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Best Beard Oils for Men 1

BEST OVERALL - Bossman Essentials Beard Kit


Best Beard Oils for Men 2

RUNNER UP - Brickell Mens Natural Beard Oil


Best Beard Oils for Men 3

St. Pierre’s Sandalwood Beard Oil Softener And Conditioner For Men


Best Beard Oils for Men 4

Mountaineer Brand Beard Oil With Fir Needle And Cedarwood


Best Beard Oils for Men 5

Prophet And Tools Unscented Beard Oil

Beards are never going to stop being cool – ignore the haters who say otherwise. More men in the public eye are sporting them more often.

That does not mean getting the perfect beard is a walk in the park though; it can be messy and uncoordinated, especially if you do not use a beard oil – a struggle I can relate to very well.

However, getting the perfect beard oil is not the easiest task, mainly because there are so many to choose from.

If you have no idea why you need a beard oil – it is actually essential if you have anything more than a stubble and helps to maintain it.

It goes through your hair cuticle and conditions it from the inside, allowing for stronger hair growth and a more vibrant-looking beard.

If you are just starting off in the world of beard oils, then here are some of the best 11 to get you started.

Best Beard Oils for Men

Bossman Essentials Beard kit

Bossman Essentials Beard Kit - Beard Oil Review

This is an entire beard kit as opposed to just an oil, but it is the real deal when you are starting off in the world of beard maintenance.

The entire kit contains all you need to keep your beard smelling, feeling and looking fresh.

It comes in three parts – the beard balm, which has all the important minerals that hair uses to grow, the beard oil that moisturizes the skin under the hair and softens the beard, and the magic scent – a combination of frankincense, bergamot, and patchouli oil.

Brickell Mens Natural Beard Oil

Brickell Mens Natural Beard Oil for Men Review

Growing a beard is among the most uncomfortable phases ever if you do not have tools to help you through it.

Your skin is constantly itchy, and hair is growing in sparse patches that looks untidy and uncoordinated.

However, this oil aims to reduce the uncomfortable phase by moisturizing your skin and beard hair at all times.

All the ingredients are 100% natural, including vitamin E and algae extract, and plenty of moisturizing ingredients that ensure your skin is in its best shape possible as your beard grows.

It also smells really good, and gives you a unique manly scent that you might have thought was only possible when using certain premium brands such as Don Draper.

The best part about it is that it does not gear towards certain skin types and ages, and can be useful to anyone regardless of whether you are growing a beard for the first time or maintaining one.

It may be slightly pricier than other brands, but it is well worth the price.

St. Pierre’s sandalwood beard oil softener and conditioner for men

St. Pierre’s sandalwood beard oil softener and conditioner for men Review

Sandalwood oil is legendary when it comes to hair and skin care, so the name of this product should give away as to its greatness.

It definitely has sandalwood, so you do not need to worry whether it is simply an extract (a major disadvantage of many oils in the market).

In addition, it also counts jojoba oil among its ingredients, so you have a powerful combination that does wonders for your beard and skin.

It remains versatile and gentle, which makes it the perfect choice if you are looking around for the best oils and have no idea of what can work well for you.

What makes this even better is the affordable cost of the bottle, and you do not need to worry about breaking the bank with this one.

It is well worth your money, and you will have no regrets after you begin using it.

There are some minor issues though, just as with all products. One is the baby oil scent of the oil – even though this is light, we do not think you would want this smell under your nose for an entire day.

The other issue is with the bottle itself – it cannot block light.

Oils are generally sensitive to light and their chemical composition can change significantly, so you need to make sure you keep it in a proper spot to prevent this from happening.

Jack Black beard oil

Jack Black - Beard Oil with Kalahari Melon Oil & Vitamin E review

If you want to experience a full-on Jack Black beard, then get ready to go for this oil. The manufacturer is very new to the industry, and the product itself is still testing the waters – but that does not mean it is not worth your money.

The bottle is 1 oz., but it brings you value for your money in so many ways. One aspect that makes it stand out is its gentleness on sensitive skin, as the scent is mild and the ingredients are all-natural – so it will not cause irritation.

