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Best DSLR Backpack Under 100$ in 2022







Best DSLR Backpack Under 100$ in 2022 1


TARION Camera Backpack


Best DSLR Backpack Under 100$ in 2022 2


MOSISO Camera Backpack


Best DSLR Backpack Under 100$ in 2022 3

GOgroove Full-Size DSLR Photography Backpack


Best DSLR Backpack Under 100$ in 2022 4

USA GEAR S17 DSLR Camera Backpack


Best DSLR Backpack Under 100$ in 2022 5

BAGSMART Camera Backpack

For the expert photographer with an arsenal of cameras, lenses, and other accessories, every outdoor trip requires a reliable bag to keep these delicate items safely in tow. If you really value your DSLR and everything that goes with it, give it the protection it deserves.

Extreme sun and rain can ruin an utterly delightful trip, but they should not damage your gadgets. Additionally, the fear of having your cameras and accessories exposed to the elements should not stop you from capturing timeless moments.

The best DSLR backpack under 100 dollars can help you protect your tech, so you can bring them anywhere and get the most stunning shots. It can be a great addition to the best accessories anyone could have.

Some camera bags can cost as high as 300 dollars, and many will say that you can save more in the long run by getting the expensive ones. While this is valid for some expensive models, cheaper bags can also live up to the same task.

What should the best camera backpack under 100 dollars offer to be considered the best of the best? Read along for a compilation of our favorite camera backpacks that provide high standards at more affordable prices.

A camera bag can go a long way in extending your cameras’ and lenses’ value and lifespan. It only requires that you care for it as you would with any other bag.

What Is the Best Camera Backpack?

For the best camera backpack under 100 dollars, we recommend the TARION Camera Backpack. It boasts an IPX5 certification for the superior waterproofing capabilities of its fabric and the included rain cover.

Like other camera bags here, the TARION camera backpack has space for a laptop, a tripod, multiple lenses, drones, and accessories. Besides its similarity with other bags’ holding capacity, it still has space for a few clothes and an umbrella or a water bottle.

Finally, the TARION Camera Backpack is the most stylish bag among the five bags featured here. It has a very chic design, although it can provide professional-grade housing for all image-capturing devices and accessories.

For the best camera bag under 100 runner-up, we recommend the MOSISO Camera Backpack. It is compatible with most known camera brands, such as Canon, Nikon, and Sony. It even boasts compatibility with the DJI Mavic Drone.

Although it does not offer full waterproof functionality, its main cover is a waterproof hard-shell case to protect your gadgets against shocks and accidental drops. It may require an additional waterproof covering around the zippers and openings.

Whichever camera backpack you choose, study all of its components first before buying it to ensure you have all the space and features you need.

Best DSLR Backpack Under 100 Reviews

Best Overall: TARION Camera Backpack

Best DSLR Backpack Under 100$ in 2022 6

  • Dimensions: 17.91 x 11.42 x 6.30 inches
  • Product Weight: 3.20 pounds
  • Material: Canvas, synthetic leather
  • Color: Beige canvas, brown leather
  • Main compartments: 3
  • Additional exterior pockets: 4
  • Monopod/tripod holder: Yes

The TARION Camera Backpack is a dual-purpose bag designed with removable interior compartments. This feature lets you convert the bag for use on any occasion other than a photo shoot.

The waterproof construction incorporates a durable, water-resistant fabric and an additional rain cover sheet officially rated with an IPX5 waterproof label. This combination keeps your gear protected under heavy rains and splashy boat-riding environments.

With the TARION Camera Backpack, you can store gear to fill up space up to 17 liters. What’s more, the bag has an expandable inner top drawstring that can add 10 percent more space.

You can carry a tripod on this bag’s side pocket, and fill up its inner pouches with various accessories, including batteries, memory cards, cables, and chargers.

For your convenience, you can access your camera through the side-access compartment. As such, you’ll never miss capturing any perfect image along the way.

You can also fit in a tablet and a laptop at the same time in their dedicated compartments within the bag. With all the space provided, you can set up for any task anywhere you go.

The TARION Camera Backpack has an ergonomic back support system. The S-shaped and padded shoulder straps, a ring-style hasp, and an adjustable chest buckle work together so that you can customize a comfortable fit. This also helps distribute the weight evenly to reduce strains on your back.

