best automatic watches under 500

Best Automatic Watches Under 500 for 2022







Best Automatic Watches Under 500 for 2022 1

BEST OVERALL: Invicta Men's Pro Diver Automatic Watch


Best Automatic Watches Under 500 for 2022 2

Bulova Men's Automatic-Self-Wind Watch


Best Automatic Watches Under 500 for 2022 3

Fossil Men's Townsman Automatic Multifunction Watch


Best Automatic Watches Under 500 for 2022 4

Seiko SKX007J1 Automatic Diver's Watch


Best Automatic Watches Under 500 for 2022 5

Orient Men's Automatic Stainless Steel Diving Watch

The best automatic watches under 500 take the stress out of owning and maintaining a watch.

With self-winding mechanisms, they’re some of the most mechanically convenient items available.

Which Is the Best Watch Under 500?

The best automatic watches under 500 will give you functionality, versatility, and confidence.

The Invicta Men’s Pro Diver Automatic Watch is our pick for the best automatic watch under 500 because it checks all the boxes.

You’ll have classic elegance with highly functional features and high-quality mechanisms for years of wear.

Below, we’ve discussed the major highlights of the ConairMAN Battery-Powered Trimmer and other good alternatives.

Best Automatic Watches Under 500: A Review

1. Invicta Men’s Pro Diver Automatic Watch

Best Automatic Watches Under 500 for 2022 6

Invicta exudes elegance, which is why they are one of the most prestigious watch brands.

With a Japanese automatic watch movement, you’ll find it functions perfectly over the years.

There’s plenty to appreciate with this timepiece, especially if you want a classically styled watch.


The black dial against a stainless steel band is what makes this watch so luxurious since it fits with any outfit.

You’ll love wearing it for formal gatherings and casual weekend outings.

The stainless steel case is 40mm in diameter and 14mm thick, making it comfortable to wear.

Wearers will have a stunning black exhibition case combined with the black dial and luminous hands.

For night viewing, the hour markers also have a luminous finish that will be easy to read.

As mentioned, the Invicta Men’s Pro Diver Automatic Watch has a Japanese 24 jewel automatic movement.

The fully adjustable stainless steel band offers longevity and durability, especially for working men.

You’ll be able to customize the watch’s size by adding and removing links as necessary.

For added protection, the clasp folds over so it won’t inadvertently loosen or fall off.

The stainless steel bezel is remarkable, boasting mineral crystal and a screw-down crown.

With up to 200 meters of water resistance, you’ll find it’s suitable for plenty of professional activities.

You’ll also be able to wear it while competing in your favorite water sports.

If you intend to gift the Invicta Men’s Pro Diver Automatic Watch, there’s a gift box included with every order.

Also, you’ll receive an instruction manual and a three-year limited Invicta warranty.


  • Handsome design
  • Accurate timepiece
  • Optimal date cyclops magnification
  • Variations limited to eight seconds


  • Minimal warranty
  • Loose bezel

2. Bulova 98A179 Men’s Automatic Watch

Best Automatic Watches Under 500 for 2022 7

Derived from Bulova’s Automatic Collection, the 98A179 is a stylish and affordable option.

It has a streamlined design that compliments any style, which makes it a top seller.

You’ll love how sporty it feels on the wrist, which can be preferred for bulkier watch profiles.


A sport-style Bulova is stylish and adaptable to any man’s style, which can be a breath of fresh air.

This watch features an IP stainless steel case with a darkened color, which is more modern than standard stainless.

The interior black dial ring sits perfectly against the sporty metal band, as does the exhibition case back.

With an automatic skeleton movement, you’ll have up to 40 hours worth of power reserve.

This watch also features sapphire glass with a double-press deployment closure and water resistance.

Although it’s not recommended for everyday wear in the water, it is resistant up to 100 meters.

You should be able to do marine activities, like pool workouts, without damaging the watch.

