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Phillips Bodygroom Series 7000


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Mangroomer Ultimate Pro Back Shaver


Best Body Hair Trimmer On The Market 3

Bare It All Shaver


Best Body Hair Trimmer On The Market 4

Panasonic Men’s Beard Trimmer


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baKblade 2.0

If there’s one thing that men can agree on, no matter their background or walk of life, it’s that tackling body hair is a pretty big task.

Whether you’re a man covered head to toe in thick, unruly hair or just have some problem areas that regularly need grooming, it’s one that thing unites us all.

The easiest way to rid yourself of unwanted body hair is with a specialized body groomer, but with hundreds of variations on the market how do you know which one is best?

Every man requires something different from their grooming products, but at its most basic, it needs to be powerful, effective, and easy to use.

Which are the best body hair trimmer options out there?

We’ve found five of the best body hair trimmer for men choices on the market in all prices, with unique functions and features, and for grooming all parts of a man’s body.

With brands like Panasonic and Philips, plus some lesser-known names, there’s something for everyone.

This is one simple tool that no man should be without, and regardless of where you grow hair or how much of it you have, they’ll make light work of it.

Check out our list of the best male body groomer tools to find out which would be your ideal haircare solution to get you looking clean and neat in no time.

If you’re averse to waxing and the mere thought of plucking out hairs one by one makes your eyes water, you’re the right type of man to invest in a body hair trimmer.

These are our top picks for the best body hair trimmer for men and a little about what makes them so effective, presented for you to take the hard work out of searching for the right one.

Winner: Phillips Bodygroom Series 7000

Phillips Bodygroom Series 7000
  • Weight: 14.9oz
  • Power: Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Head size: 3-11mm

Philips is one of the biggest names in household appliances so it’s no wonder they made the best body hair trimmer on the market as well. The Philips Bodygroom Series 7000 is our choice for the best of the best and it’s fully adjustable to your needs.

You can choose from five adjustable lengths to reach parts of your body as close as you need and there’s even a dual-sided handle so you can trim, shave, or both.

The best thing about this is its power, giving you at least 80 minutes of shaving and trimming time from a single one-hour charge, all thanks to the included lithium-ion battery.

This means you can do your entire body or just specific parts as you need them, and never have to work with the cord plugged in.

Best of all, it allows you to work wet or dry, which means you can do it in the shower or as soon as you get out, with no need to dry yourself off first.

On the downside, some users have noted that you have to be careful when targeting sensitive areas. Although the blades have been designed with rounded tips that are meant to prevent cuts and nicks, things can still get caught in them if you’re not extra cautious.

Take your time when working on sensitive areas and don’t get too confident, this is still a sharp object after all.

The Phillips Bodygroom Series 7000 has five trim lengths to choose from, ranging from 1/8” to 7/16”, and it can be easily adjusted.

The blades are self-sharpening so there’s very little maintenance needed, and it’s easy to clean with parts that pop out and back in when required.

Because you can use this trimmer in the shower, most of the cleaning can be done when you finish grooming, and it has an ergonomic grip to ensure you never drop it.

As far as body groomers go, this is the top of the line and the best manscaping trimmer around, with a price and reputation to match. The Phillips Bodygroom Series 7000 can be purchased for the lowest price on Amazon for around $70 with free shipping.

Phillips offers a 12 month limited warranty on the trimmer, but judging by reviews, it’s a high-quality product that will serve you for many years of swimsuit season.

Runner Up: Mangroomer Ultimate Pro Back Shaver

Mangroomer Ultimate Pro Back Shaver
  • Weight: 1lbs
  • Power: Lithium Max Battery
  • Head size: 1.8”

Hairy backs are one of the biggest issues when it comes to men’s bodies, so something dedicated like the Mangroomer Ultimate Pro Back Shaver is in need.

This is a powerful and adjustable back shaver that works on other parts of the body too, and it uses a 1.8-inch ultra-wide blade to get the job done.

This trimmer and shaver work with an extendable arm that folds out so you can get right down to the bottom of your back without needing to ask for help.

The best thing about the Ultimate Pro Back Shaver is how effectively it shaves with minimal work. Using either the larger blade or the smaller multidirectional foil head, you can get rid of thick hair in minutes without having to double up over the same spot.

The adjustable arm lets you do it all yourself and you can easily see in the mirror what you’re up to, and without needing to spend hours cleaning up.

There are a few negatives worth noting that could put you off from purchasing this one, including the heavy feel. You won’t be able to use it while it’s plugged in so there’ll be no last-minute grooming if the battery has gone flat.