One glance at it, and you’ll see that the backpack looks quite fashionable; it doesn’t even look like a camera bag at all. With a brown leather cover and bottom lining that perfectly matches its overall canvas material, you can pair it with the best men’s leather belts.

To top it all off, the TARION Camera Backpack has a thick, shockproof, expanded polyethylene protective padding embedded in its inner lining for the ultimate protection of your gear.

All of these properties constitute the winner of choice for the best backpacks under 100 dollars.

Runner Up: MOSISO Camera Backpack

Best DSLR Backpack Under 100$ in 2022 7

  • Dimensions: 17.32 x 11.80 x 7.50 inches
  • Product Weight: 3.38 pounds
  • Material: Nylon
  • Color: Army green
  • Main compartments: 2
  • Additional exterior pockets: 4
  • Monopod/tripod holder: Yes

The MOSISO Camera Backpack takes its place as our runner-up because of its removable modular padded inserts. This feature lets you customize the bag’s interior for various brands and models of cameras, lenses, and drones.

Another modular padded insert lets you securely carry any laptop between 13 and 16 inches in screen size. You can customize this bag a step further with the full-open design of its front cover. This gives you an easy way to rearrange all the partitions inside.

In addition to the main compartments, you will find two accessory pockets on the cover’s interior face for storing cables, memory cards, power banks, and other small items.

Secure a monopod or tripod on the bag’s side using a strap and hold an umbrella or a water bottle in a pocket on the other side. A fourth pocket is hidden on the lower portion of the back panel. Here, you can securely store your essentials, such as wallets, watches, and mobile phones.

The full-open cover panel is a waterproof hard-shell cover that protects against light rains, splashes, shocks, and accidental drops. Cover the zippers during heavy rains, though, as water can still seep through.

Another reason why this is one of the best backpacks under 100 is that both the straps and the back face of the bag have embedded breathable cushions for carrying comfort. If you get tired of carrying it, you can use its back luggage strap to hang it onto luggage securely.

Alternative: GOgroove Full-Size DSLR Photography Backpack

Best DSLR Backpack Under 100$ in 2022 8

  • Dimensions: 17 x 12 x 7 inches
  • Product Weight: 2.59 pounds
  • Material: Nylon
  • Color: Black
  • Main compartments: 3
  • Additional exterior pockets: 3
  • Monopod/tripod holder: Yes

The GOgroove Full-size DSLR Photography Backpack also features classic leather straps. Like the TARION, it has a side-access opening and a rain cover waterproof sheet.

Slot this bag onto any luggage handle using its back face slot, or wear it in comfort using the padded adjustable straps and rear face. You may customize how you want to wear it, too, either as a regular backpack or a sling bag with waist-strap support.

To complete your gear, you can fit in a laptop with a screen as big as 15.6 inches and carry a tripod on the side holder. Then, load up its pockets with all the accessories you need to successfully capture any picture-perfect setting you may come across.

You will like that the laptop compartment is padded, so you won’t have to worry about sudden bumps. You can then maximize camera and accessories storage with its customizable padded dividers.

All in all, the GOgroove backpack’s heavy-duty buckles, reinforced handles, and extra-strong zippers will let you enjoy security while in transit.

Alternative: USA GEAR S17 DSLR Camera Backpack

Best DSLR Backpack Under 100$ in 2022 9

  • Dimensions: 18 x 12 x 8 inches
  • Product Weight: 2.35 pounds
  • Material: Nylon
  • Color: Black
  • Main compartments: 3
  • Additional exterior pockets: 3
  • Monopod/tripod holder: Yes

If you don’t like the classic looks of the TARION and the GOgroove or the modern design of the MOSISO, check out the USA GEAR DSLR Camera Backpack. Its sporty look makes it a perfect outdoor match for the best sport watches.

This camera backpack offers the best value, thanks to its impressive features commonly found on more expensive camera backpacks. It has tons of customizable storage space with padded dividers that can be removed or added anytime based on your storage needs.

A zippered side opening on the S17 allows easy access to your camera, just like in the TARION and GOgroove backpacks. The whole padded back panel can also carry a laptop with a screen size as big as 15.6 inches.