You’ll also love the stunning design of the open aperture, which shows you the inner workings of the watch.

The contrast of the black dial against silver-tone accents sets a beautiful foundation for the rest of the timepiece.

Wearers will appreciate the chronograph functionality and the subdial, date display window, and minute-track features.

The silver-tone hands are easy to see in most lighting conditions, as are the hour markers.

What truly sets this watch apart is the Bulova detailing, which is the quality you’d expect from a high-end manufacturer.


  • Highly scratch proof
  • Sturdy casing
  • Adequately sized face
  • Double-locking clasp


  • Challenging to read in low light
  • No hand to time marker contrast

3. Fossil Men’s Townsman Automatic Watch

Best Automatic Watches Under 500 for 2022 8

Fossil is one of the best watch manufacturers because of their watches’ style and quality.

The Townsman is the ideal style for a professional and modern look.

It’s also a fantastic option for casual wear or dates, as it has a streamlined appeal that speaks to your style.


We love the Fossil Men’s Townsman Automatic Watch because it combines quality watchmaking and leather.

It’s the perfect combination of materials that exude masculinity without being overbearing and comical.

With the transparency of the watch, you can see the inner workings through the dial.

There’s something distinctive about this watch that sets it apart from others.

Likely, the brown leather sits perfectly against the hardened mineral crystal lens and metal casing.

The case is 44mm with a band size of 22mm, which makes it great for all size wrists.

Also, as with most other Fossil watches, the bands are interchangeable so that you can customize the style.

You can easily find another 22mm band to dress the watch up or down for specific events.

With moderate water resistance, you can enjoy recreational swimming and showering.

However, it’s not recommended for snorkeling or diving as it’s water-resistant up to 165 feet.

This watch’s unique feature is its face, which is a combination of brilliant blue and gold.

The face has a stunning sapphire blue coloring, while the hands and hour markers are a shiny gold color.

You’ll find a three-hand quartz crystal movement that oscillates by currents.

Also, it’s a multifunction watch that has three sub-eyes for days, months, and hours.

You’ll find a chronograph function that allows you to use it as a stopwatch for added convenience.


  • Stylish internal viewing
  • High-quality materials
  • Effortlessly stylish
  • Easily interchangeable bands


  • Significant time variations
  • Glass scratches easily

4. Seiko SKX007J1 Analog Automatic Watch

Best Automatic Watches Under 500 for 2022 9

Athletic men will likely prefer this watch’s style since it’s more practical and perfect for trades.

You can guarantee the Seiko SKX007J1 will quickly become one of your most-worn watches due to versatility.

With its traditional styling, it’s a functional timepiece that would also make a great gift.


Finding the ideal watch for everyday wear can be a challenge, which is why this watch is fantastic.

It doesn’t have an overwhelming appeal and is perfect for most casual engagements.

You’ll also find it contains many of the iconic Seiko features, such as the Japanese movement.

The Seiko SKX007J1 Analog Automatic Watch has a Japanese 21-jewel self-winding movement.

The high-quality resin strap sits comfortably against the skin and resists sweat and water with ease.

You’ll also love the contrast of the black strap against the stainless steel case for a straightforward appeal.

The face is covered by Hardlex mineral crystal, and the front displays the date with English and Japanese options.

One of our favorite features is the luminous hands and markers, making it easy to read in low-light.

Also, you’ll have access to a unidirectional turning bezel for convenience.

If you want a little more water resistance than with other casual watches, this device is ideal.

You’ll have water-resistance of up to 200 meters with a screw-down crown and case back.

It’s a decently sized watch, with a case that’s 43mm in diameter and 13mm thick.

This watch boasts a power reserve of approximately 40 hours and 21 jewels beating at 21600VPH.

It’s the perfect sports watch for hands-on work, especially since the Hardlex crystal is scratch-resistant.


