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Best Beard Straighteners for 2022







Best Beard Straighteners for 2022 1

BEST OVERALL: VOVO Beard Straightener Comb 


Best Beard Straighteners for 2022 2

XIKEZAN Beard Straightener


Best Beard Straighteners for 2022 3

XIKEZAN Beard Straightener With Ornaments


Best Beard Straighteners for 2022 4

Arkam Premium Beard Straightener


Best Beard Straighteners for 2022 5

Grow Alpha Beard Beard Straightener

Using the best beard straightener can be a lifesaver for men with thick and frizzy beards.

Instead of finding the perfect combination of oils and balms, these devices are ideal for neat facial hair.

If you need the perfect way to straighten your hair for an extra polished look, straighteners are essential.

Our Recommendation

If you’re wondering, “Do beard straighteners work?” we recommend checking out the VOVO Beard Straightener.

It’s the best beard straightener thanks to its even heat distribution and silicone coating for anti-scald properties.

If you need the best heated beard brush that will work effortlessly, the VOVO model is your best bet.

Read on to learn more about the VOVO Beard Straightener and our runners-up.

Best Beard Straightener Reviews

1. VOVO Beard Straightener

Best Beard Straighteners for 2022 6

The VOVO Beard Straightener has a unique and modernized appeal that’s sure to impress.

With anti-burn features and several temperature settings, it’s a highly customizable straightener.

Product Highlights

The first feature you’ll appreciate with this device is its adjustable temperature settings.

You’ll have six different temperatures to choose from, ranging from 250 to 430 degrees Fahrenheit.

It also contains two of the most popular heating technologies: negative ion and MCH.

Ionic straightening is ideal for removing static and frizz from your beard with every pass as it locks in moisture.

MCH heating ensures that every bristle is evenly heated, so you have consistent and reliable results.

These components are also ideal for preventing skin irritation and maintaining your beard’s overall health.

The power button’s placement on this device is impressive since it’s recessed into the handle.

You won’t have to worry about accidentally adjusting the temperature or turning the device on or off.

It also has a safety function that turns the straightener off after 30 minutes to prevent it from overheating.

Another useful feature is the ergonomic handle, which makes the device more comfortable to hold.

If you have a lot of hair, you’ll surely want to prevent hand fatigue and cramping from straightening.

All of the accessories you need to straighten your beard fully are included with every order.

You’ll receive the beard straightener, an anti-scalding silicone cover, a convenient storage bag, and a wooden comb.

What To Like About It 

Compared to other beard straighteners, the VOVO Beard Straightener has comfortable rubber bristles to prevent scalding.

You’ll find each of the temperature settings is great for various hair types, including kinky curly hair.

Also, with the perfect heat distribution, the device reaches its maximum temperature in under 60 seconds.

What Not To Like About It

This device isn’t as useful for short beards as long beards; the minimum length should be at least two inches.

Also, the cord doesn’t swivel, which can be slightly challenging to work with.


  • Comfortable rubber bristles
  • Ideal for thick curly hair
  • Heats quickly
  • Consistent heat distribution


  • Not recommended for short beards
  • The cord doesn’t swivel

2. XIKEZAN Beard Straightener

Best Beard Straighteners for 2022 7

The XIKEZAN Beard Straightener is an excellent option for men searching for a straightening kit.

Along with the straightener, you’ll also receive a bottle of beard oil and balm for the perfect finishing touch.

With easy-to-use features, managing unkempt facial hair will be significantly easier.

Product Highlights

A few upgrades are built into the XIKEZAN Beard Straightener that makes it safer and easier to use.

Along with the straightening and smoothing tools, there’s a comprehensive user guide to help you learn how to straighten your beard.

You’ll want to take advantage of the professional steps to polish your facial hair quickly.

The heating technology in this straightener is impressive since it’s ideal for fine and coarse hair.

You can heat the device up to 426 degrees Fahrenheit, which is highly adaptable to straight and curly hair.

Within two minutes, you can have a thoroughly heated straightener that’s ready to use on your beard.

As an added convenience, you can choose from three heat settings, ranging from 356 to 428 degrees Fahrenheit.

Each of the bristles on the best heated beard brush is reinforced to prevent them from breaking off in your facial hair.