We wouldn’t include the S17 on this list if it didn’t have a built-in strap and foot support for a tripod or a monopod. After all, a camera backpack must be able to carry all necessary accessories.

Aside from the camera and lens area, a top compartment can hold all other accessories and any other items you might want to put into the S17 backpack. The reinforced zippers can keep everything securely in place.

Alternative: BAGSMART Camera Backpack

Best DSLR Backpack Under 100$ in 2022 10

  • Dimensions: 15.75 x 11.81 x 7.48 inches
  • Product Weight: 3.14 pounds
  • Material: Canvas
  • Color: Black
  • Main compartments: 3
  • Additional exterior pockets: 2
  • Monopod/tripod holder: Yes

All the full-sized backpacks on this list might just be too bulky for your first camera bag if you only have a few standard lenses. If the longest one only has a 200mm focal length, the BAGSMART Camera Backpack could be a perfect fit.

The BAGSMART has a lower compartment for one DSLR camera with a 70-200mm lens attached and up to three or four more standard-sized lenses. Its upper compartment has enough space for some clothes unless you want to fill it up with other tech stuff, such as a drone and its controller.

The good thing about BAGSMART is that you can access your camera in three ways: by the front full-zip access, the quick side access, and through the bottom partition on the top compartment. You can take out your camera whichever way you prefer.

The BAGSMART camera backpack also has a laptop compartment that can hold notebooks up to 15 inches in screen dimension. It has side pockets, too, one for a water bottle and another for a tripod or a monopod.

This bag has comfortable and adjustable straps and a chest strap you can adjust and use as a latching mechanism for attachment to a luggage handle. This lets you carry the bag with ease, along with some luggage you may have.

Lastly, notice how the BAGSMART camera backpack has the space allowances that all of the bags on this list have but on a more compact scale.

Buyer’s Guide

When hunting for the best camera backpack under 100 dollars, looks can be very deceiving. All the ads and promotions can make a product stand out, but it may not offer every bit of feature on your checklist.

While ticking off boxes on your DSLR bag must-haves checklist, consider including the following essential features.

1. User Comfort and Efficiency

It would be best if you had a bag that offers comfort when worn and allows efficiency during transport. Look for back, shoulder, and chest padding to provide added comfort when carrying a full bag.

A camera backpack full of lenses and accessories can weigh anywhere upwards of six kilograms. If you carry that weight for several hours, it most probably needs to be very comfortable on your back and shoulders.

Adjustable straps can also make the bag usable by people of different body sizes. In addition to the back straps, the handles on various sides of the bag can permit easy grasping and multiple carrying configurations.

Let’s face it. It’s a bag, and any good backpack has to be comfortably wearable and efficiently transportable. Otherwise, you might end up looking for a replacement sooner than you think.

2. Item Protection

A camera bag should be able to shelter your camera and its accessories from the sun, rain, and snow. After all, the electronic components on a camera will only continue to run smoothly when adequately protected from extreme heat and cold.

Some bags and backpacks also have shockproof casings. This protects your cameras and lenses from accidental falls and bumps during transit.

If a camera bag offers a laptop compartment, it might as well have some padding for your laptop. Keep in mind that your notebook computer is also as important as your camera or your lenses.

A waterproof or weatherproof bag are both excellent choices, but an added shockproof attribute sets the bar higher.

Additionally, choose a bag that uses non-abrasive or rough materials for interior partitions. You wouldn’t want any scratches to be suddenly appearing on your gadgets every time you pull them out of the bag.

3. Build Quality

Any ad that says a backpack can give you comfort and protect your camera and its accessories under any circumstance should prove it through quality.

For photography enthusiasts, a camera bag gets carried along into highly inhospitable destinations, where its zippers and straps get subjected to repetitive strains.

Every time you change a lens, you pull on a zipper. Every time you fill the bag up to capacity, the straps carry a little more weight.

Low-quality backpacks will require replacement sooner than you think, and camera gear and accessories see improvements all of the time.

With a good-quality backpack, you can save more for improvements on your gear than for replacement bags. Premium camera bags should last you your entire photography career.

4. Storage Capacity

What good is a container if it can’t hold much? Find a camera bag that has enough holding space for your camera and your lenses, tripods, and any other accessory you may already have.

