Best Accessories For Men

Best Accessories For Men

Regardless of whether you love fashion or you do not, you cannot deny that you have a favorite accessory that you have to have with you – maybe a pair of sunglasses, a hat, a ring, or a watch, and so on.

They add to your overall look, so you should consider them as accessories.

The problem is when you talk about ‘accessories’ to most men. Many of them assume that these are feminine or unnecessary items.

However, the truth is that they are just as important to your overall look and enhance the final appearance you are going for.

Because of that, we want to make a great list for these accessories for men that you need to consider using more in your wardrobe – they can either be unique items that you use on special events or everyday wear.

Here are some of them.



If you have never thought of using bracelets before – well, now is the perfect time to start incorporating them. They will affect your personal style significantly, so you need to select the ones you wear carefully.

The good news though – you will always find something that fits your personal style perfectly, whether you like a laidback, classic, street style, or anything else.

If your daily wear consists of a suit and tie, go for a luxurious option like a silver bracelet. If your wardrobe is predominately casual and comfy clothes, the bracelets should be laid-back, like leather or beaded styles.

However, the bracelets should not overpower your outfit. Preferably, you need to leave one of your wrists unoccupied, as too much of them will be distracting.

A stainless steel watch

Let us be honest here – wristwatches will never go out of style for guys.

The stainless steel watch is the undisputed sibling of the gold watch, and gives you an air of timelessness that never stops working even after handing it down several generations.

In addition, it has impressive versatility – it looks amazing when you wear a t-shirt and jeans, as it does with a three-piece suit.

You might want to have several watches at your disposal to change with your outfits, or go for one watch that you wear with everything you own.

A leather belt

leather belt

The function of a belt is much more than simply keeping your trousers up – it ties your entire look together.

Regardless of whether you are a tall guy who needs a dividing tool for the bottom and top half, or you want an indirect compliment to Derby shoes, a great cowhide belt will give you lasting endurance even when other accessories disappear from the fashion scene.

The best colors to go for are black or brown because they go well with every outfit you can imagine, but make sure they are of top-notch quality (or better yet, the best you can get).

You deserve something that holds your pants for many years, so you cannot go for a poor imitation of the real thing. The belt also preferably should have unprocessed metal tones, which will help you make a good impression.

Suit accessories

The suit never goes out of style, just like the watch – it makes you look effortlessly classy. However, wearing a suit alone is not enough, so accessorizing is the best idea to have.

However, be careful of the suit accessories you choose; you need to make sure they complement the suit itself. The best options to use include cufflinks, bowties and ties, tie clips, pocket squares, lapel pins, and so on.

In addition, you can never go wrong with a plain black suit and these accessories, especially if you are a beginner to the world of suits; they always look amazing.

If you are already knowledgeable about suits and the accessories for men that you add, you can spark things up by having interesting materials and colors.

For instance, wearing a bright-colored bow tie, or adding a pocket square in bright colors that contrasts against your dark suit.

Tartan scarf

Tartan scarf

When you think about it, scarves are really the best accessory you can have, because they also work very well when you are trying to layer your clothes or keep you warm.

For the male wardrobe, you cannot work with very many patterns, but tartan is amazing for a guy. It is sparingly used in general fashion, but the reason it works so well is because it combines many colors into one weave.

It will add interesting contrasts and complement other elements in your outfit.

You can also work with other wardrobe choices. For a preppy feel, you can work with deep blues and greens, while a black and red pattern is great for creating a striking look.


Many men fear wearing rings for some reason. However, times are changing, and more men are starting to realize that it not only a wedding band that counts; rings can actually be great fashion accessories.

The good news is that there are plenty of masculine fashion rings, which sets the pace for many great design s to follow.

These days, it is easier to find something that will compliment your overall look very well, without looking feminine in any way.

To make the look even more powerful, you can use a bracelet to match the look and make a stunning outfit.

However, you need to be careful with the number of rings you wear – too much of them, and you will look overdone. Wear a maximum of two or three on the same hand, not more than that.

Baseball cap

This is an accessory that just screams ‘leisure’ – we mean the sporty and round-brimmed types.

In a way, these caps remind you of your grandfather or dad going out fishing or watching a baseball game, even if they wore suits for the rest of the week.

It adds a sense of timelessness, although you can add some understated embroidery or muted tones to make it look interesting.

Final thoughts

Men might not think much of accessories – you probably have not – but they make a major difference to your outfits and can be a determinant of whether you look amazing or not.

Choose them with care, and they will upgrade your fashion sense significantly for a long time.