What Are The Top Backpacks For Men?







What Are The Top Backpacks For Men? 1

BEST OVERALL - The North Face Unisex Recon Bag


What Are The Top Backpacks For Men? 2

RUNNER UP - YOREPEK Extra-Large Laptop And Business Bag


What Are The Top Backpacks For Men? 3

Osprey Porter Traveling Backpack


What Are The Top Backpacks For Men? 4

Kenneth Cole Backstage Colombian Leather Bag


What Are The Top Backpacks For Men? 5

Carhartt Legacy Deluxe Bag

If you happen to read this article, you are probably looking for a great backpack to use every day or want to upgrade your game in this realm.

Regardless of your specific reason, it is entirely understandable. Backpacks are among the safest items for any person to carry, and it can be really unassuming so you take it for granted.

However, it is important to buy the right one, just as you would any other fashion item.

When you think about it, men’s backpacks are not just bags, but they serve to make an impression on people, as well as acting as a mobile base of some kind. Here are some great selections to choose from.

The Top Backpacks For Men – Reviews & Recommendations for 2020

The North Face Unisex recon bag

The North Face Recon Backpack Review

This is a really recognizable bag by any standards, and many men know The North Face takes extra pride in knowing their bags are always weather-resistant and durable, making it excellent for durability.

When you choose to buy this bag, it ensures you have great quality in combination with their warranty (it’s a lifetime one).

However, that is not what makes this bag so excellent. What will make it stand out are the details in the build.

First, the yoke is well-designed and carefully placed, and is very comfortable to carry throughout the day due to the FlexVent suspension system.

The straps are very thick and nice, so they never become uncomfortable even if you move with them for a long time.

The compartments are impressively large as well as useful, so they make this bag incredibly versatile for many occasions – whether you are going for a hike, work day, carrying clothes, keeping your accessories, and so on.

In addition, you have external pockets that can keep extra accessories like beanies, wallets, your keys or sunglasses.

YOREPEK extra-large laptop and business bag

Yorepek Extra Large Backpack TSA Friendly Durable with USB Charging Port Review

Most men love being on the move, but additionally want convenience, and that is where a TSA-friendly bag comes in, such as this one.

It makes sure to stay within TSA guidelines, yet still provides impressive capacity, making it great for extended trips. It allows you to pack everything you need without needing to remove them at security checkpoints.

The major draw point though is the headphones hole and USB charging point.

Many people use this bag for multiple purposes, and never report looking or feeling out of place, while the polyester fabric make it waterproof and durable.

Osprey porter traveling backpack

Osprey Packs Porter 46 Travel Backpack Review

This is the perfect choice for guys who want a backpack for going on the move, as it works great as an all-rounder bag.

The material that comprises the bag is nylon of the highest quality, making it water-resistant and perfect for travel, hikes or mountaineering.

It also has a lifetime warranty, and this makes you realize the manufacturer has plenty of confidence in the product.

You can also stow the sternum strap and shoulder straps away when you do not need them, then use it as a duffel bag.

In addition, what makes this bag great for travel is the straightjacket compression it has, making it easy for you to go with it on a car, bus or plane.

Additionally, you can also access your accessories easily, thanks to the front panel organization. However, it lacks an external bottle holder, although this is not a deal breaker in many cases.

Kenneth Cole backstage Colombian leather bag

Kenneth Cole Reaction Back-Stage Access Slim Colombian Leather Business Backpack Review

This bag always makes the most opportunity of Colombian leather, and has a sleek and timeless bag design. Therefore, it is great for you if you are searching for a stylish bag.

It contains an E-z scanning feature, making it a checkpoint-friendly bag, and also removes the need of you continuously removing your laptop when you are travelling with it, and you feel less stressed overall.

You will also benefit greatly from the space it has, which allows you to store laptops, even those with a screen measuring 15.6 inches.

It will keep everything safe on all your travels, so it works well when you are storing your items. For any added items you may have, you will like the impressively designed zip pocket that can keep them organized.

Saddleback full-grain leather bag

Saddleback Leather Co. Classic Leather Briefcase Review

It is safe to say that leather is among the most durable materials you can use for anything, especially a bag – however, the disadvantage here is that it is really costly, especially when compared to the other men’s fashion backpacks on the list.

The comfort factor is really amped here, as the lower back area has plenty of padding.

There are also inner pockets and outer pockets to store additional items like cameras and laptops.

Matein traveling laptop backpack

Matein Travel Laptop Backpack Review

This is a unisex bag that is great for any person on the move and wants a bag on a budget. One of the standout factors is the storage, which features sufficient pockets for your everyday luxuries and necessities.

In fact, you might be surprised to find there are some USB chargers inbuilt into it that helps any guy who moves a lot.

An interesting addition to this item is the anti-theft pocket, which protects your special items against any unwarranted attention.

The lockable zipper also plays a role in increasing your security levels, so you can use it even when you are going on a flight.

Because it is unisex, this is a great change. Most of the top backpacks are made for men in mind, so this is a welcome addition, and you can even share it with your sisters or significant others.

Carhartt legacy deluxe bag

Carhartt Legacy Deluxe Work Backpack Review

The brand itself is really famous across the world, and this bag proves why.

The synthetic material that makes it up is both water and abrasion resistant, making it a great choice for the working man.

The compartments are also great, and there is a padded computer compartment that stores your laptop – even ones with larger screens.

Final thoughts

Many people like thinking of the bag designs before the functionality, but you will need to choose something that offers both.

These men’s backpacks will hopefully point you in the right direction when choosing one for the first time.