And since you probably want to transport all the pieces that work together, you might as well have space for your laptop and mobile phone.

Check all available compartments and pockets on any bag before purchasing to ensure you have sufficient space for all of your stuff.

5. Customizability

Space is not all that matters in a bag when it comes to containers for cameras and accessories. You might want to move objects around a bit, and you may prefer changing the packing configurations.

Some camera bags come with customizable interior partitions, while others do not. Choose the former so that you can pack your things however you desire. With a customizable interior, some bags have removable partitions where you can add only as you see fit.

Other camera bags allow you to remove all the interior partitions entirely and convert them to ordinary backpacks.

DSLR Backpack Under 100 FAQs

1. Do you really need a camera bag?

You may be new to photography and have just bought a camera with a supplemental lens. Now, you’re trying to look for a camera bag for your meager set.

Unless you’re bringing 15 pounds’ worth of camera gear with you, we suggest holding off on buying a camera backpack and saving for your gear improvements instead. For any camera and single-lens kit, any bag or backpack would do the job.

A camera backpack attracts more attention and could make you a target for unscrupulous bystanders and quick thieves. Get a camera bag only if you have to store and organize many accessories with it.

A camera bag allows you to carry everything you need to use with your camera. You can carry all the lenses, data storage devices, cleaning materials, gimbals, stabilizers, tripods, and lighting equipment in addition to the camera itself.

With the correct bag, you can even carry a camera drone with all your camera stuff.

2. Why are camera bags so expensive?

Anything of authentic, reliable quality uses high-standard, laboratory-tested materials that can be quite expensive. This is why it can be challenging to find the best DSLR backpack under 100 bucks.

Before your bag reaches the store, it undergoes a battery of tests that ensure its quality and usability. The number of working hours, material sourcing processes, and range of technology and equipment used all constitute a particularly hefty price tag on any product.

Just be sure that the bag, and not the ads put up for it, speaks for its actual quality to ensure any purchase’s cost-effectiveness. Some bags are costly just because they come from a famous name brand.

Also, keep in mind that some brands are not even the manufacturers of some of their products. They only carry these products for promotions.

For example, would you instead buy an expensive bag from a known smartphone maker, or would you choose a similar, cheaper version from an outdoors company?

We could easily imply that the second choice is better unless the smartphone maker outsourced their version from the same outdoors company.

3. What should I put in my camera bag?

It’s your bag; whatever you put in it is pretty much up to you. Still, remember to let common sense dictate what items you should and should not put into the bag.

Sharp items such as blades, cutters, and scissors can damage the bag from the inside out. These can also scratch the surface of the bag’s expensive contents, such as camera lenses and the camera itself.

Moreover, cameras and included accessories are prone to damage when exposed to even the slightest moisture, accidental liquid leaks, and food spills.

Unless you are sure that all your food and drinks are tightly sealed, consider using a separate bag for your drinks and snacks. That additional bag can save you from unwanted costs.

4. How do I store my DSLR in my bag?

After purchasing the best camera bag under 100, get to know its interior and check all of its compartments. Although some bags are entirely customizable, others tend to have fixed pockets and compartments for specific purposes.

You can easily find which item fits a particular pocket or compartment by trying out the fit of all your gear one by one.

Some bags have DSLR camera compartments that allow a zoom lens attached to them. Others require you to store the camera without any lenses attached.

If you do all your research about a particular product, you will have more chances of knowing which item perfectly fits where, even before you open the bag.

5. Can I wash my camera bag?

It depends on what bag you have. Check the manufacturer labels for washing or cleaning instructions.

Some have inline cardboard paddings that can get soaked when washed or cleaned the wrong way.

You can completely dry the fabrics on bags like this, but the cardboard padding will end up being a crumpled mush at the bottom of its inaccessible inner lining.

Cardboard-padded bags typically only require wiping with a damp cloth for maintenance, while fully waterproof bags can go through thorough exterior brushing.

Spot-cleaning with soap and warm water is also a recommendation for many types of bags. You can immediately clean any minor stains with spot-cleaning while the contents are in the bag or even when on the go.

Again, be sure to always check for cleaning and washing instructions from the manufacturer. You wouldn’t want to spend more on bag repairs than on maintenance of your gear, right?

Best DSLR Backpack Under 100$ in 2022 12


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