The manly musk it has is very subtle, and aims to compliment the naturals aroma while working well with your cologne and deodorant.

The blend consists of powerful antioxidants, organic natural oils (all certified), as well as vitamins – all that work together to prevent itchy skin.

The essential oils and botanicals will soften any coarse, brittle facial hair you have ( which is prone to breaking), which results in a beard that looks good and healthy.

It has many good points, but the spray nozzle at the top is the disappointing element if you are a fan of droppers.

The amount is very little, and spray nozzles have a tendency of product wastage if you are not careful.

Mountaineer brand beard oil with fir needle and cedarwood

Mountaineer brand beard oil with fir needle and cedarwood Review

If you need some extra confidence while rocking your beard, this is a great choice for you. What makes it stand out from the others is its amounts – it comes in a 2 oz. bottle instead of 1 oz. as other brands.

The ingredients are not many either, which means it is made to give you the best results and a healthy beard.

The ingredients are all-natural, as the company believes in maintenance of your natural lifestyle, with the scents featuring cedarwood, fir needles and eucalyptus.

There are no artificial ingredients that can irritate your skin, and you will not spend time fighting itchiness and embarrassing yourself in social situations.

The product’s ingredients show that the manufacturer did not test it on animals.

Prophet and Tools unscented beard oil

Prophet and Tools unscented beard oil review

Many oils promise you amazing results, but this goes beyond that – it gives you the chance to grow a great beard without resorting to greasy results; you will not even look like you just applied some oil on your face.

In some way, it is able to handle the dandruff you might be struggling with, irritated and sensitive skin, reduce tangles in growing hair, and promote new hair growth – all without feeling like a greasy product on your skin.

However, this is not all there is to it; it works very quickly, giving you results in only a matter of weeks.

In addition, it comes in a kit that includes a beard comb, which helps you stay looking good even as your hair is growing.

Any issues you may experience with growing your beard are no match for this products, including flaking, dry skin and split ends.

Honest Amish classic beard oil

Honest Amish Classic Beard Oil Review

If you have struggled with a brittle and dry beard for a long time, this is your best bet to return it to a healthy state – especially when considering Honest Amish is among the best brands in American history.

This success is mainly due to the commitment of the company to use 100% organic ingredients, and this allows anyone to use the oil and become successful in their quest of getting healthier beards.

The Gentleman’s Beard fragrance free beard oil

The Gentleman’s Beard Fragrance Free Beard Oil Review

This product aims to smoothen your beard and make it look healthy and great, and the formula is fragrance-free – which means you get to grow your beard without extra annoying fragrances to deal with.

It has not been tested on animals, so you are guaranteed that the formula does not contain additional artificial ingredients like GMOs, parabens, fillers, additives or fragrances.

If you have any split ends or dry skin underneath, or you want to deal with tangling hairs as the beard grows longer, this is a great pick for you.

The hair will absorb the product very quickly as well, so you can apply it on your skin and not feel it an hour later.

It works well when you want to deal with dandruff, so you do not need to deal with itchy and flaky skin in the most awkward of situations.

The beard will also become less frizzy, making it much easier to comb and manage.

Viking Revolution beard conditioner and oil

Viking Revolution Beard Oil Conditioner Review

The Viking men were well known for their beards, and this product seeks to replicate that in the present day – even if the name has some cheesiness in it.

You do not need to wonder whether it can actually work; the evidence is strong that it is well worth your money.

The ingredients are entirely organic, and it works well for you if you have sensitive skin or struggle with a scratchy, itchy beard.

The best time to use this oil would be in the winter, particularly if you work outdoors.

The scent is there, but it disappears minutes after application – so it may not work for you if you are heading on an evening outing.

Final thoughts

Beards are making their comeback to popular status, and this results in many men searching for ways to grow and maintain their beards.

These oils give you a chance to do it, as they will promote healthier hair growth.

All these oils are great, but if we were to choose one, we would go with the Bossman Essentials Kit – it gives you multiple tools to help manage your beard, and value for your money.