Best Clip On Ties for Men – What To Consider When Choosing Them

Best Clip On Ties for Men – What To Consider When Choosing Them

Clip on ties are a mystery to many, surprisingly.

The truth is that there are more men using them than you would care to admit – even though it does not seem that way because there are doubts as to whether they are even acceptable in the first place.

Keep in mind that you can get the best clip on ties for men in a variety of designs, shapes and lengths as well as fabric types, so you will always find something that works well for you.

However, since there are so many to select, it can become confusing when you are making a choice of the best one to pick, which is why you might need some help deciding the best one.

What to keep in mind

It may sound surprising, but not all men know how to tie neckties, while others may be struggling with the loss of motor movements that prevent them from tying ties.

For instance, men who suffer from severe strokes lose the movement in the muscles of their left arm, which makes it impossible to tie these ties without assistance.

In addition, many companies that require their staff to wear uniforms give them these clip-on neckties to create a uniform look, a good example being security companies.

Here are two factors to keep in mind:

The color

clip on ties colors

The truth is that not all colors will look great on all men, just like not every dress will look good on all women.

The best option to remember is coordinating the color of your ties with the current season you are in or the event you are attending, and narrow it down to the specific colors that look great.

For instance, if you are in the summer or spring, it is great to work with pastel colors, and the general rule is that these look great when a darker-skinned man wears them.

The rich earth and darker tones will work well for the winter and fall, and they look very good on pale-skinned men – although darker-skinned guys can still look good as long as they pair it with the correct suit or shirt.

In addition, black men’s slim ties are very rare in daily use; they only work well on formal occasions when there is a black-and-white dress code. However, because it is a neutral color, it looks good on everyone.


Neckties come in many patterns, so finding the right one can be tricky.

However, you can make the process easier by accounting for your wardrobe and the patterns in the clothes you have.

For instance, you should avoid patterned ties if your wardrobe is full of patterned shirts and instead choose ties in solid colors – otherwise, you will look messy and uncoordinated.

This principle is important to follow especially when you are unsure of how you will look in the end. However, it is also great to mix patterns correctly when you want to, which will instantly make you stand out.

What are the pros and cons of these ties?

different patterns


If you have no extensive knowledge of how to tie a necktie, these clip on ties for men come in to save your situation.

They are very convenient, and you will look like a pro at the game and still retain some measure of elegance.

They also happen to be convenient in design because the knot is always the same, and you only attach it to your shirt collar using the clips.

The best clip on ties for men will promote your safety and comfort.

It might seem strange, but there are a number of choking accidents that have occurred in the past due to wearing neckties in dangerous situations – such as operating heavy machinery.

In case you encounter something like this, you can quickly and safely clip the necktie off, and that way you get to live another day.


They have a bad reputation in the fashion world because they are considered really tacky unless you select them carefully.

You also need to carefully consider the length of the tie itself and how it fits in with your wardrobe, which is not the case for a conventional necktie as you can adjust its length.

The selection available to you is also limited because you cannot get clip-on versions of brand name and designer neckties.

Final thoughts

While clip-on neckties are convenient, it is important to gain the skill of tying a necktie though, especially when you are past high school – it will give you a sense of elegance and timeless sophistication, much more than a clip-on tie would.