7 Movies Every Man Should Watch

7 Movies Every Man Should Watch

The first ever motion picture came out in the year 1888.

Since then movies have played a large part in both shaping and portraying the culture that we live in.

We’ve all seen movies –some that we love and some that we hated. But what we don’t realize is that movies are a lot more than just a form of mindless entertainment!

In fact, there are certain movies that every man should watch because of the importance of the message they carry. Movies are a great medium to get certain messages across because they are engaging.

Different things work for different people and not everyone is inclined towards reading.

If you are someone who struggles to read, there are plenty of movies out there that will provide you with credible information on almost anything!

What is even better is the fact that since movies are visually engaging, they can relay the impact of a situation or an event in a way that you can easily understand.

If done right, movies essentially catch the emotions and the essence of a particular moment.

Movies on the holocaust, for example, really let you experience what it was like to be a Jew during the Second World War!

That is just the thing about movies. You aren’t limited to watching movies from only one specific place.

Almost all the countries across the globe have a cinema industry. Movies are a great way to get exposed to the culture and norms as well as the politics of different countries.

Hollywood also does a great job in dealing with a myriad of issues through its cinema. One such example would be that of the Marvel franchise.

Marvel might seem like just superheroes on the surface. However, these movies do a great job in presenting the struggles of the American people – both old and contemporary.

There are so many different movies out there that it is impossible to watch all of them!  It is also true that a large chunk of these movies are just for mindless entertainment purposes and are a huge waste of time.

Try to skip those.

However, there are certain movies that you absolutely need to watch!

These movies are timeless and no matter when you watch them, a part of you will be able to relate and feel for the characters. We have compiled a short list for you.

Fight Club (1999)

Fight Club is perhaps the peak of Brad Pitts career. It is a commercial success and for good reason too!

One of the most famous coming of age films, Fight Club is a lot more than just a movie on fighting. At first glance it might seem like it is one of those typical movies that employ excessive violence for the shock factor.

However, it is a lot more than that! It subtly highlights the struggles of the everyday man and works in metaphors.

It highlights the consumerism that plagues our society today and invokes feelings that some of us might not be comfortable with confronting.

For some, the fighting seems like the perfect metaphor for doing painful things in order to step out of your comfort zone. For others, they relate to the dynamics of the relationships portrayed in the movie.

It is a movie that invokes feelings and it is raw in what it tries to do. Watch the movie and experience all sorts of things for yourself.

But remember: the first rule of the fight club is you do not talk about the fight club. It still is one of the movies that every man needs to watch.

Inception (2010)

One of Christopher Nolan’s finest creations is most definitely Inception! A thriller, this movie will keep you on the edge of your seat and it is one the movies that you absolutely need to watch!

With an all rounder cast including actors like Tom Hardy and Leonardo DiCaprio, this movie was sure to be nothing less than brilliant.

For 2010, this was one of the most visually appealing movies that came out. In addition to that, the concept that it is based on is one that will leave you blown away.

The thought of infiltrating dreams and the confusion between the realm of true and false, it is unique in many ways and it is brilliantly executed.

The movie keeps you thinking as you navigate and try to make connections and truly understand what it is that is happening.

It takes a second or two to grasp the situation. In fact, you might have to watch it twice to truly understand what is going on in the movie.

We do not want to give you any spoilers but the best selling point is undeniably the ending. It will leave you feeling things that you did not know a movie could make you feel. Almost a decade later, it is still a must watch!

The Shawshank Redemption (1994)

The Shawshank Redemption is pretty much a household name. If you haven’t watched it already, you really are missing out on some of the best things in life.

Based on a short story, it follows the life of a man that has been wrongfully imprisoned and the bond that he shares with a fellow cell mate.

Like the title suggests, the movie is about redemption and salvation. The little things and bonds that give you hope and peace in the darkest of times and how one can hold on to the truest bits of themselves when all hope seems lost.