Instead of using traditional bristles, they are made from glass fiber and coated with no-scald materials.

You’ll find it’s nearly impossible to burn yourself with the brush and the managed temperature control prevents overheating.

When compared to straightening irons, this beard straightener doesn’t get as hot for your safety.

It also turns off automatically after 30 minutes or if any electrical malfunctions occur.

You will also love the 360-degree rotating power cord that’s similar to what you’d find at the barber.

It’s also built with a 110-240V circuit, which makes it perfect for international travel.

As mentioned, there’s a beard oil and beard balm included, both scented with sweet orange.

The balm and oil contain high-quality ingredients such as vitamin E, Jojoba oil, grapeseed oil, and sweet almond oil.

What To Like About It 

This sleek and lightweight beard straightener works well on straight and curly hair without burning it.

You’ll also find it heats up quickly, which is great when you’re getting ready in the morning.

What Not To Like About It

The power button on this device is placed poorly since those with large hands could accidentally turn the straightener off.

Also, the close placement of the bristles makes the brush hard to clean.


  • Sleek and lightweight
  • Works well on curly hair
  • Doesn’t burn hair
  • Heats quickly


  • Poorly placed power button
  • Challenging to clean

3. XIKEZAN Beard Straightener With Ornaments

Best Beard Straighteners for 2022 8

The XIKEZAN Beard Straightener With Ornaments is a sleeker and more modern option than the previous straightener.

You will receive beard ornaments instead of beard oil or balm.

It’s the perfect option for men looking to get ready to spread holiday joy or for an upcoming event.

Product Highlights

The XIKEZAN Beard Straightener With Ornaments makes a fantastic stocking stuffer since it comes with eight beard ornaments.

It also has a luxurious gift box, a straightening eBook, and a straightener.

You’ll love the eBook if you’ve never straightened your beard before because it has very insightful tips.

Men who have used straighteners in the past only to find the bristles are too flexible to work will love this option.

Each of the bristles is 0.7 inches long and made from high-quality plastic.

When you start the straightener, it takes only two minutes to get to 392 degrees Fahrenheit.

Another benefit of this device is that it has a temperature LCD, which allows you to choose from three heat settings.

Before straightening, you can quickly double-check the temperature and adjust it as necessary.

It can be a useful option for thick and thin beards, as well as most hair types.

You’ll also be glad to know that the XIKEZAN Beard Straightener With Ornaments doesn’t get as hot as a hair straightener.

With reduced temperatures, you’ll be less likely to scorch your beard, and you won’t burn your skin.

Also, it’s equipped with a safety feature for the device to turn off after 30 minutes.

For enhanced performance, there are far more teeth added to this brush.

Competing models might have 30 individual teeth, while this model has 43 for precise straightening.

You’ll find it’s highly versatile as well. You can use it to straighten your hair and beard at the same time.

One of our favorite features is the cord, which makes the straightener easy to maneuver.

The cord is 70 inches and has a 360-degree swivel, so you can easily maintain facial hair without interference.

What To Like About It

If you want to create a silky beard, this is one of the better straighteners to consider since it doesn’t scald your skin.

You’ll love how quickly it heats up, and the included ornaments are a must-have for upcoming holiday parties.

What Not To Like About It

It’s important to brush through your beard before using the straightener; otherwise, knots can get caught on the bristles.

You’ll find it’s challenging to keep this straightener clean because the bristles are placed near together.


  • Creates silky beards
  • Fun ornaments for parties
  • Heats up quickly
  • Doesn’t scald the skin


  • Might tug on knots
  • Challenging to maintain

4. Arkam Premium Beard Straightener

Best Beard Straighteners for 2022 9

The Arkam Premium Beard Straightener is an excellent option for high-quality straightening in less time.

It features unique ionic straightening techniques that preserve the quality of your beard while straightening.

Product Highlights

The most significant benefit of this straightener is it helps provide all-day results in less time.

You’ll have access to a dual-purpose straightener that’s useful for dealing with unmanageable beards and head hair.

Fortunately, the device heats up in 30 seconds, which can significantly reduce your grooming time.

One of the most impressive features of the straightener is its ion technology.

Ionic straightening helps reduce frizz so your beard can maintain its shape throughout the day.

You’ll also find your hair feels smoother and healthier since the straightener locks in moisture.