Additionally, it’s only really designed for back hair so if you have other parts you normally trim and shave that require a gentle approach, you won’t be able to do a good job with just this.

If you have especially thick or long hair, you’ll love the Power Burst button which can be pushed to turn it into a turbomachine. The Ultimate Pro takes up to six hours to get a full charge but then lasts for months of use.

With a groomer blade for large areas and a smaller foil body groomer head you can get smooth skin or a simple trim, depending on your body hair goals.

This is a powerful body groomer for the hairiest of men, so head to Amazon to get yours if you want the cheapest price.

The Mangroomer Ultimate Pro costs around $45 and comes with an impressive two-year warranty, as well as a battery life of up to four years. If your back and neck are your main concern with body grooming, the Mangroomer is a great choice that’ll last for years to come.

Alternative: Bare It All Shaver

Bare It All Shaver
  • Weight: 4oz
  • Power: Ni-Mh battery
  • Head size: N/A

When you only need something simple and compact to treat your body hair, the Bare it All Shaver is a great choice. This is a small foil shaver that works with the curves of your body and has titanium infused blades to get as close of a cut as you need.

Measuring 4.5 inches including the handle, rotary foil, and electric trimmer, it can fit in the palm of your hand and shave or trim whenever you need it, thanks to its two unique heads.

The best feature of this shaver is its size, meaning that you can take it along with you wherever you go.

The contoured head of the foil shaver gets right up close to trim the hair and then it can be shaved clean with the blades, so you get two products in a very compact package.

It weighs around 4oz so you’ll never know it’s in your bag and if you need to take it somewhere the battery can be charged up fast.

According to reviews, this isn’t the best choice for people with a lot of hair, as it’s more designed to be a compact trimmer or shaver for doing touch-ups.

If you’re someone who travels a lot or likes to have instant access to body grooming, it’d be ideal, but to tackle your entire body and make sure you get a clean and neat shave, you’re better off spending more and looking somewhere else.

The Bare It All Shaver features a contoured foil shaver and titanium infused blades so you can trim or shave, and you get a free carry bag, cleaning brush, shaver oil, and styling comb when you buy it.

The blades can be adjusted to make it a closer shave and the foil is made with hypoallergenic materials so there’s no risk of bumps and irritation.

With 100-240 volts of power and a battery life of around 60 minutes once fully charged, you can use it at home or on the go for quick touch-ups.

If you’re a man who doesn’t need a lot of power from their body hair trimmer but always likes to be prepared, the Bare It All Shaver is a great choice.

You can purchase this trimmer from Amazon for the best price of around $38 and it comes with a 12 month warranty to back it up. The Bare It All Shaver is a great choice for a compact groomer that still gets the job done, provided you don’t have too much hair to work with.

Alternative: Panasonic Men’s Beard Trimmer

Panasonic Men’s Beard Trimmer
  • Weight: 5.28oz
  • Power: Ni-Mh battery
  • Head size: N/A

The Panasonic Men’s Beard Trimmer is a great choice in body groomer for men who focus more on their upper half. This powerful trimmer comes with a quick-adjust dial that lets you choose from 19 settings so you can get the exact cut you need.

It features a Ni-MH battery that gives hours of use from a single charge and it can be used in the shower or out on land, depending on your needs.

The handle is the best part of this trimmer because it’s made of rubber and with an ergonomic grip. Having a quality handle like this means you can give a precise trim or shave without slipping, even when you use it in the shower.

There’s no risk of slipping and you’ll achieve the finest shave of your life, all thanks to a very simple but effective ergonomically designed handle.

Panasonic claims that this trimmer is also ideal for body hair, and while that’s true in some cases it shouldn’t be used like that by every man.

If you’re someone with longer or coarser hair than usual, you should avoid trying to trim the rest of your body and instead leave it just for the head, face, and neck.

Some customers reported getting hairs stuck and being in a lot of pain from attempting more sensitive areas, so if you’re feeling hesitant it’s best to stay away.

The Panasonic Men’s Beard Trimmer has ultra-sharp hypoallergenic blades that turn to a 45-degree angle to get you the closest shave possible. It works best with thick and coarse hair on the face and neck, so if you’ve struggled with other trimmers in the past, this won’t be an issue.

You’ll also get a charging stand and it works with AC power as well, just in case you didn’t charge the battery, so long as you don’t attempt taking it in the shower plugged in.

Panasonic is a leading electronics brand that’s proven again they know how to make a quality grooming tool.

