Moisture booster day lotion

ELEMIS Daily Moisture Boost Hydrating Day Lotion for Men Review

Thanks to the natural ingredients that are within the ingredient list, it makes your skin look and feel good.

For instance, green tamanu oil, which helps to heal wounds and enhance healthy skin growth.

However, do not think of it as an anti-aging cream or sun protector – instead, it is best as a moisturizer that you use on a daily basis.

It is not a good idea for sensitive skin though, because it has a fragrance.

Instead, its ingredient list works the best for men who have dry skin.

Final thoughts

There are various skin moisturizers on the market, and you are sure to find something that will work for you.

This list will hopefully give you some ideas on where to start.