  • Comfortable rubber band
  • Glows well in low light
  • Works well with aftermarket straps
  • Easy to dress up or down


  • Could have alignment issues
  • Rather cumbersome

5. Orient Men’s Mako XL Automatic Watch

Best Automatic Watches Under 500 for 2022 10

The Orient Men’s Mako XL Automatic Watch is the perfect answer for people searching for a specific watch.

First, it’s perfectly designed for men with large wrists, and it’s also ideal for water activities.

If you want a timepiece that can be worn during most marine activities, this is one of the best to consider.


The Mako XL is manufactured in Japan using Japanese movements with a design that has been used for 65 years.

As its name suggests, it’s significantly larger than some other watches on the market, making it easy to read.

It’s an upsized version of the original Mako, adding three millimeters of size to the width and 1/3mm in thickness.

This timepiece’s uniqueness speaks to its originality, as it features spear-shaped hands as well as a lollipop seconds-hand.

You’ll love its signature features, such as the 60-unit scale bezel as well as the bar hour markers.

For divers, there are specific components that you’ll love.

With 200 meters of water resistance, you can travel to depths up to 660 feet.

Also, there’s an integrated unidirectional diver-style bezel, making it easy to wear in all conditions.

The strong lumen is also ideal for low-light viewing, whether in or out of the water.

For added water security, you’ll surely appreciate the case back, as it is tightly screwed.

Compared to other watches, the Orient Men’s Mako XL Automatic Watch has plenty of luminosity.

The entire dial is made from luminous material, rather than just the hands.

You’ll find a convenient date window at the three o’clock function, which is very easy to read.

Also, there are a few colorways to choose from, depending on your style.

Overall, the classic styling of the watch makes it a phenomenal option for any wearer.

This timepiece is an excellent option if you’re searching for the best mens automatic watches under 500 for water activities.

You’ll find a fold-over clasp that ensures the watch is affixed to your wrist.

It also boasts a push button to release the clasp, so you can easily take it off when needed.


  • Beautiful movement
  • Matches any attire
  • Comfortably large
  • Ideal water resistance


  • Significant time variations
  • Bezel moves easily
best automatic watches under 500

How Long Do Automatic Watches Last For?

In general terms, the best automatic watch under 500 should last a lifetime or at least several years with regular wear.

Regarding how long they stay wound, most models offer between 30 and 40 hours of wear.

People who need an everyday watch should require about 30 hours of wound up energy in total.

In the past, these watches only lasted up to 15 hours at the most, which shows significant quality improvements.

Some of the higher-end models can last weeks without needing additional winding, adding to their convenience.

Are Automatic Watches Good?

There are a couple of conveniences to automatic watches, such as not requiring a battery since they’re spring-powered.

However, they are also prone to significant time variations and will require mainspring replacements over time.

Environmental changes can wreak havoc on automatic watches, requiring you to readjust the time continually.

You’ll find automatic watches are often more expensive than others, such as Quartz, due to craftsmanship.

There’s a lot of engineering and precision required to create functional automatic watches.

With their higher price tag and added convenience, they can be considered a better option.

Is It Bad for an Automatic Watch To Sit?

As a first-time automatic watch owner, it can be challenging to know how to maintain them properly.

Fortunately, it’s not bad for your automatic watch to sit unworn, especially since it doesn’t require a battery.

Over time, the watch will slowly unwind itself, typically after 30 to 40 hours.

Once it has stopped, you have to wind it before wearing it, and you’ll have perfect functionality.

Do Automatic Watches Need Maintenance?

Even the best watches require maintenance, but mostly automatic watches.

If you want to keep your timepiece for years, you will need to consider wearing it often because it’s the best way to wind it.

Even though it’s not damaging to let the watch sit for short periods, you’ll want to try to wear it often.

Over time, you will need to consider bringing your watches into a professional for maintenance.

The watch’s oils are likely to migrate or dry over time, which can cause significant problems.

Depending on the watch’s quality, you might be able to get up to ten years’ worth of wear before needing maintenance.