There’s also a 30-minute auto-shutoff feature that ensures the device isn’t inadvertently left on for your safety.

Men will love how healthy their beards feel after straightening, thanks to the MCH heating technology.

Not only does it provide faster results, but it also provides consistent results that barbers love.

With the addition of the 360-degree swivel cord, you can freely straighten your beard without restrictions.

Each plastic bristle is also designed to prevent users from scalding their skin, even when you get to the root.

For your convenience, you’ll receive a gift box, traveling bag, and a beard comb with your order.

What To Like About It 

The Arkam Premium Beard Straightener is easy to carry when traveling since it’s compact and convenient to pack.

With its consistent results, you’ll begin to notice your straightening lasts all day.

You’ll also like the bristle placement, which helps prevent tugging.

What Not To Like About It

If you have a long beard, this device might not get hot enough to tackle the entire length.

It’s not recommended for kinky hair because it still leaves a substantial amount of curls.


  • Easy to travel with
  • Provides consistent results
  • Straightening lasts all-day
  • Well-spaced bristles


  • Not ideal for long beards
  • Leaves kinky hair wild

5. Grow Alpha Beard Beard Straightener

Best Beard Straighteners for 2022 10

Another option for a full beard straightening kit is this device from Grow Alpha Beard.

You’ll find many similar components in this device as other beard straighteners in this guide.

Product Highlights

The Grow Alpha Beard Beard Straightener has been upgraded to feature ion technology and MCH heating.

With the dual ceramic plates, you’ll have impeccable heat distribution that allows the unit to get hot in 30 seconds.

There are three different heat settings to choose from: 300, 350, and 410 degrees Fahrenheit.

You’ll find the bristles on this straightener are longer than others, which lets you reach the root quickly.

The ion technology is also remarkable for reducing beard frizz by maintaining moisture in every strand.

Along with the straightener, you’ll receive an all-natural beard oil and balm.

Both the oil and balm are made with organic ingredients to maintain the health of your facial hair.

The oil is unscented, while the balm smells like citrus for optimal conditioning.

After application, you’ll notice your facial hair will be much softer, whether it’s for your beard or mustache.

Using the 360-degree no-tangle cord, you can quickly get to all areas of your face without stress.

You’ll also appreciate the 110-240V voltage that allows for international travel without a power adapter.

Another notable feature of the Grow Alpha Beard Beard Straightener is its anti-scald design.

Even though the bristles are long, they will protect your face not to get burned.

You’ll also have a 30-minute auto-shutoff to ensure the device turns off after 30 minutes.

What to Like About It 

When straightening, you’ll love the convenience of the swivel cord as it moves out of the way quickly.

The best beard straightening brush is very lightweight, which makes it great for travel.

Also, the included balm smells fantastic and helps soften untamed hair.

What Not To Like About It

If you have a very curly beard, this isn’t the straightener for you because it doesn’t get as hot as required.

The device also takes quite a while to get hot.


  • Convenient swivel cord
  • The balm smells and feels great
  • Lightweight and travel-friendly
  • Straightens moderately well


  • Lacks power for kinky hair
  • Heats up slowly
best beard straightener

Buyer’s Guide

Most beard straighteners have many of the same features, making it hard to choose which one works best.

You’ll want a device that’s easy to use but also ensures your hair gets straightened effortlessly.

Here are a few of the most important features to consider when looking for a beard straightener.


There are a couple of different types of beard straighteners you can get your hands on.

Some designs are preferred over others because they can be useful for your specific hair type.

For example, straightening brushes are useful for men with thick and curly beards, while flat irons are useful for thin hair.

Straightening Brush

Straightening brushes are a good investment since they have a two-in-one design.

You’ll be able to comb through your beard while straightening instead of using a comb and straightener separately.

Another advantage of these straighteners is that the heated bristles touch every inch of hair on your face.

As you run the brush through your beard, the straightener will heat the entirety of the strand.

You might find you’ll need a few passes for the perfect straightness, but the devices are very convenient.

Flat Irons

If you want to get a pin-straight style, flat irons are your best bet.

They also tend to get hotter than straightening brushes, which can cut back on styling time.

However, you need to be careful of burning your face with a flat iron, as they aren’t as protective.


Size is something to consider if you’re the type of guy that travels a lot.

