What Are The Best Casual Shoes For Men?







What Are The Best Casual Shoes For Men? 1


Marino Suede Oxford Dress Shoes


What Are The Best Casual Shoes For Men? 2


Polo Ralph Lauren Men’s Sneaker


What Are The Best Casual Shoes For Men? 3

Crocs Santa Cruz Playa Sneakers


What Are The Best Casual Shoes For Men? 4

Under Armor Street Encounter Sandals


What Are The Best Casual Shoes For Men? 5

Skechers Men's Status 2.0-Menic Oxford

It is normal to become confused by the sheer variety of men shoes you will find.

Ranging from boots, dress shoes, sandals, running shoes, and so on, it becomes very hard to choose what you will wear on certain occasions – unless you have the eye for great footwear.

Nowhere is this more evident than in the world of best casual shoes for men, which is an entire category on its own.

There is a lot within here, but they all have a major advantage over the other shoes – they give you a chance to stay in style even when you are not in a formal occasion.

The biggest problem you would have is finding something that suits your fashion sense and your feet.

What are some of the things to consider?


There is a wide range of materials that can make up casual shoes, although there are three preferred materials:

  • Suede – the underside of a cow’s skin, looks great with any casual pants like jeans or khakis. The nap of the shoe will indicate how casual it is; the more pronounced it is, the more casual the shoe.
  • Leather – commonly used, and is porous, durable and visually appealing.
  • Canvas – very popular in summer and spring shoes, and it can also make sneakers that are pliable and lightweight


You need to consider comfort when buying casual shoes – after all, this is the reason they exist.

Foot support is a major factor, including the heel cup (determines its stability), the toe box, and the foot bed.


The most comfortable men’s dress shoes must keep your feet dry even as you wear them, and there are materials that allow this to occur.

These include microfibers that remove sweat from your feet through moisture evaporation vents, which is a common feature you will also get in sports shoes.

Grip and stability

This will help prevent injuries that may occur as you wear the shoe and walk on different terrain and surfaces, like twisted ankles.

The more slip-proof it is, the better for your safety and long-term health.


You will find these shoes in every color you can think of, so what you choose is entirely up to your taste and the occasion you will wear the shoe in.

Bright colors, for instance, will not work well in a formal environment, so you are better off with shoes in classic colors such as tan and grey.

We’ve have a list of 6 casual shoes for men here are our top 3:

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Best Casual Shoes For Men

Marino Suede oxford dress shoes

Marino Suede Oxford Dress Shoes for Men Review

You have likely heard of ‘business casual’ shoes, and this is a perfect example of that.

It is sufficiently formal to allow you to wear it in the boardroom when going for a meeting, but also casual enough to use on nights out.

It also has the honor of the best designers in the world handling it, so you are guaranteed it suits comfort and practicality very well.

Fine suede leather comprises the shoe, and any size that you need will likely fit you very well.

Even if many people will assume you are wearing dress shoes, the truth is that these are some of the most comfortable you can find.

Polo Ralph Lauren men’s sneaker

Polo Ralph Lauren men’s sneaker review

This shoe primarily uses grey canvas sourced from cotton, and is among the most comfortable men’s walking shoes thanks to its heavy toe.

If you want to be sure you are buying the actual thing and not a fake, the distinct Polo symbol is engraved on the side of the shoe, and it also happens to be lace-up footwear with synthetic sole and metal eyelets.

To increase the comfort level, there is a heel bumper. Its design is sufficiently casual, allowing you to wear it even in semi-formal events or a day out at the park.

CLARKS Cotrell Free loafers

Clarks Men's Cotrell Free Loafer Review

Thanks to the low heel height (just over 1.5 inches), the rubber sole and the EVA outsole, this is as comfortable as you can get with loafers.

The foot bed itself is Ortholite, which makes it soft enough to fit your foot arch.

The overall look is of fine leather, so it does have its own understated elegance to it and you can wear it in both casual and formal events, and you can wear it in different colors – including black oily leather, black smooth leather, and tobacco leather.

Crocs Santa Cruz Playa sneakers

crocs Men's Santa Cruz Playa Slip-on Loafer Review

This is a pair that will look like a standard sneaker – but it is not exactly that. Thanks to the closed-cell resin, it is resistant to odors and will give you excellent levels of breathability as well as a solid grip that sneakers have.

The canvas upper also remains lightweight and comfortable, but also shields your feet from environmental elements and rough conditions.

The shoe itself has a loafer-like design and a low top, while the Croslite sole adds some bounce to your step. You can even buy these shoes in a variety of colors, depending on what you are comfortable with.

Under Armor Street encounter sandals

Under Armour Men's Street Encounter IV Heeled Sandal Review

If you are looking for a casual shoe in any color you can think of, this is probably your answer. These include green, white, steel, khaki and black.

The sole is primarily rubber, which adds durability and grip, while the upper is stretch canvas that clings gently to your foot without exerting too much weight or pressure.

On the other hand, the lacing system is bungee lacing, which is not tight and easy to lack – so the shoes won’t slip off as you walk.

Skechers Men’s Status 2.0-Menic Oxford

Skechers Men's Status 2.0-Menic Canvas Oxford Review

Regardless of the clothes you wear these shoes with, they will bring an elegance to your overall look – no matter what the situation is.

The shoe is comprised of canvas and its fit is very relaxed, so you will not feel strained or numb in your feet. On the other hand, the inner sole has memory that is gel-infused, which makes it easy to wear.

The sole is synthetic, allowing it to cushion you from injuries when walking on multiple terrain or running, while the design is of an Oxford shoe, so it still looks good.

Final thoughts

Getting the best casual men’s shoe to wear might seem challenging – but with these picks, and many others, you will look effortlessly stylish as you go about your day.