To get your hands on the Panasonic Men’s Beard Trimmer, head to Amazon for a discounted price of around $45, which includes free postage straight to your door and a 12-month warranty.

Although it’s not ideal for all areas of the body if there’s thick hair growth, it’ll give you the cleanest and most effortless shave your face has ever seen.

Best Body Hair Trimmers for Back Hair: baKblade 2.0

baKblade 2.0
  • Weight: 11.2oz
  • Power: No batteries
  • Head size: N/A

Back hair can be some of the most unruly and coarse hair on a man’s body which is why you need something dedicated like the baKblade 2.0.

This world-famous back shaver is the best men’s body shaver for this part and it comes with a long handle that lets you reach far down your back to reach the problem hairs without a fuss.

With three Dryglide safety blades, you can get as close as you need without any nicks or cuts, and all you need is a mirror to do a professional job.

The best thing about this product is all the extras that come with it compared to a standard trimmer.

As well as the specialized safety blade technology, it also comes with a detachable exfoliating brush to use before the big job and an easy push button to fold it away when it’s not in use.

The exfoliator works on the skin before you shave to remove dead skin and exposing hair roots, allowing a closer shave and less irritation.

If you want the best men’s body shaver that can do your manscaping and other sensitive parts, this isn’t it, so it’s pretty expensive considering it can only shave your back.

Another downside is the rubber handle which can be hard to maneuver at first, so make sure you spend time practicing with it before you get started on the real deal.

The baKblade 2.0 comes with a full lifetime warranty that vouches for its quality as well as a 90-day money-back guarantee.

You can use it wet or dry thanks to the special Dryglide blade and the handle makes it long enough to reach your shoulders, neck, and the small of your back.

There’s no battery or electricity required so you don’t have to worry about charging which means it’s perfect to take on vacation, business trips or store in the shower with the free mount that’s included.

Back hair is a difficult beast to tame so having something as powerful as the baKblade 2.0 is a must-have. You can purchase a baKblade 2.0 from Amazon for around $45, but with the lifetime warranty, there’s no risk in spending big.

This is the best body trimmer for men with hairy backs, and once you give its genius design a try you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. 

FAQs About Body Hair Trimmers

FAQs About Body Hair Trimmers

Body hair is part and parcel of being a man, so it makes sense that every man should have their own grooming tools.

If you’ve never used a trimmer before or want to start taking grooming seriously, we’ve answered some commonly asked questions that newbies have about how to take care of their unruly yet masculine hair.

Is It OK To Trim Body Hair?

Trimming body hair is cutting it down closer to the skin without shaving it, and for men who prefer this longer look or have had issues with irritation before, it’s usually a better option.

Most body hair trimmers and shavers have options for attachments that let you choose the length, so you can be totally flexible with the look you’re going for.

Is Trimming Better Than Waxing?

All men have their preference when it comes to grooming, so trimming might be a better option for some while others like waxing.

Trimming has benefits like being pain-free, easy to clean up, and quick to do, whereas waxing is a longer-lasting solution that offers smoothness that other methods can’t. depending on what you’re looking for and your preferences, one is more likely to suit than the other.

Does Body Hair Get Thicker After Shaving?

The idea that body hair gets thicker after you shave it can be traced back to an old wives’ tale, but it has no factual basis.

Shaving body hair can make it feel stubbly or coarse simply because the hair has a blunt tip, but it doesn’t affect the color, thickness, or even the rate at which it grows.

How Often Should You Trim Your Body Hair?

Everyone has different rates of hair growth so it depends on what yours is as to when you should trim it. Ideally, body hair is shorter, so you might need to spend some time each week trimming it to get the results you’re after.

However, using an electric trimmer means the job can be finished in minutes, so you can do it as often as you like if you choose.

Body Hair Care Made Easy

Body Hair Care Made Easy

Body hair is something we can’t get rid of, but as annoying as it might be to tame, it’s also an important part of being a man.

There are plenty of options out there for how to wear your body hair, whether you want to let it grow long with a trim now and then or go fully clean-shaven, you can guarantee there’s a tool that’ll help you do it.

Body hair trimmers come in so many styles now, whether you want a manual razor with an ergonomic handle or an electric trimmer that makes the job easy.

Just as there are many types of groomers, so too are there many types of men, so it makes sense that there’s no simple one-size-fits-all solution.

We’ve reviewed some of the top rated grooming kits and trimmers out there, so it’s up to you now to find one that’ll help you tame your unruly body hair.

Being well presented is essential in this day and age, so no matter your style or profession, taking a bit of extra time to tend to your body hair can make a huge difference in your appearance and confidence.

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