Also, you’ll want to make sure you find a straightener that fits comfortably to the contours of your face.

You can find devices that are larger and resemble hair straighteners or smaller ones that are easy to manage.

You’ll also want to take the length of your beard into account.

Small straighteners are useful for short to medium-length beards, while larger devices are preferred for long hair.

Long-bristled straighteners are best for beards longer than three inches, while smaller tools are perfect for two-inch beards.

Another essential part of choosing a size is the weight of the device.

If you know you’ll need to pack it, the straightener should fit into your Dopp kit or luggage.

You wouldn’t want to have an oversized straightener that takes up too much space.

Safety Features

When working with heated styling tools, safety is of the utmost importance.

You will want to protect yourself from burns and ensure the device powers off on its own.

Fortunately, manufacturers have taken steps to offer auto-shutoff features, typically after 30 minutes.

This process helps ensure the straightener isn’t accidentally left on and cause fires.

You’ll also want access to temperature options depending on the type of hair you have.

Curly hair will need straighteners that get up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, if not more.

With three to six temperature settings, you can easily customize straightening to ensure your hair is protected.

Heating Technology

Another area where straighteners differ significantly is the technology they use for heating and straightening.

There are three to consider: ionic, ceramic, and porcelain.


Ionic heating is most commonly found in brush straighteners, which are useful for retaining moisture.

Straighteners with ionic heating create negative ions, replacing beard ions lost from towel drying and rubbing.

It’s an excellent option for restoring balance to your facial hair so that it looks less frizzy and feels smoother.


You’re most likely to find ceramic heating in flat irons, as the plates will be made from the hardened material.

You might also be able to find straightening brushes with ceramic bristles, which can be useful for their anti-scalding properties.

Ceramic is ideal for skin protection and ensuring your hair retains its moisture with every pass.


The third option is a porcelain straightener, which can be found in both styles of straighteners.

They are most often regarded as the most convenient option as they heat up quickly and evenly.

With even heat distribution, you can have consistent straightening results for a smoother finished product.

Corded or Cordless

Beard straighteners are often available in corded and cordless models, each with its benefits.

Corded devices can be convenient for high heat settings and versatility, especially with their 360-degree swivel cords.

You won’t have to worry about forgetting to charge the device, and it will always be ready to use.

On the other hand, cordless straighteners are fantastic for travel because you don’t have to plug the device in.

You also won’t need to find a straightener with a long enough cord to reach all your face areas with ease.

These devices are also more lightweight and comfortable to hold for extended periods.

Best Beard Straightener FAQs

1. Are beard straighteners worth it?

A lot of men find themselves asking, “Do beard straighteners work?

They are worth the investment since they can quickly transform your appearance.

You’ll find your facial hair will look professionally styled, whether it’s for a meeting or a date.

Men who have used them have experienced a significant improvement in confidence and beard health.

The best beard straightening brush will have easy-to-use features to help you transform your appearance in minutes.

2. Are beard straighteners bad for your hair?

Straighteners can be bad for your hair if misused, especially at high temperatures.

It’s important to note that the hotter the straightener is, the more damage to your hair.

This point is why it’s important to use protective products, such as beard oil, to prevent burning.

Also, we recommend investing in a beard balm that can restore the softness of your hair after straightening.

3. How can I straighten my frizzy beard?

When you’re dealing with a frizzy beard, you want to make sure you have everything you need.

Frizziness is often a result of a lack of moisture, so you’ll want a heat protectant, anti-frizz straightener, and a beard balm.

You’ll first want to apply the heat protectant and brush it through your beard before straightening.

Ensure you opt for a beard straightener with anti-frizz technology to help retain as much moisture as possible.

Once you’ve achieved your desired style, finish it with a hydrating balm to restore your facial hair’s health.

4. How can I make my beard soft and straight?

Combining beard oil with a beard straightener is the best way to maintain the perfect level of softness.

You can also use beard balms, which can be very moisturizing when used in moderation.

You must take steps to revitalize the moisture in your hair to help make it feel softer.

5. How often should I straighten my beard?

At low temperatures, you can straighten your beard every day without concern.

However, at a higher heat, you should limit straightening to three days at the most.

If you use protective straightening solutions, you’ll find your hair’s integrity will be far better.