If this movie teaches you nothing it will teach you the importance of perseverance and it will teach you exactly why you should never give up.

There is so much to live for and life always takes a turn for the better. These are things we should never forget. Watch this movie and be reminded of the little things!

Das Boot (1981)

Based on a novel released in the year 1973, this movie brings the horrors of being a German story to the screen.

It shows us the German submarine, U-96 during the Second World War and highlights the difficulties that the crew faces during this extremely difficult time period.

Ultimately, the crew is left with very little autonomy and has to make some very difficult choices.

Most of the films depicting the Second World War are usually reeking of nationalistic propaganda and tend to dehumanize the German side to quite a large extent.

German war crimes were inexcusable but this movie highlights them in a way where you can empathize with the soldiers that are left to die in the field.

Every side suffers casualties and every side has good and bad people both. It is never black and white.

So it is important to always look at all events hyper critically knowing that you might not always be exposed to the whole side of the story. Watch this movie to understand the several dimensions the war had which many don’t talk about.

500 Days of Summer (2009)

A rom-com, this movie usually doesn’t make it to the list of movies that men need to watch. However, we feel like it carries an extremely important message.

It stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zooey Deschanel – two absolutely brilliant actors. The movie focuses on their relationships. More importantly, it focuses on what happens when the relationship ends.

The reason why it is one of the movies that you absolutely need to watch is because it teaches us about heartbreak. Tom (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) is absolutely heartbroken once his girlfriend leaves him.

However, through this movie we realize that what is meant for us will never leave us. And what is not meant for us won’t stay no matter how much we want it to.

It also makes us, as men, question our sense of entitlement. Remember, women don’t owe you anything just because you were nice to them!

WALL-E (2008)

An animated film, WALL-E might just be one of Pixar’s best works.

Focusing on a small robot named WALL – E the movie shows us a future in which we’ve destroyed the Earth beyond repair. It explores love, friendships and a way back home.

You see a glimpse of the adverse effects of vapid consumerism and the environmental neglect we still continue to enable even today.

The consequences of being too dependent on machines and you see how artificial the world becomes. You see all of this through the eyes of perhaps the most adorable little robot that has ever existed!

There is a strange sense of nostalgia that the movie invokes. It is impossible to describe without you having watched the movie itself. Whoever said that animation was for kids has clearly never seen a Pixar movie!

The themes are real and as deep as they can get and the execution is brilliant. What more could you want?

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004)

A romantic science fiction, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless mind is absolutely beautiful. It follows a couple that erases each other from their memories and the ways in which they find their way back to each other.

You could add all the glamorous elements you want, the Earth could be a thousand times different than it is today, but love remains consistent.

None of us truly ever understand what love is. However, when you watch this movie you will be blown away by the execution and you will be rooting for the couple to stay together.

What is meant to be will always find a way to work itself out. The universe does work in the most mysterious of ways.

The science-fiction elements of this movie alone will be enough to keep you hooked throughout but it is the progression of the relationship that will really move you in a multitude of ways.

Start Watching Today

Start Watching Today

Like they say, there is no time like the present. These are all movies that you absolutely need to watch! You need to catch up with these movies immediately if you haven’t watched them already!

As far as movies that all men need to watch go, we believe that each movie here makes the list for a good reason. They provide you with important life lessons that you can take and use to make your own life better.

They might even help you grow as a person!

Luckily for you, some of these movies are easily available on Netflix. So they are very literally a click away from your fingertips.

Don’t have a Netflix account? Don’t worry! There are plenty of other streaming websites that’ll allow you to watch these timeless movies instantly and for free!

These are Movies that every man should watch. So call up a buddy and spend some quality time with them as you bond over these quality films.

Not only will the two of you learn and experience a lot, you will also have a topic for conversation. These conversations will highlight aspects of the film that you might have missed out on.

All in all, it will be an enriching experience for both of you!